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Oksana: Why My Kid Needs $20k A Month

10/1/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So you're wondering, how will Oksana Grigorieva spend $20,000 a month of Mel Gibson's money on an 11-month-old baby?

Sources connected with Oksana tell TMZ ... she has five reasons for needing 20k every 30 days:

-- Lucia is Mel's daughter, so she needs round-the-clock security
-- Oksana is in debt for more than $100,000 -- for legal fees, PR costs, etc -- and she needs to dig out of the hole
-- Oksana says Mel promised to take care of her and his daughter
-- They got accustomed to the Mel Gibson lifestyle
-- The baby costs a lot, with medical costs, food, clothing, gas for the car, etc.

So, we ask ...


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Damn. I want to meet a man and have a baby, not be bothered by marriage and still get 20K a month handed to me. Damn. I do not like her, Sam-I-am. (I know, jealous much?) LOL (Why yes, yes I am). How she do dat? Hey, I have an idea for her. She can offer classes on how to scam the rich. I'll sign up. I need 20K a month, too. Viable eggs and womb required.

Oh my, I think I've lost my mind.

1452 days ago


Since when are child support fees supposed to cover a parent's legal expenses?

And who are the "they" who got "accustomed to the Mel Gibson lifestyle"?

1452 days ago


The woman is a real vacuum in more ways than one. Her greed is only going to anger more people.

1452 days ago


No doubt she was verbally attacked in the altercation at Mel's home and in the subsequent taped conversations. As far as Dalton being abusive, it's not uncommon for abused women to go from one abusive personality to another. It feels like home. However, ending up with babies by both these movie stars whom she alleges are abusers? It is a big coincidence (although Rava from Seinfeld would disagree).

1452 days ago


If there is an order out regarding child support and it doesn't mention him having to provide all the other stuff Mel should quit providing all the other stuff now while he has the chance. Mel needs to quit trying to be the good guy. He screwed up, he's sorry, and it's over with. The $20K is obviously enough to cover all of the kids expenses. Mel isn't responsible for any of her debts. I question the existance of a new order because a lot of other details would have been in it and none of them are being leaked. Mel's only interest should be the welfare of his child and he's not even sure that it6 is his child.

1452 days ago


Well, I would say this is an old picture. The kid should weigh at least 20 pounds by now and that carrier nearly the same.
Anyway, I am as outraged this morning as I was last night. She needs to go get a job, get a life, start paying her own bills and stop using this baby as her goldmine. She is bad example for other golddiggers in training. At this point if they can't press any charges as to either of them, I hope they can wrap this up quickly. Stop this flow of cash to attorneys as well.

A bit off topic but while I am thinking of it, (I have things to do today). We were talking yesterday (I think) about her veneers and the fake photo to her teeth. I had wondered for a long time about a "snap on tool" sort of device for her mouth. Lo and behold, informercial I saw in the middle of the night, I believe this is probably what she has. Catch you all later.

1452 days ago


Hey Gold-digger seem to be complaining how much that little girl brother and sis-in-law cannot have kids, they will gladly take her off your hands and raise her with more morals/values then you ever possibly give her.

Oksana...Gold-digger, star stalker, extortioner.

1452 days ago


LOL at this gold digging mooch. Tons of American families are living on that or less a YEAR! She wants 20 grand a month? Why doesnt she hmmm I dont know get something called a JOB!

1452 days ago


Wow, this ugly golddigger whore must be something in the sack, she conned Tim Dalton and then Mel. Mel should have been warned by the fact that she did Dalton and then socked him with support for a kid. Mel was a moron to take up with her, followed his little pecker into the poor this whore will be taking him for mucho bucks for life, all the money supposed to be for CHILD SUPPORT just goes to support Mommy's lifestyle, debts, etc. What a disgusting low life she is, the kid should be taken away and given to a real mother, not this moneygrubbing hooker.

1452 days ago


She's a smart cookie. But I notice this is a trend with a lot of no-name women who hook up with (rich) singers, entertainers, actors. The first thing they do is get pregnant with or without the consent of the man. That way it's insured that She, the mom, won't go begging. Children don't need $20K a month for support. More than half is going to the mother. As for security -- what??? A camera won't be enough security?

1452 days ago


If I was the judge and I gave her 20k I'd require her to submit receipts every month proving that she spent it on things directly related to the kid (without being wasteful). If she can't prove the need for it then reduce it to what is reasonable.

1452 days ago

angel face    

Why is TMZ so blatantly biased? Oh yeah, you're shills for Herr Gibson.

1452 days ago


It wouldn't surprise me if Mel and his wife reconcile after all this.

1452 days ago


She looks så lonely on every picture. No one wants to be seen by her. Team Mel Sweden!

1452 days ago


now I even think she was the provocative one (on purpose) and caused all the anger in him .. just to get DOLLARS... Nice Play missy OX

1452 days ago
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