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Octomom -- Accused of Hiding Tons of Cash

10/7/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who owns Octomom's house claims the mother of 14 has plenty of cash lying around to pay off her debt ... but for some reason, she's purposely "hiding the money" from him.

Octomom money.
Amer Haddadin -- who's given Nadya Suleman until Saturday to pay up -- just showed up to Octo's  lawyer's office in L.A. to collect some of the scratch ... but was turned away after being told the lawyer was "busy" and "had no money today."

Haddadin is ticked -- telling TMZ his credit is taking a hit for Octo's shortcomings ... and that he's ready to "sue all of them."


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Posted at 6:26 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Tired of toxomom

You're right, it is ONLY your opinion. :)

1478 days ago


This guy does not care about her cash. If he wanted her out he would have evicted her a long time ago. He just wants airtime. Evict her and take her to civil court for the money? Honestly....

1478 days ago

Snow White    

Shall we call out all of Kimba/MsSarcia's incorrect statements?

1) 14 innocent children, one of whom is handicapped by her mother by sticking a pacifier in her mouth to interfere with her speech development. 1 with autism who is bitten and hit by his siblings. 1 with a cleft lip that still hasn't been repaired (though her lips have gotten multiple plumpings in the last 18 months). 1 older daughter who shows more "motherliness" when carrying the babies than her own "mother". 1 son who hates being filmed so much that he screams and throws things- so she films him while he's sleeping. Another school age son that she tells the world is still wearing pull-ups. Innocent tups that are stomped on while helpless in their cribs. Food thrown on a table for the babies to fend for themselves, including food that poses a choking hazard to toddlers when given whole (grapes and hardboiled eggs). Zero effort made to introduce fine motor skills through the use of utensils. Another son, who despite all those adults in the house, ingests a potentially toxic subject. And the list goes on and on and on.

2- Amer didn't force them to buy his house nor to agree to a bridge loan. No one held a gun to his head, it could have all been through a bank. Oh wait, 3 houses in foreclosure in the last 5 years...

3- Her begsite takes paypal. And as you like to bring up, lots of people used their hard earned money to send diapers, hand crafted items and the like. Good to know that for all her huffing and puffing, Kimba wasn't one of them.

4- During the time period following the octuplet delivery, Medi-Cal reduced it's outlay for pre-natal care. Tens of thousands of women have gone without that care, and are showing up in ER's everyday to deliver.

5- A judge did not declare her eligible to receive the latest payouts from workers comp. She entered in to a compromise and release- basically, she was paid off to go away. And notice how miraculously her back has healed since that time? Why, she was even capable of almost working for an evening!

6- The neighbors of Madonna Lane and it's surrounding streets are pissed. Who do you think called the building department and the police? The neighbor right behind her tried to get Jon & Ken (local radio personalities) to hold a rally, but they were unable to get the required permits.

7.Who foots the bills in California? Why, that would be the people who actually get off their azzes and go to work. The poor slobs who have seen their paychecks get smaller and smaller as the state has gone in to it's biggest deficit ever. The people who are sick and tired of dead beats and cheats taking with both fists. And one of those working stiffs would be me.

1478 days ago

Snow White    

JMO, but a leech is better than she is. At least it's honest about what it does and it actually serves a useful purpose in some circles.

Posted at 6:26 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Tired of toxomom

Add my name to that opinion.

1478 days ago


Posted at 6:18 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by PicklesLaRue

Pickle, Nadya worked too until she got hurt on the job. (There's evidence and proof of that) Okay, so she ran out of money and applied for food stamps and a couple of her children disability checks to which they qualify for. Right around the time she started getting pressuring phone calls from her IVF clinic to pay for her remaining embryos or have them destroyed or giving away. Nadya's obviously prolife and made a bad decision in trying to save and implanting them all since she didn't have the money to keep paying stores fee and ended up with eight more kids rather then the one or twins she was hoping for. It's not the end of the world, Pickle!

People make bad decision every day, some they live to regret it and some don't. She's trying, I can't imagine how it must be for Nadya to care for 14 little ones, herself and on top of that pay countless of household bills, nannies, big mortgage with a balloon payment approaching. Trying to raise her kids with the whole world watching and hating her. She made a mistake and live with that mistake going on two years trying to deal with it and move on with her and her kids life.

I'm sorry she's having such a hard time and I truly which Nadya and the kids the best. But I won't sit here and judge and beat up on the woman just because... This is a part of life, it happens to some, it happens to none. Life throw curb balls and knock you down. It's the brave ones like Nadya who tries to get up and stand back on her own two feet. what's done is done. The past is behind, why not let it sit there and rot rather then keep bringing to the present?

1478 days ago


oops wish, not which. lol

1478 days ago

Snow White    

1 child that you can't afford,out of wedlock is a mistake. 14 is abuse.

1478 days ago


This is my first time commenting on "octomom" after reading about her on various sites the past few months, I have to say she is really disguisting. She already had six children she could not properly provide for that were living in awful conditions then she goes and add's eight more to the six she already had and didnt have anywhere for them to live and no means to support tem. She should get her azz put out into the street, Its not my place, Amer's place or anyone else on this earths place to provide shelter, food, clothing etc to the fourteen children she brought into the world. And no I dont feel like a horrible person for thinking that way. If the kids have to suffer because of her stupidity then so be it, Its their moms fault for having them in the first place. She isnt the only person facing foreclosure, No one is helping the millions of other familys about to lose their homes so why in the hell should anyone help this loser keep her home.

1478 days ago


"I feel the need to break it down, that Nadya's done nothing wrong."

I guess it depends on what you mean by "wrong". In my opinion, it is wrong to have children that you can't provide for. Now I'll grant that sometimes people have babies that they didn't plan on, and sometimes their fortunes take a turn for the worse after they have kids, either of which could be problematic.

However, in Octomom's case, she already had six kids that she couldn't provide for, and therefore she must have known that she couldn't provide for any additional children. In spite of that, she went out of her way to have fertility treatments and embryos implanted. I think that most people would consider this to be wrong. Perhaps not everybody, but almost everybody.

1478 days ago


Posted at 6:44 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Snow White

But first we have to call out Snow White.

1. Nadya Suleman only has one child that qualify as disable. His name is Aiden and he has autism. There is nothing wrong with her other 13 children other then (Jonah upper lip). Nadya has repeated stated this. Yes, one of her kids were diagnose with HDHD and another had tiny trace of autism, but they have been evaluated and was clear of all medical claimed and taking off disability as Nadya stated the kids on it was temp. Calyssa is not on pacifier and that child speaks clearly. I heard her... Neither you, I or the media and paparazzi out there can prove Nadya had any plastic work done other then a breast reduction long before she started having babies. If you have proof that says otherwise, please show us all? Okay, so Elijah was having a bad day. More angry because his mom told him to get off the bed with his shoes on then the fact he thought she was talking about him on camera. He acted out! That is not news, Nadya stated that on the Oprah show that her kids act out because they don't like camera's in their face, which she tries desperately to avoid at all cost. Amirah is a sweetheart who loves her mommy and often when she's not being a 8 yrs old girl, would help mommy. Nadya does not force her at all... And if we're going to talk about kids having temper tantrums, then why not start with the Gosselin and Duggars kids. Because I seen them in actions too, at least none Nadya kids have scars down their arm and a split mouth and has to be filmed at the hospital so their father can get paid for it. You think the Gosselin and Duggars kids doesn't act out? Care to see videos of such? Please... hating on Nadya because her kids misbehave as if no kids but Nadya act out. When I saw one of the Duggar kids stomp another, hit his sibling, smack one sibling across the eye with a toy snake, yell at Michelle etc. I saw Kate kids bite, fight, punch, kick, slap and call each other LOSERS and back talk their parents. Never saw any of Nadya kids ask for water and was denied while Nadya drank water in front of them. I can show you a video where one of TLC family with quints feeding their kids the same way. Who cares how Nadya feed her kids? I be more concerned if they aren't eating at all. Which isn't the case at all with Nadya. And I have yet to see any of Nadya kids choking off their food and even if they did, there won't be a "Buddy sibling" there to stop them. It'll be the child mother. Aiden drank something, but it was his mother who rushed him to the hospital. He was 2, 2 yrs old get into things. You do let me know when Nadya abandon, starve, neglect, beat, abuse or molest her children will you? Gees!

2. As for the foreclosure homes, chit happens!

3. You don't know what I contribute and I won't tell you, simply because it's none of your concern snow white. Care to tell us how you helped beside spreading lies and hate towards Mrs. Suleman and hating on her kids for being kids? And the website you speak of, does not specified what was contribute or donated. Again, show us proof?

4. I don't know what you are talking about. But no one is turned down or denied medical or ER treatments, whether they can afford it or not. It's the law across map of U.S.A

5. Number five statement is total BS and you know it. LOL Backs heal!

6. It was the neighbors who called the police to block the streets during the yard sell to make sure things run smoothly with no complications. Care to see the video?

7. Oh please, majority of those "Allege poor slobs taxpayers" you're talking about. I bet are unemployed and on welfare themselves. Sure explains why there's 11 billions of Californian are on the systems as we speak. Stop trying to make like Nadya is the cost of California going broke, okay? Not happening!

1478 days ago


evict her and sue the crap out of her

1478 days ago


Kimba is just a plain idiot. So is Nutso . Kimba get your facts straight and the rest BLAH BLAH you just sound stupid. You are so underclassed compared to the others who have done the research. Adding stupid crap doesn't make you sound smart.

1478 days ago


Personally, I think this guy is the famewhore, going to the media, like that matters. If she's so late, why didn't he evict? In fact, he can give her until kingdom comes, she won't be evicted. You need to give a 30 days notice and then go to courtif she refuses to leave. Do you really think the court is going to throw a mother and 14 kids in the street? I think not. They'll structure a payment plan. This guy is a dumbass. Why would you rent to a single mother of 14 kids with no job? Because he thought she would be famous and he jacked up the rent. He's the POS if you ask me.

1478 days ago


I don't understand some of you people. If you want to be mad at something.

Be mad at terrorist, murderers, rapist, robbers, childmolestor, Governments that's ruining this country, be mad at human trafficing and slavery. Be made at racist people but don't be mad over money that's not even yours to begin with.

C'mon on now, think about it. You have no say! Every person employed in America, there's this mystery guy name Uncle Sam and he reaches in and grab hold of your pay checks before you get it and he takes what he want out it, giving you names for it like state, local, federal etc and there's not a darn thing you can do about it but complain and complain some more. It's money that would will be taking from you whether there was a such thing as welfare and social security or not. Uncle Sam put that money he takes from you anywhere he likes without asking you. Over seas, war, bailout companies you're not even apart of or even heard of. Don't you get it? That money was never yours to begin with and you worked for Uncle Sam and that money is spread all across this nation, not just in one state. Want to be angry, be angry at Uncle Sam-- find him and throw a baby car seat through his car window, wrap his home with toilet tissues, make life threatening phone calls and letters to him, take away his rights and freedom, flatten his car tires, kick him out of this country, hijack and vandalize his website changing its passcode, call him ugly names and make up stupid songs and jokes about him. What are you all, chicken chits, scare of Uncle Sam are you? Nah, you feel much better and brave beating up on a defendless, unarmed single mom of 14 who made a bad decision that cost you money that was never yours to begin with. UGH!

1478 days ago


Posted at 7:43 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Tina

Oh poor Tina, mouth still full of chit and trying to talk. How disgusting!

1478 days ago
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