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Meg Whitman's Housekeeper -- 'Explosive' Allegations

9/29/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0929_pete_wilson_thumb_Getty_100UPDATE:  Meg Whitman's campaign chairman, former California Governor Pete Wilson, tells TMZ he is unaware of any claim by Whitman's former housekeeper, but, "The timing of this is highly suspect."

The former housekeeper for Meg Whitman -- the Republican candidate for Governor of California -- is about to make "controversial and explosive allegations about her former employer," TMZ has learned.

Whitman housekeeper.
We're told the housekeeper has lawyered up with none other than Gloria Allred. The housekeeper and Allred will hold a news conference today in Gloria's office at 11 AM PT, "to tell how she suffered as a long-time, Latina household employee in Meg Whitman's home."  

We're told the housekeeper will be filing a legal claim against Ms. Whitman.

From what we're hearing, the disclosures could have a significant impact on the campaign and possibly the election.

We will, of course, live stream the news conference.  It doesn't matter where you live -- Don't miss this one.



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So why doesn't TMZ just put a big "Jerry Brown for Governor" banner. That would be less politically motivated than this garbage story. You people are disgusting!

1488 days ago


Just because they're women and claim they've been abused, doesn't mean what they're saying is true! Alred defends ALL women, right or wrong. Big mistake! She's losing her clout by going to bat for Mel Gibson's girl friend! That woman is out for all she can get! I believe she choses big name men who have lots of money. Gets herself pregnant and then takes them for all she can get! She's a crook in every sense of the word! Gloria, find a woman who deserves to be defended!

1488 days ago

Race care nut    

Pete Wilson is the creepiest, most disturbed, knucklehead politician in the United States. What he says about anything isn't worth a cup of spit. I wouldn't trust him to pick up dog poop in my yard.

1488 days ago


Here comes the Socialists smear campaign.
They are so desperate it is ridiculous.
Vote all leftists out of our government and maintain a free society. Failure to do this will emperile us all.

1488 days ago


I smell a rat with TMZ helping. This is all the liberals can do because their failed policies have helped California become a third world country. I've noticed TMZ will never "reveal" anything about a democrat, or even ask the obvious. Hacks!

1488 days ago


Ahh, this stinks to high heaven! I haven't even heard what she has to say yet, don't want to. Don't sounds like a set up deal by lefties who do and say anything to further their cause or candidate. Gloria and housekeeper just go away...

1488 days ago


Articles like this show me that TMZ likes being part of the liberal media, those who attack Republican candidates for their lives and not their political opinions.

TMZ is contributing to the failure of the political process. Make the election about policies!

1488 days ago


More political fodder for people who will believe ANYTHING that supports their agenda. I hope Meg sues the sh*t out of pathetic Gloria if the allegations can't be proven.

1488 days ago


>We will, of course, live stream the news conference. It doesn't matter where you live -- Don't miss this one.

Will you? Please? There isn't enough vile crap being broadcast!

1488 days ago

John H    

Typical! The dems can't win on issues so they pay off someone to make up dirty stories right before the election to sway certain voters. In this case it's the important California Hispanic vote. Even though Meg will clear her name, it won't be until after the election. The harm was done. An investigation needs to be done in who is paying this woman or who encouraged her to make the allegations. The timing speaks volumes. Look for similar fake and negative attacks to take place in other close elections this fall. The NYT had an article just this weekend talking about the dems trying to find or make up personal dirt about their opponents. The press just plays along. So much for hope and change. Sounds more like old dirty tricks.

1488 days ago


Well, the Dem's have said they will dig up any dirt to win.. California deserves Jerry Brown if they elect him..

1488 days ago


Remember, democrats never let truth or facts get in the way. And if it doesn't suit their purpose, they'll invent and distort to create their own reality. And with parasites like this Allred as his October surprise, old Moonbeam must be desperate.

1488 days ago

Christina G.    

I doubt TMZ is politically motivated to run this story. They run any scandal involving Gloria Allred. The fact that her latest victim is a Republican is just accidental. Gloria is apolitical when it comes to extortion.

1488 days ago



1488 days ago


If you wanna be taken seriously, don't hire Gloria Allred. She's all publicity.

1488 days ago
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