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Don't Even Think

About a Conservatorship

9/30/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has made it clear ... she will personally go to court and fight like hell if anyone tries to put her under a conservatorship ... sources with firsthand knowledge tell TMZ.

Lindsay is saying no matter where she is -- and she's at Betty Ford right now -- she will come to court and go after anyone who tries to create a conservatorship.

But there's one proviso.  Lindsay could end up in rehab for a long time.  There could be problems handling Lindsay's business affairs while Lindsay is otherwise engaged, so there's a real possibility a trust will be created -- at least temporarily -- to handle financial matters.


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You don't make the decisions, moron.

1486 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Lindsay probably needs a conservatorship but she doesn't qualify for one in the legal terms since she hasn't been diagnosed with a mental issue. Britney was going through 3 days straight without sleeping, (probably due to Lufti drugging her) that is why she qualified to be under a conservatorship. She wasn't capable of taking care of herself at that time. Lindsay is just a drug addict. That's not enough to be placed under a conservatorship.

1486 days ago


If the courts take authority over Lindsay's assets against her will for a failed drug test, then the U.S.A. has become a police state. Linsay's parasite father looks like he is drooling at the thought of her money.

1486 days ago


@ 3 She's not "just a drug addict".She uses ( and is dependent on) - what we know of - Aderall and Ambien . Those drugs seriously impact your mental state ( just google them to see what I mean ) . In addition to this we also know she used - or still uses - Zoloft at one point ( sertraline ) .That is apart from any alcohol and drug abuse or addiction . That's been going on since 2000 or 2001 .

The case can be made that due to the drug-dependency she isn't fully capable of dealing with her own affairs. It's also not up to her but to the judge to decide this . If I were her I'd pretty much file for this myself though .It's very obvious neither mum or dad have her best interests at heart .

1486 days ago


even thou she is rehab , her business people already handle her financial affairs any ways already , so there is no need for a creation of a trust or lindsay lohan can have shawn chapman handle this for her. she has lawyers that handle a lot of things. i think she should get that restraining order against her dad now.

1486 days ago


she needs to be able to concentrate on getting better, not having to owrry what her father is up to. She will be most agitated.

1486 days ago


The conservatorship will keep family and friends from raiding her assests while she is in this stupor stage of her life. Without it, she will be broke by the time she gets out.

1486 days ago


It's not like she has any money or assets anyway...they may as well let her remain in control of her nothingness. Someone should really do a story on how in debt she is.

1486 days ago


#8 - she's already broke.

1486 days ago


It's not so easy to put someone under conservatorship, and addiction is not a valid reason.

1486 days ago

Joe Blow    

Go, go, go Nicole Enabler!! Here's your big chance to get a piece of Lie-ho's pennies!

1486 days ago


This is still - and always will be until she truly admits powerlessness - all about control, or the illusion of control. Lindsay is still fully at the tiller of her ship and will run it aground before she'll admit her failure to manage her own life. In my own treatment, we were told upon entering "Your very best thinking got you into a treament facility. It's time to try somebody else's".
Read the first step of 12, Lindsay.

1486 days ago


Law & Order-LA was hilarious all about a starlet & her greedy mooching stage-mother. But mama ends up in prison not daughter, hehe.

Yo Dina, Hollywood is telling you what they think of you.

1486 days ago


If anyone needs a Conservatorship, it is Lindz... Britney shaved her head and was goofy for a few days. Fine. Lindz, the incidents she has gotten into are almost too numerous to mention. DUIs, accident (under influence), hijacking an SUV, violating probation, dirty drugs tests, passing out, etc., etc. That sure sounds like someone out of control. The proposed conservatee is "unable to provide properly for his or her personal needs for physical, health, food, clothing, or shelter" (for a conservatorship of the person) or is "substantially unable to manage his or her own financial resources or resist fraud or undue influence" (for conservatorship of the estate). Supporting evidence must be provided to prove either or both of these things; just saying them is not enough. Well, judging by her recent behavior and probation violations, I'd say that is some pretty good evidence she is out of control and needs to be reigned in. Not saying either of her parents (or business associates) should be anywhere near a conservatorship/conservator. As I understand it, the court ultimately makes the desision of whom or what entity (law firm for example) will become the conservator. A request for a specific conservator can be made, but the court has ultimate power in approving the conservator.

1486 days ago



she should have took up Robert Shapiro's offer the first time around.

1486 days ago
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