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Jesse James' Ex Calls BS on Threatening Emails

10/4/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder claims he manufactured a threatening MySpace post in order to prevent her from seeing their daughter Sunny.


In new legal documents filed today Janine says Jesse took 6-year-old Sunny out of school early last month in Austin, TX and kept her away when Janine came to visit.

Janine claims Jesse was reacting to a post on her MySpace in which threats were made about abducting Sunny. In the papers, Janine says she did not write that post or a similarly toned email -- but instead believes Jesse made it all up.

In the filing Janine states, "This is not the first time [Jesse] manufactured evidence against me to prevent me from having custody of Sunny." She also claims she has forensic evidence her computer was hacked the day the MySpace post was made.

Janine is asking the court to maintain her current visitation rights.


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She easily could have paid one of her drug buddies to "hack" her computer so she'd have an 'excuse'.

1477 days ago


ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Back up Ghostgirl71.

Women who continually put their sexual needs and drug abuse at a higher rank that attending to their child CLEARLY do NOT love that child.

1477 days ago


Why are so many of the comments here anti Janine,so she was a porn star big ****ing deal.You all need to get over this.Jesse is by far more disgusting then Janine is.Look at all the facts before you pass judgement and show how ignorant you are.

1477 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1477 days ago


I Agree with u Barney, who cares if she is a porn star, its a job,get over it. Too many of these comments are really nasty and very unnecessary, not to mention very unfair, give the girl a break, nobody is perfect. All the woman wants is time with her kid, whats so wrong or bad about that.

1477 days ago


I believe JJ is capable of doing all the things that Janine accuses him of. After all he married Sandra by manipulating her into believing that he was something he was not.
Now that Sandra is ready to date again, I hope he get his tail between his legs and gets out of TX and back to CA so he can be KVD since she is "the one". lol

1476 days ago


Jesse is no better than Janine. Yes she was a porn star and Jesse was loving it. Did not let Sunny see her mother but left her for the weeked to coninue his affair with Kat. This man does not think.

1475 days ago


I would not put it past Jesse. Why would Janine go out of her way to sabatoge herself. Need to look at all of this objectively. Janine did her mess in the past but Jesse was right there with her, loving that porn. Why judge her harsher then a man that spends his money and spends time in strip bars. SB, I guess was not horny enough and that is why Jess went around jumping on every thing amaginable. Please realy see the man for what he is. He does not even stay at home with his daughter after he stops the visit with her own mother. His priorities are off.

1475 days ago


First let me state never judge a book by its cover least you be judged the same!
Janine is an amazing spiritual person and if you look at her tats you would see just that. There is no 666 or any negative things. She talks the talk and walks the walk. She is the real deal when it comes to a True, Honest, Caring, Dependable... Mother and Friend.
First remember it was JJ that cheated on her with Sandy while she was pregnant with Sunny. Sandy knew this!
Second it was JJ that wanted nothing to do with Sunny and Janine who tried for the first three years of Sunny's life to have him be part of it. Not until Sandy said she wanted Sunny did JJ care.
Sandy wanted a child BAD!
Janine is not crazy or violent. Her computer was hacked and was done so by JJ sister and husband (who is in the military) along with JJ. He wanted to make her look crazy, drive her crazy and stalk her BECAUSE he is crazy. He is still in love with this woman. Just look at who he continues to be with. They all look like Janine only she is the REAL WOMAN in this world.
The truth will come out. I know it for a fact.
I have seen the evidence.
one word to sum it up

1362 days ago
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