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Betty Ford

Sends Michael Lohan Packin'

10/5/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan knows how hard it is to make it in the big city -- he can't even get into rehab.

We're told Michael headed for the desert last Thursday ... to Rancho Mirage, home of the Betty Ford Center and temporary digs of Lindsay Lohan.

Michael was turned away by security.  He was told visiting hours were over.  Michael tells us he asked if he was on a "no contact" list and they told him no.  But we're guessing his name is right under Osama's.

Michael says he's been on the horn with people at Betty Ford, asking them to please involve him in family therapy with Lindsay.


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maybe this guy is sincere, she'll have to face him and their problems if she truly wants to get better.he has said for 2 years she needed help, and everyone else around her enabled her to fail every time..she definetly has been "brain washed" by her mother...and so has her siblings...its very sad...

1478 days ago


The Daily Mail reports today that the JonBenet Ramsay case is being re-opened starting with the questioning of Burke. Burke has heretofore claimed he doesn't remember anything about the night in question.

Also, recent pictures there of Michael Douglas. It's tough to watch. Why do I have to go to Europe to get real celebrity news of Americans? Hmmm TMZ?

1478 days ago


A father can be a stalker and he is one!

1478 days ago


What an idiot, hasn't Michael been paying attention? The people at Betty Ford said that NO ONE is allowed to visit her in rehab until her third week, though Lindsay probably dosen't want him visiting period, which is a good thing as the more time she spends away from him the better!

Posted at 11:35 AM on Oct 5, 2010 by darkrage6

Her assistant visited her on Sunday.
She doesn't want him there period. She didn't want him at the hearings, as a vistor in jail or as a visitor at UCLA were she got daily visitors.
All he does is do interviews and sell her out and that is why he is kept out of the loop.
At this point he knows as much as TMZ etc the only difference is he has witnessed all the the courtroom proceedings.

1478 days ago


It isn't surprising that PEDO-dad showed up after hours -- he was trying for a sleep-over

1478 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

"What do you mean I can't see my own damn daughter??? Will you at least ask her if I can borrow 50 bucks?"

1478 days ago


Linds is not going to see him and Betty Ford Clinic would be strongly advising against seeing him. This is a man that has done nothing but try to become famous off his daughter and off taking and posting nude shots of Kate Major that he set and snapped while she was sleeping. This jerk should be in jail and if he ever came near my daughter or me, he would be in jail.

1478 days ago


What kind of sick man stalks his adult daughter? He will never get to see her and all he's doing is guaranteeing that she will never want to see him. He is in a way doing her a favor. Just makes her resolve even stronger.

1478 days ago


HIPPA rules won't allow Betty Ford Center to say anything about her visitors list or anything else about her! She's not a minor child, he has no right to any of her information. Begging them like a retard isn't going to help - and bugging them constantly only validates he's got an inappropriate fixation on a person who doesn't want contact with him. Boundary issues much? He's just another member of the public wasting their time calling.

1478 days ago


LOL, Jeffro11. Sombody had to give him gas money to get home. Plus, what kind of idiot doesn't call first to check the visiting policy?

1478 days ago


The Betty Ford Center will not go against Lindsay's wishes as she is an adult. He can't talk his way into family therapy or even visiting with her for that matter if she doesn't want him there.

And Michael's already lying, there are no visits on a Thursday. It's Sunday only.

1478 days ago


This guy has serious issues!!! Leave the girl alone. IF and/or WHEN she wants to repair the relationship, she will call you. You are only making a really hard situation even harder for her. BACK THE F*** OFF!!!

1478 days ago


Lindsay has made it perfectly clear that she wants NOTHING to do with this LOW-LIFE S***BAG. He know is to but he just keeps on hammering her and he has to be stopped for once and for all. Betty Ford Staff PLEASE KEEP HIM AWAY FROM HER. He is just so creepy and such a LOSER

1478 days ago


Regardless of Michael Lohan's intentions, if Lindsey doesn't want to him in her life, he should respect her wishes and leave her alone. Why doesn't he get that?

1478 days ago


When I was in treatment in 1991, my wife was denied contact with me for the first two weeks. This was not to deny her of anything, but to protect me. They absolutely know that the external influences on your life contributed to you being in treatment and seek to cut them off, at least until things have stabilized and been sorted out a little. If I were faced with coming out of treatment to Dina or Michael, I'd stay in there.

1478 days ago
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