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Michael's Bodyguard -- Blanket Resemblance?

9/28/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former bodyguard of Michael Jackson thinks he might just be the biological father of Blanket -- and he's offered up his childhood photo as proof. Ehh ...


Matthew Fiddes
says he donated sperm to MJ back in 2001 ... and Blanket was born in 2002. He says he doesn't know for sure if he's Blanket's daddy ... but says several people have told him they see a resemblance between Blanket and himself as a child.

So we ask you ...



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blue pen    

This guy is a joke. He's an opportunistic muppet. Wonder how he can explain not meeting Jackson until 2002 (his own admission in an old interview)?

To quote Michael Jackson "Matt who?"

1450 days ago


why are people still lyin matthew fiddes it no blankets dad i don't see any resemblance he just sayin that for money. leave them alone stop COMFUSIN THEN!!!!!!!

1450 days ago


Some of you really need your eyes checked.MJ is the biodad of Prince,Paris,and Blanket. They are not "white" they are clearly biracial,and have the "caramel" skin tone.There is law stating that AA genes will be dominate,people seem to forget these children do have mothers and will carry some of her traits aswell.

1450 days ago


This family situation has turned into a circus. Very unhealthy situation for these children. No wonder Hollywood children who live in the limelight turn into crack-head JUNKIES

1450 days ago


Of all of Michael's kids Blanket looks the most like Michael, especially in the eyes. Autopsy said Jackson was producing sperm so why would he want a donor? These poor kids, their genetic linage will be picked apart the rest of their lives.

1450 days ago


There's no way a black man could father three kids that ALL came out appearing white. Not a chance.
Mike Brando is probably Blanket's bio Dad.

1450 days ago

jen newman    

i always said that Blanket (how about a real name?) was the son of a Marlon Brando's son, who was close to Michael Jackson. Just look at the child - there is no doubt in my mind AT ALL!

Jen Newman

1450 days ago


A lot of people seem to also forget that Michael's father is also bi/multi racial - and has blue eyes. Joe is practically white compared to Katherine and even MJ's siblings - all the more reason for "caramel" children.

1450 days ago


I might as well post my pic and say Im the dad. ridiculous.

1450 days ago


So much for the issues. Let's just pray for his soul and resolutions to the issues. MJMusicCentral

1450 days ago

Brigha from UK    

If Fiddes had not 'stitched up' the Jackson family when they were house hunting in England, then maybe they would have settled here. Who knows?
IMO Michael had had enough of the US and probably only returned there because his family lived there.

Just think. If MJ moved to the UK there would have been no AEG, no Murray, no Arnie Klein. The whole story may have been very different.
Yes, Fiddes really screwed up.

1450 days ago


for the record - I don't see any resemblance at all

1450 days ago


There is no likeness to Matthew. Little Blanket is a mini Michael. Also, I hope that Michael's children never get to read any of this. It's really damaging for little minds.

1450 days ago


blanket is identicle to brando's son (michael's friend). they showed a side by side picture of them on larry king. my money is on one else

1450 days ago


Blanket is MJs son,he is clearly biracial. I bet if harvey came out and said he donated sperm,people would believe harvey is their father too!

1450 days ago
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