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Oksana's Lawyer Pulls Plug on Oprah Interview

10/5/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva will not be doing Oprah Winfrey's show, but contrary to a CNN report, it's not because the judge gagged her ... it's because one of her lawyers said, "No way."


There's a report out that Judge Scott Gordon ordered Oksana to pull the plug on "Oprah" ... we know that's simply not the case. 

Judge Gordon did not order Oksana to stay clear of "Oprah."  Period.

Sources connected with the case tell us there was a conflict between Oksana's lawyers -- Anne Kiley, her family lawyer, was strongly against Oksana doing the interview.  Sources tell us ... Daniel Horowitz, who arranged the interview, wanted her to do it -- as did Oksana -- but ultimately Horowitz deferred to Kiley.



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Well if Mel did the following things he would not be in this mess today:

1. Keep his big mouth shut about his racist beliefs about Jews, etc.

2. Stop drinking booze and probably lots of prescription drugs and things like HGH injections and steroids.

3. Don't cheat on his first wife with Oksana. Mel even cheated on Oksana with some other woman you know. Mel's cheating ways is costing him a TON of money from his first wife. Why doesn't he freak out about that?

4. Wear a freakin' CONDOM if he is so worried getting swindled by a "gold digger" woman. Any newly rich rookie NBA knows that simply having packs of condoms within close proximity at all times is VERY important. Mel should have had condoms in his pocket as an accessory item like a watch. Never leave home without them ... like his American Express card.

Posted at 7:04 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Mike

shoulda, coulda, woulda,

doesn't only matters about what happened with this case with this professional gold-digger..
BTW, did you check out the 2 sites? what do you say about that? i am sure there are more, but i am tired.

1477 days ago


JMO but those rats must have been awfully busy nibbling little holes in things.

Tee hee

1477 days ago


Whos' That -

Playing devil's advocate here.

It's possible Miss Oksana may have had Lucia on her hip. In which case, a follow through MAY have glanced off the baby's chin.

However, much like the broken veneer photo, the resulting damage would have been far greater than a pimple. Man sized fist against a baby's chin? Split lip at least.

And this is where it all falls apart. If Mr. Mel was in such a dangerous, frothing at the mouth rage, why aren't those "injuries" consistent with the damage an enraged adult male would inflict?

And given the nose, I have to wonder if these weren't the same photos Miss Oksana used to blackmail Mr. Timothy.

Posted at 7:04 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Curious

i see what you mean...but just how big can a baby at 4 months be to carry her on her hip? idk, a little girl baby are smaller usually? and mayb it's just me, but if a big man was coming after us, i would be cuddling the baby close to me with both arms.

1477 days ago


Nicole -
I respectfully disagree. Sanctions against our First Amendment is never a good idea. We already have enough media censorship (don't get me started on Clear Channel, lol).

Besides, there's already a gag order in place - concerning family court matters. And Miss Oksana has been obeying that as she spouts off other things - like how lawyers and judges attempted to destroy criminal evidence, how she was misrepresented during the mediation, how Timothy Dalton abused her. Let her keep talking and paying out the rope.

1477 days ago


Good Morning MAC,

to answer: Remora is the sucker fish, usually attached to Sharks, and a fitting description I think.

1477 days ago


Re: People Interview

Hmmm. I thought she said he pulled a gun and choked her and all that happened while she was in her nighty and on the bed (with Sasha under the bed) - on February 18th. And that is when she fled and then taped him.

Now in the People article she has him "brandishing" a gun on January 6th.

I can't keep up anymore.

1477 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Our courts need to uphold the existing laws in a fair and unbiased way.

BUT as long as there is politics involved it won't happen.

1477 days ago


I wonder where they got their degrees?____Me too. But I think the judge's decision comes from protecting the attorneys in the first place who need to be paid, and they don't care whose money is used to pay them. They just want their money and the judge is ok with that.

1477 days ago


Who's That -

I hear ya. And if a guy was swinging at you, with a baby in your arms, wouldn't you turn around, take the blow as much as possible on your side or back to protect the baby?

Of course, a decent mother in a fight with her boyfriend, would put the baby safely in her crib and go fight in another room.

1477 days ago


Gimme -
So why didn't she just leave?

Oh right, she had to stay and keep recording. Ok, so why didn't she call the police to come be with her while she was recording?

Oh right, she was trying to protect his reputation.

Ok, so why did she wait five months - and lie to the judge - before coming forward with any of this?

Gee, it wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that the settlement didn't give her control of Lucia's millions, would it?

1477 days ago


Sam -
Hiya hun, sorry, missed your post earlier, back and forth here today.

You're probably right, blow would have glanced off baby's brow. I was playing devil's advocate simply to see if there was any way Miss Oksana's story made sense.

Ok, so, I sometimes believe in hopeless causes :)

1477 days ago


i cannot believe the judge will not sanction this at all...she has/is making the mockery of our judicial long must we tolerate this crap from this nobody who is only somebody b/c of the delusions made up to become famous??

what is our justice system doing?

Posted by Who's that.



That's why we should consider some limits for the famous "free speech". This carnival is hurting the Judicial System,no doubt about it.

Posted at 6:59 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by NICOLE

haha! Aren't you the same Nicole that endlessly champions Lindsay Lohan getting over on the system? I guess it's OK for Lindsay to make a mockery of the system... :)

1477 days ago


In People mag interview, Oks said she gave the tape to her lawyer & she has no idea how it was leaked.

1477 days ago

get a life ho    

Actually, I rather like Get a Life, and I know he/she couldn't care less what I think, but Get strikes me as having a sense of humor and far quicker wit than say Mike or Mo.

Hiya Crazymom :)

Posted at 6:45 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Curious

thank g_d someone can spot a sense of humor .,.:)

1477 days ago

get a life ho    

Everyone knows that posters like Mike and Get A Life Ho are just miserable PR posters who come here to insult and ignore facts.

And they do a terrible job at it as well.

Posted at 6:42 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Genna

Miserable ? LMAO !!!!

I tune in to this site for comic relief in readin the Pro Mel blind idiots that think his ****
doesn't stink ! .,.,( yes you )

Mark my words Horowitz will wipe the floor with Racist Mel and take down that little Hitler off his high horse .

IMO Horowitz will get an undisclosed settlement soon which will be at least 2-3 times what was originaly offered and this story will be history .

Maybe Next time around Mel will find a woman with a job and can avoid this .,.,.,I doubt it but he should try it , but Mel will NEVER date a woman with a job because he wants to be the job !.,.,lol

If I'm wrong .,.,I'll email you a box of your fav cheese curls you can share with your friends .,.,.,lol ,.,.lol .,lol

1476 days ago
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