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Betty Ford

Sends Michael Lohan Packin'

10/5/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan knows how hard it is to make it in the big city -- he can't even get into rehab.

We're told Michael headed for the desert last Thursday ... to Rancho Mirage, home of the Betty Ford Center and temporary digs of Lindsay Lohan.

Michael was turned away by security.  He was told visiting hours were over.  Michael tells us he asked if he was on a "no contact" list and they told him no.  But we're guessing his name is right under Osama's.

Michael says he's been on the horn with people at Betty Ford, asking them to please involve him in family therapy with Lindsay.


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Yep I said that    

He's part of the problem she's there. It would be one thing if he went there or made the effort to see his daughter quietly but no he has to bring an entourage of photographers or his attorney. He needs to just STFU and go away.

1446 days ago


Michael go manage yor own rehab and your own life. What the hell is wrong with you. Famiy therapy is fine go to your own Lindsay dont want you in her life right now. If you would back out maybe later she may consider it. She is a adult and needs time to recover. She probaly dont trust your motives. Are you still trying to get her past earning in court. No wonder she dont want to deal with your bull****.

1446 days ago


He is half of her problem. Why should she see him,he threw her under the bus more time's,he let the whole world hear her phone calls when she was reaching out for help etc etc. what father would do that to his own daughter.

1446 days ago


That man needs some serious counseling. He's creepy.

1446 days ago

Joe Dabb Babbalucci    

Why does not Mikey try paying attention to Ali and the others? LiLo is in rehab. If she needs or wants him, she'll contact him. It's true he's an attention gigolo. Notice that women don't stay around this buffoon for long? He's insufferable and unbearable. WO is no fun, either. They just didn't do well together. Life goes forward.

1446 days ago


Still riding on his daughter's coattails for free publicity. The guy is so NOT relevant. Go away, dude. Guess he wants to keep her name out there and his too. She's probably in on all his antics for free press.

1446 days ago


I am happy, she had honestly corrupted the world for far to long and she needs someone to tell it to her straight! Even if she does get over her addiction, I can't see her doing anything with her life exect lying about her cocaine problem. I mean come one! They got a picture of her with 'white pounder' on her shoe and she still has the brainlessness to deny it. Even if they where wrong, she could have just explained. I am so happy that I am underage so I can watch and observe the hideous mistakes that other people make so I don't end up like crack hoe, or end p snoring my brains out. Moron.

1445 days ago


Wow it is good that TMZ helps this douchebag out by keeping him in the celeb news. He doesn't give a rats ass for any of his kids. Just the fame.

1445 days ago


Get a job you freakin parasite.

1445 days ago


Don't you guys get it???? Michael DOESN'T want to help Lindsey. Michael is looking for publicity. He wants his face plastered all over the media and have everyone talking about him. He's a conceited, selfish loser that has interest in only one thing: MICHAEL LOHAN.

1445 days ago


This is heart breaking.So sad. I hope he finds something that makes him happy and forgets about this ungreatful Girl.

1445 days ago


77- are you f*cking high? Exactly what does Lindsay do be ungreatful for from her douchebag of a father? What good thing has he ever done for her? He threatened her with abuse after beating her mother, sold perosnal items of hers, wanted to release those private tapes of personal coversations, and he explots is daughter at every opportunity and is stalking her so often you'd swear he wanted to have sex with her, and of course he didn't seem to care one bit when Lindsay was partying all the time and never tried to stop her from making bad decisions, he was just happy as long the money kept rolling in regardless of his own daughter's well-being, bottom line-Michael Lohan is a horrible person who does not deserve to be a father(Dina's not exactly much of a parent herself but at least she never abused or tried to hurt anyone)and Lindsay's chances of recovery will greatly increase if Michael leaves her alone, after all he's the main person responsible for why Lindsay is the way that she is now(not saying that Lindsay isn't at fault, she is, but her parents divorce and her father's abuse was likely what drove her into the partying all the time in the first place)If Michael truly DOES care about her, then he'll respect her wishes and give Lindsay her space until she's ready to forgive him(something which he shouldn't expect for a LONG time)

1445 days ago

Alan Carver    

I hate to say this, but NORMAL families benefit from family therapy, but this COMPLETE and UTTERLY Dysfunctional will not, cannot comprehend what it takes to be a NORMAL family because they do not understand not being in the spotlight of their daughters former career! She is a washed-up, has-been that never was. Michael just wants to be able to cash in on his daughters misfortune, even though she has told him time after time that she wants nothing to do with him! Even if DINA-LING has brain-washed Lohan, she was the single parent that took-charge after Lohan left or vise versa. Regardless, this family will not benefit from family therapy because they are not a family anymore - dina made sure of that by divorcing Michael, as has Michael by his actions. They say it's always the children that suffer, but Lohan should have been in therapy years ago, but instead she went another route to heal and numb her pain, aka the pill--popping, drug addict, booze bag she has become at the age of 24! WHAT A MESS!

1445 days ago


Michael Lohan is a multiply convicted FELON who has spent over 8 years in prison. She's 24 has been an adult for 6 years. He was in prison nearly half her childhood. Simple math. He deserves nothing from her and is a selfish narcissist for even expecting to be part of her life, after going after her when she was in a relationship with Sam Ronson, telling her she would go to hell and literally trashing Sam for well over a year. When she cut him off completely after that is when he was okay with her being gay, but he sold tapes of her and stole her Le Cirque diary which he was offering to sell, and got a Cease & Desist from Chapman Holly her attorney. Michael made a reality show he got investors to front. It's about an old Penthouse model from the 80's and an ESCORT he was dating, an alleged hooker and this is what he thought would be a reality show that advertisers would pay to have on TV? He's a sexual pervert at best and something far more sinister by the behavior of his family who are clearly afraid of him. Every woman he's been with he has attacked and hurt. He won't go away because he can't get in the door of a production company to pitch his freaky shows without access to his daughter Lindsay, he has to mend that relationship or he's dead in the water. This has nothing to do with her getting better, when he was giving press conferences with attorney's about Lindsay, he was asked if he was flying out to help her, and he said NO he had business meetings * about that whore house* reality show. Really you care so much but won't reschedule meetings where you can trade on you daughter's name? Dina might have enabled Lindsay but she kept a roof over her kids head when he was in prison most of his kids lives, she has a son who finished college ***ma Sum Laude and he's never been in trouble. She did what her criminal husband did not, parent 4 kids. Dina isn't defending herself because she can't - she could easily pound him into the ground but there is a bigger picture and that's getting Lindsay better not fighting with a creep of a father who should keep his trap shut. She was an abused wife, a solo parent for most of the time and got her daughter a career and kept the rest of the family going with little or no help from the father of the year, who was missing in jail most of the kids lives. Remember that when you trash her, she's not doing this in public her creep father is.

1445 days ago


He'll get another chance to see Lindsay the next time she's in rehab. IMHO Dina the Douche should be banned also. What kind of mother drags her 16 year old daughter through all of this mess? Anything for publicity, right, Dina? Even calling Barbara Walters on the phone when there is no publicity! Losers!

1445 days ago
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