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Meg Whitman -- Target of 'Personal Destruction'

9/29/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's camp tells TMZ ... they are the target of "personal destruction" and claims the "sleaze machine" on the left is now in overdrive.

Spokesperson Andrea Jones Rivera tells TMZ, "Gloria Allred is a shameful manipulator and the timing of today's news conference so close to the election should serve as a warning to Californians that they are witnessing dirty political smears at their worst."

As we first reported, Whitman's former housekeeper has teamed up with Gloria Allred and plans on making a legal claim stating how she "suffered" while working for Whitman.

Whitman's camp claims Allred is a Jerry Brown supporter and is "playing shameful politics again."


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LOL- So let me follow you, it's okay for Gloria to put paint this woman as an 'exploited' Latina immigrant worker but it's not okay to then say if she is illegal she needs to be deported.

If Whitman did knowingly hire an illegal then she should be fined or face what ever penalty under the law- as so should her housekeeper.

Of course liberal DB's like you like to throw the word 'racist' around when someone demands immigration law be enforced.

1463 days ago


Allred is an opportunistic snake who'll do anything for attention and money. I hate lawyers, except you Harvey... Another dirty tactic by the DNC, I'm sure. BTW, did anyone check the housekeeper's legal status?

1463 days ago


Well said Joao

1463 days ago


You might remember the former Mr. Allred... He went to Federal prison for stealing from and cheating the gov't. I wonder how it became a liability to have enough cash to NOT have to beg for special interest money. I wonder why Brown is dragging his feet on the City of Bell? I mean he is the Calif AG! He filed a wimpy civil suit because some details will be embarassing to Brown. Like why he allowed his city manager in Oakland to just give herself a $60...,000 raise???? Hmmm...

1463 days ago


Could it be that these two republican women are falling in the polls because they look better on paper than in real life or are people finding out who they real are? Lets face it Carly Fiorina was basically fired from HP, but not before she sent HP USA jobs overseas. California has already tried a so-called outsider Independent Republican, his name Arnold Schwarzenegger, we all know how that turned out. Meg Whitman, thinks she can buy the election, but what puzzles many is if she real cared and loved California then why not do your civic duty and vote, seems she is more rhetoric than anything (in good times we would give her a try but not in our disaster mode that we are in). She is finding out that California is not for sale and that you can’t buy everything! What a waste of money!

1463 days ago


Well, in case you didn't know it, TMZ has tipped its hand. We can see all the cards.

They are using their access to the internet, and posing as a news outlet to smear Republican candidates for office ahead of the upcoming November 2nd elections. Note that today we see more of Bristol Palin Nachogate; Meg Whitman hit pieces, and a live broadcast of Meg's Hispanic housekeeper spewing unsubstantiated claims.

You can thank Harvey Levin, who is undoubtedly a staunch Democratic Party supporter, for this. No one else at TMZ has the authority to stack the editorial deck in this way.

Thanks Harv. Who do you go to see to get your reputation back?

1463 days ago


UKGTTTUAU? .... Ironic that you call others gutless as you mouth off on here anonymously. If you're so almighty, wise and brave, why not sign your full name, address and phone number so people can comment directly to you? (Hmmmm, that's what I thought!)

1463 days ago

Yep I said that    

Deflect deflect its what Nutmeg Whitless does, she wants the Gov job at any price.

1463 days ago


You guys are missing the point. Yes, TMZ is a shameful political arm of the DNC disguised as a "gossip" rage, but as today's articles clearly reveal, they are most certainly a mouthpiece for the radical left. I say, let Whitman and Fiorina lose. It serves the morons of California right. That would further illustrate just how idiotically stupid they are by continuing to cut off their nose to spite their face. They would deserve to have their new liberal leaders continuing to spend them into oblivion and to kill every job they have. They would deserve to lose their jobs and to be thrown out of their homes. I say good!!! Let them continue to destroy themselves for being ignorant, lazy, koolaid drinking sheep of the destructive left. It would be their bed that they made so let them sleep in it. Good riddance California!!!

1463 days ago


When the Dems have their backs to the wall, the tactics of personal destruction come out. Colin Powell says "everyone has illegals working for them." Are the ready to deport this woman? Did she pay taxes on her extravagant income? Allred is all about sleaze.

1463 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Oh yes blame Brown its all she has. All she does is blah blah Brown this blah blah Brown that then is oh I ran eBay oh I know how to run a business, yep you sure do you made millions off the sellers on ebay by cranking up fees and at the same time cranking up your own salary, then out sourced jobs

1463 days ago


This is all so ridiculous. People need to look at why this is happening now. It isn't simply an unjust attack on Meg Whitman, but also Gloria Allred needs an issue to distract from the fact that she was implicated in a scandal to attack Mel Gibson.
Read about it here:

1463 days ago


Allred defends people who hire illegals. She also covers of crimes - she is in hot water now and this is a big distration.

I can hear the toilet flushing, Gloria.... we'll be sure and do it twice because you're such a BIG TURD.

1463 days ago


Whitman or Brown. We're screwed either way.

1463 days ago


Whitman could never be bothered to vote in any election during the past 18 years. She does not deserve to win or even run for that matter. She didn't really offer any explaination as to why she didn't bother to vote. So I vote no on Whitman and at least I am voting Meg.

1463 days ago
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