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Lindsay Lohan

Rehabbin' at Betty Ford

9/30/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan is undergoing treatment at the famous Betty Ford Center, a legendary and respected alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic in Rancho Mirage, California.

Lindsay checked in Monday -- and as we previously reported, the plan is for her to stay put in rehab at least until her probation violation hearing on October 22.

It's gonna run Lindsay a pretty penny too -- according to their website, 30 days of inpatient care at BF runs $26,000.

Betty Ford has treated scores of celebs -- a short list of former patients includes, Keith Urban, Chevy Chase, Elizabeth Taylor, Gary Busey, Johnny Cash, Kelsey Grammer, David Hasselhoff, Mickey Mantle, Liza Minnelli, Ozzy Osbourne, and Anna Nicole Smith.


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Bubbles The Chimp    

#30: She will spend only booking time in jail and she will be out because of the so-called overcrowding (which appears only when celebs get busted.) So, maybe 2 hours at the most she will spend.

1454 days ago


Why would it be TMZ's fault if she failed? So what if people know where she is. I'm sure that the paps are not allowed anywhere near her at the facility. If she fails it is no one's fault but her own. She is a grown woman and makes her own choices that she must live with. Stop making excuses for her failures. She is ultimately responsible for her own life, not TMZ and not us. If she can't handle being a "celebrity" then she should not be one.

1454 days ago


Well, in response to some of these posts I think it is clear that Lindsay doesn't know or care about her drug problems. She's not like all the other common people and she is in complete control and she does it just for fun. She doesn't have to take rehab seriously because she doesn't think she has a problem. Just ask her fans and enablers. None of it is her fault. She's not resposible for her actions. Everyone in her life is just making problems for her. Her daddy tells her she's screwing up so she blames everything on him and throws him out of her life. Mommy has always just wanted the money and tells Linds whatever she wants to hear so Lindsay keeps her around. All her "friends" enable her because they live off her celebrity. Maybe someone should have done something when Lindsay was a teenager, underage, and in the clubs dating old men and out partying every night? Remember how all you fans idolized her for that life style and worshipped at her feet? Well, it's several years later now and absolutely nothing has changed and it probably never will. She's still just a defiant teen doing what her fans demand and suffering the consequences.

1454 days ago


TMZ was scooped by a few other sites on this news probably a week ago

1454 days ago


Im shocked she actually checked into Betty Ford as this is a tough facility. I am sure Lou Tyler told LL that she better not check into a rehab spa or the judge and the public will never buy her act.

I do hope that she is serious though and I hope she comes out of this a new person, then again this is rehab stint 5.

1454 days ago


Why would TMZ post where she is staying.... Let her get her treatment and leave her alone. Maybe is she was in the press less she would do better!!!

1454 days ago


Well, good luck to her.

$26,000 for a months stay is a lot cheaper than paying bail.

1454 days ago


With Michael asking for a conservatorship, She should be scared straight.

1454 days ago


Lindsay could have bought a lot of good drugs with the money she wasted on Rehab....

1454 days ago


#30: She will spend only booking time in jail and she will be out because of the so-called overcrowding (which appears only when celebs get busted.) So, maybe 2 hours at the most she will spend.

Posted at 8:13 AM on Sep 30, 2010 by Bubbles The Chimp

The judge could take her off probation all together and sentence her to the amount of jail time she would have recieved if she was never put on probation. Of course she would still get time served credits.

By the way love your name bubbles the chimp lol

1454 days ago


No doubt, if the Betty Ford Clinic can somehow wean Lindsay off of drugs for good, their reputation for getting RESULTS will go way up. It looks like Lindsay is one of the most challenging "hard cases" of celebrity rehab in years. Since Robert Downey probably. I'm sure the people at Betty Ford are highly motivated to be the miraculous rehab place that finally gets "the lightbulb to come on" for Lindsay.

Maybe Betty Ford will be the place where Lindsay finally tells herself ...

"You know what ... this thing with drugs just isn't working in my life. Not one bit. This stuff is rotting my brains. It's been hurting my career. I need to give up this insanity for good. I'm not going to waste my life on this crap anymore ... especially since I've had some good success in my career over the years. I want more even more success in the future.

Drugs are leading me down the path to destruction. It's time to stop slowly killing myself. Let all the other idiots in the Hollywood party scene fry their brains out with drugs. I'm done. It's time."

1454 days ago


30 days huh? Yep that's going to be useful...

1454 days ago


By the time she's done, she'll be able to write a guide to every well-known rehab facility.
Like Letterman said last night, right now just BEING Lindsay Lohan is a parole violation.

1454 days ago


The actual long-term recovery rate from addiction at these clinics is almost zero anyways. Telling an addict that it's not his/her fault because it's a disease just provides an excuse to use again. Mental problems got Lindsay into drug use and until she comes to terms with her problems and completely changes her lifestyle she will never be "cured". She needs to completely abandon life as she now knows it and create a life that she can live without drugs and without druggies. I don't think she's at that point yet in her addictions.

1454 days ago


How can lindsay afford this place for treatment? She should be sent to a regular drug rehab facility. One that she can really afford. Not some over priced,drug camp for celebs. The girl needs help...but at a place less expensive. Make her be apart of the regular world LOL

1454 days ago
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