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Britney Spears Remains Under Conservatorship

9/30/2010 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had a "very nice conversation" with the judge about the status of her conservatorship ... this according to Judge Reva Goetz ... but Britney is still under a conservatorship.


The judge just took the bench a few minutes ago and said, "At this time all orders will remain in full force and effect."

TMZ just told you ... the judge has discussed ending the conservatorship with the lawyers over the last few sessions, but for now it's not ending.

The judge said she met with Britney and Jamie individually.

And there was a petition to approve the "investment strategies" of Britney's trust, and the judge gave the green light.


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Is it Big Foot or Loch Ness?

Companies pay for ads on TMZ site - unbelievable!

1399 days ago


Hope you guys didn't PAY for that picture...

You sure it's Britney? It kinda looks like Heather Locklear...or Heidi Montag...or two bats hanging out their laundry!!!!


1399 days ago

Christina G.    

The judge will let her out of the conservatorship when she learns to dress appropriately for court.

1399 days ago


by the way.Was the direct result of this conservatorship Spears could do gigs,albums etc again? In other words: did this convince producers and insurance companies they could take the risk ? If so,judge in Lohan case should most definitely examine if it's a possibility .

1399 days ago


I like Britney but it is clear she is not ready to be out in the real world yet. On Glee she sounded and looked so robotic and her scenes were literally 5 seconds each. Also she is sheltered from the media heavily and rarely does interviews. This is because she is not completely mentally stable.

I miss the old Brit. I remember in the 5th grade I got a tape of her new soon to be hit single "Hit Me Baby One More Time", it came enclosed with a book I ordered. LOL yeah I feel old, but I do miss the Britney of the past.

1399 days ago


This has been going on a long time....Successful yes and that's what matters but there is something we don't know.......

1399 days ago

Jim in LV    

She's not a girl anymore, she's nearly 30 years old now. Pretty sad, she is likely a person that will struggle with mental stability issues her entire life. The fact that the conservatorship is still in effect means that people know she'd lose her mind again if tight controls weren't still in place.

1399 days ago


She wore a BACKLESS dress to court????? NO wonder the judge decided to maintain the conservatorship. Girlfriend has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what's appropriate to where ANYWHERE for ANY occasion.

1399 days ago


Please tell me my eyes are playing tricks on me, did she wear a backless dress to court??????????? Gotta love the trendy "from court to night club" fashion wear.

1399 days ago


I agree she has mental issues. She is off balance and has been for years. She is better off being cared for. I am sure Jason is pretty much her personal caregiver with her father handling the business end. I wonder how long Jason is willing to do that.

1399 days ago

Jim in Cali    

The next court hearing is Oct 14. With her showing up for this appearance you have to believe that she's about to file a petition to end the conservatorship over her personal affairs.

1399 days ago


THAT SMELLS like a ratt is eating away at her money...A TRUST yea like ha ha the JUDGE is getting a kickback somewhere.IF one can`t keep thier own money that is NO one who can be TRUSTED just look at all those rich people with billions who got screwed out of thier estate.I`am a son of howard robard hughes JR and jean peters but they used ernest lummus and andy cipollo a fake con name to steal my medical trust fund at union bank in lincoln nebraska in 1979 and I steal have the mob on my back just like dad did.MY medical trust setup by dad had the whole estate of howard`s in the late 1970`s which was only a fraction of his per HHMI levels he gave mosy of his billions away before SUMMA and only had about 300 million when he was checked out by the MOB the texas seven..judges on the take and texas instruments CBS SEARs.MOM worked for them also and her I never trusted at all..she could have had the whole estate but the MOB had control just like this case.

1399 days ago


well said Ken, and these bright, lovely ladies have MILLIONS of 19 year olds following in their EVERY step. yay we're doomed.

why are we suprised she wore a backless dress to court, she (and the rest of them) wore short dresses out clubbing, had no panties on, made sure the paps caught pics of them flashing, but I'm sure they aren't responcible for any of that.

my parents would have whooped my ASS for pulling crap like that. I heard a commercial for the disney channel the other day that said "wouldn't you like for your kids to be a movie star???" I kept thinking, YEA let them grow up in the limelight, make millions, and spend their teen years dating older men, dancing on stripper poles at the teen choice awards, getting so drugged out and wasted, wow.. please where can we sign up.

1399 days ago


I have not seen her v-j, seen her drunk in public, or baby-droppin' in 3 YEARS. Way to go dad! Teach the Lohan clan a thing or two about raisin' em and keeping them safe.
But on the other hand, Lindsey is still a high-pointer on my dead pool, so if you and Dina could wait until January to help her for real, it'd be a big fave to me! Kisses

1399 days ago


she wore a backless dress to court, and Katy Perry wore a sexy outfit for seaseme street. Where are these peoples mothers?? Didn't they teach them ANYTHING?

1399 days ago
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