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UNC Football Scandal -- 'The Boz' Connection

10/1/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the agent recruiting scandal rocking University of North Carolina football goes deep ... all the way back to Brian "The Boz" Bosworth -- who, it turns out, has close ties to both men in the middle of the UNC controversy.

A source close to "The Boz" tells TMZ the former University of Oklahoma football stud was approached by John Blake back in the late 80s -- while Bosworth was still in school. We're told ... Blake, an OU football assistant at the time, told Bosworth, "I have a guy who's going to change your life." That guy was agent Gary Wichard.

Setting up a meeting between an active college athlete and an agent could be a major NCAA violation ... and it's exactly what Blake is accused of doing at UNC. Last month, Blake resigned as the defensive line coach at UNC amid allegations that he was funneling Tar Heel players to Wichard.

As for Bosworth -- he eventually hired Wichard as his agent when he entered the NFL.

Clearly, Blake and Wichard have a history that goes back more than 20 years ... which is interesting since their relationship is now under the NCAA microscope.

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Bubbles The Chimp    

Geez. Nothing like bringing up a hasbeen.

1486 days ago

artie help    

bos is a toll, this guy is a fraud in every sense of the word, steroids et al.

1486 days ago


Wow...could you guys come up with a further connection than this just for the sake of a story?!?!?

How about connecting some of the UNC players or the agents to Kevin Bacon? (Or Lindsay Lohan since this is TMZ)

Six Degrees of Stupid Connections?

This is sad...

1486 days ago


did you finally get around to reading a 2 month old yahoo article?


"As for Blake, Wichard told Yahoo! Sports he met the coach in 1985 during a pickup basketball game, and that their friendship has grown over the years. An accomplished agent with many big-name clients, Wichard said he signed only one player – Oklahoma tight end Stephen Alexander – while Blake was a head coach with the Sooners.

But a review of NFLPA records show Wichard signed multiple players whose college careers overlapped with Blake’s coaching journey. Among them:

• Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth. Blake was a graduate assistant for the Sooners during Bosworth’s final season at Oklahoma. Bosworth signed with Wichard and was a first-round pick in the NFL’s 1987 supplemental draft."

blake and wichard have known each other for 25 years. only 7 players with any sort of connection to blake (including a RB while blake was a DL coach) signed with wichard.

if blake was feeding players to wichard, he was pretty bad at it.

(not to mention that 5-6 NFL-ready UNC players came back to school rather than go pro - which meant less money for them and for potential agents...a fact which the media never seems to take into account.)

"Setting up a meeting between an active college athlete and an agent could be a major NCAA violation..."

or it might not be. pretty sure dean smith did it for years - screened a handful of agents that he considered honest and allowed those to make a pitch to his players.

funny picture of boz, though...

1486 days ago


No....whats sad is UNC fans being so deep in denial about the school they support. Just accept the fact that the football program is/was dirty. If your players and coaches didn't do any of these things then you wouldn't see any stories like this. They did it....not all these reporters. All of your fans want to blame everyone except the cause of the problems(players and coaches). The "CAROLINA WAY" is a joke and you guys are so mad that everyone see's it now.

1486 days ago


Yeah, this really is old news. Everyone knows Blake coached Bosworth and Bosworth signed with Wichard.

1486 days ago


Please post the list of UNC players that Blake funneled to Wichard since you mentioned that.

Balmer and who else....?

I'm waiting...

1486 days ago


Look at that photo of Bosworth. How jacked up do you think he is? Let's Get Ready to RRRumble!!!

1486 days ago


I am from NC and NO ONE cares about the football program at UNC! We only care about the basketball program!

1486 days ago

Harold Butts    

Yeah, right, no one cares about football at UNC, only basketball. Nice try wolfpack fan. No one cares about UNC football at UNC. That's why our season tickets have been sold out for months, why we have a $70million endzone seating expansion that is in progress and will be completed before next season starts and that is why there are no articles by any NC based sports writers about this NCAA review. Becaue "no one" at UNC cares about football.

Great stuff deuchebag.

1486 days ago


I am from NC and NO ONE cares about the football program at UNC! We only care about the basketball program!


Chris you might be jesting but if not... apparently some people do. Like the UNC BoT, Holden Thorp, ****ie Baddour, Butch Davis and a whole cast of inbred characters at Inside Carolina forums. Oh and in a few weeks the UNC basketball program will be publicly involved. Stay Tuned!

1486 days ago


He used to be so hot.

1486 days ago

Jim Beam    

Who or what the fark is a "boz" ?

1486 days ago


Denial is the first step to recovery. Glad you UNCheat fans have accepted your role and are taking that first step....

Get your heads out of the sand. Your program is crooked. Your program has been crooked for God-only-knows-how-long. The ENTIRE nation now sees it, has wholeheartedly accepted it, yet you continue to lie, cheat and steal your way out of it - not too smart, considering how your program got into this mess in the first place. The end has come and now we ALL know what the "Carolina Way" REALLY means: lie, cheat, and steal to get what you want! You can't pull the wool over the NCAA's eyes anymore (pun intended), and we will all sit back and laugh while this thing continues to play out. I'll be happy to introduce you all to Step #2 when you're ready....

1486 days ago


The great thing about UNC's cheating, under-the-table, lying ways is that the entire state of North Carolina is laughing at this overpumped, overrated university. (except those UNCheat deniers still holding on to fading hopes).

The darkness has been exposed, the dishonest people connected with this Chapel Hill cesspool are slowly being flushed out, like quail out of the bushes.

Isn't life wonderful?

1486 days ago
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