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Michael's Bodyguard -- Blanket Resemblance?

9/28/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former bodyguard of Michael Jackson thinks he might just be the biological father of Blanket -- and he's offered up his childhood photo as proof. Ehh ...


Matthew Fiddes
says he donated sperm to MJ back in 2001 ... and Blanket was born in 2002. He says he doesn't know for sure if he's Blanket's daddy ... but says several people have told him they see a resemblance between Blanket and himself as a child.

So we ask you ...



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Brigha from UK    

2. I respect that the guy seemed to not be seeking publicity and this was only reported after the court papers mentioning it were found, so kudos to him for not being a publicity wh*** and not trying to cash in or stake a claim....
Posted at 12:55 AM on Sep 28, 2010 by Disturbed

Sorry, but this is simply rubbish.
Do some research on Fiddes and you will find he is one of the worst publicity seekers on the planet. Both he, and his friend Uri Geller have no scruples at all when it comes to seeking fame.

According to Fiddes, he was a very close friend and confidante of Michaels. Fiddes has been very vocal since the day MJ died, giving the press stories about a 'secret girlfriend' and MJs drug use. Now this latest ‘sperm donation’ story is really scraping the bottom of the barrel!

In truth, Fiddes was just another disgruntled employee who, like many others, exaggerated
his relationship with the Jacksons in the hope that an association with them would further his own career. In truth, he ended up embroiled in legal action with the Jackson family and has an axe to grind. He will say anything now to get his revenge, and he will sell any story in order to pay his legal bills.

It doesn’t make sense. If MJ used a donor – why on earth would he ever pick Fiddes? Fiddes claims that MJ wanted an ‘athletic child’. But I ask you – was Fiddes really the type of person who MJ would admire so much that he would seek to utilise his genes? Firstly, MJ was a pacifist – why would he admire a man who made his living from fighting and martial arts? Secondly, MJ himself was probably more athletic than Fiddes (I bet Fiddes could not execute the dance routines which MJ performed so effortlessly). Thirdly, MJ himself said on the Bashir interview that 'intelligence' was the most important trait when selecting a surrogate - this rules Fiddes out completely.

Fiddes will say anything to get in the newspapers, and unfortunately we have tabloids in this country that will give a voice to ANYONE (including liars such as Fiddes) who have ANYTHING AT ALL to say about MJ. Over a year after his death, the Michael Jackson name continues to sell newspapers. The public still want to read about him. Anything about him - whether true or not.

But his children should be out of bounds - period. The press council here in the UK banned the press from intruding into the lives of Princes' Harry and William after the death of their mother. Why can’t they extend the same compassion to the MJ3?

MJ was criticised for keeping the kids isolated. It has been reported that he rarely allowed the kids to watch TV and would 'censor' newspapers and magazines in order that they would not be exposed to this rubbish. He tried his best to protect them.

Now these children have the chance to lead a 'normal life', yet the media will not leave them alone. The whole situation is just disgraceful. The kids have a right to privacy.

1454 days ago


I believe the two oldest kids have another biological father.
Prince looks like Klein.

But Blanket is Michael´s. Just look at photos of Michael at that age.

1454 days ago


Blanket has no resemblance to this guy,NONE.

When you look at BOTH Blanket and Prince you see Michael.

1454 days ago


Wait let me get one of my baby pictures mmmmmmmm he looks like me. it's crazy these kids never asked for any kind of publicity and still people are stalking them.
It takes more then sperm to be a father.

1454 days ago


this is totally outrageous from that bodyguard and it is even worse that you put a poll about it.
please TMZ respect the children !!!!

1454 days ago


I guess he heard the estate is making money. What a stupid thing to think. I doubt if he gave sperm anyway and why wait until now? $$$

1454 days ago


watch this video abd then you might remove your article :

1454 days ago


Seems a lot of people think they are a geneticist..... Being the white parent of a child with a black father myself - am probably more qualified to comment than a lot of people here. I see a lot of similarities between MJ's kids and my own - particularly the changing skin tones. On her own she may look white - depending on the lighting or her clothing. You see her next to a "white" kid, she looks very 'caramel'. You see her in the morning - she looks white. You see her in the afternoon after a day out in the sun - again, "caramel". Also - her hair is "pin straight" - Though MJ's kids hair is not. I see likeness to MJ in all three of his children and given that the autopsy report confirmed that he had healthy sperm - and indeed the Jackson family were quick to ensure the security of the sperm he had stored for insemination in surrogates - I see no reason to assume that he did not father his own children - whether by natural means of conception or not. Realise that these "confessions" of MJ's "friends" are all hearsay and have no do***ented or scientific support.

"Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen - Don't make it factual, actual" - Michael Jackson

1454 days ago


these kids are like a variation of heinz 57..I think wacko collected a bunch of sperm from a bunch of weridos and mixed them in a blender and came up with frankenkids

1454 days ago


duh ever since I first saw this kid I knew he was one of Marlin Brandos grandsons- its obvious-

1454 days ago

gene yuss    

Well they do both have faces.

1454 days ago


Those guys crack me up....In the world of Neverland everyone seems to be donating sperm and uterus. Dermatologist, Beautisian, body guard, nanny, co-workers and friends, you name them, they all donated......hahah They must have had great parties there back then.....

it reminds me of one song:

"Skinhead, deadhead, everyone's gone bad....."

1454 days ago


I see no resemblance. I had heard, after MJ died, that 'Blanket's' father was really Christian Brando. Now that's a resemblance. Check it out, he has the same eyes, nose, lips and hair. He is DEFINITELY NOT MJ's natural kid. No way. None of them are.

1454 days ago

purita pavon    

look at the eyes of michael children...they are all michael's eyes...dont spoil the life of the kids..pity them,they know michael is their father..leave it as it cannot do anything...let them grow a happy kids,

1454 days ago





1454 days ago
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