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Daniel Puder: Hey Bullies, My Email Box Is Blowing Up!

10/9/2010 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ posted Daniel Puder's email address on TMZ.com and TMZ on TV along with his offer ... if you're being bullied, email Daniel and he'll come settle it. And wouldn't you know it -- the MMA star's Blackberry is on FIRE!!!!

We caught up with Puder, along with model Sophie Turner, outside BOA last night where he told us he's been receiving emails from all over the globe -- he even got stopped multiple times inside the restaurant.

1009_daniel_puder_video_smallPuder wanted to clear one slight misconception: "I don't want to beat up the bullies. What I want to do is I want to basically encourage the bullies and I want to re-train them to think that they don't need to bully people."

He's also inviting anyone who wants to train at his gym to come down to Hollywood Gym, Monday-Thursday 6-8:00 PM.

Keep up the good work, Daniel.

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Bubbles The Chimp    

Although he has a good idea, there are some idiot bullies who just don't get it and deserve a nice beating.

1452 days ago


These kids that go around being bullies are down right discusting..I know what I would do if some punk no minded ignorant ass&%^&^ was treating my kid like that ..I would go to their FKN house and and show mom and dad whats it like too be bullied and I bet showing them the fear of a beatdown will send a proper message to their little menace too society that u do it again and mommy and daddy will be black and fkn blue..If a parents let that behaviour CONTINUE after they have been told then as far as I am concerend they need a FKN ASS KICKING..

1452 days ago

Jimmy Jam    

When my nephew was bullied at school, I didn't go after the bully. I went over to their house, and beat up his Dad, badly, right in front of the bully. It was awesome. My nephew was never bothered again.

1452 days ago


That's awesome. He's doing a great thing.

1452 days ago


Is Sophie his beard?

Not bullying the guy who rolls around with sweaty men. ;)

1452 days ago


This may be the start of another business for him. Really!Schools pay for speakers all the time, I can't think of a better topic. I know my kids' school could use a guy like him to speak to the bullies and empower the bullied. It is horrible what goes on. Hearing his story and seeing his success might expand these little punks' worldview a bit. Kids need a role model like him!

1452 days ago


Great. He can start with the majority of people that post on this site, who get bullied themselves and then go online and bully others because they're too big of cowards to do it in real life to real people.

1452 days ago


What this all really boils down to is when he started to see that he needed to put his money where his mouth is, he backed down and changed his tune. Figures... It's all about the cash for this wannabe..

1452 days ago


Perhaps instead of congratulating a media whore like him who will actually not beat up anyone, we should be teaching kids to stand up for themselves and that it is completely wrong to choose to be gay in the first place,with all the disastrous health and social problems that come with the choice to be gay.

1452 days ago


Bullying is not just a kid thing either. I know plenty of adults that do this sort of thing. Perhaps they are the ones that generate and promote it in their chidlren. And on we go....

1452 days ago


i wish tmz would stop trying to make out like sophie turner is some big model from australia. I model in Australia and have never heard of her. Her face looks like street trash. She would never make it in the industry

1452 days ago


If you'd like to see an adult bully online, check out poster no. 27. He is completely intolerant of anyone different than he is. He's judgmental and wants us all to adopt his way of thinking and life. No respect for anyone.

1452 days ago


No 30 - And how is my approach any different from yours and your fellow homosexuals who call anyone that rejects the gay lifestyle a hater, homophobe or bigot? Or any person that goes to church a religious nut because they reject the concept of men putting their penises up other men's rectums?

1452 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Kudos to this guy! Bullying is a major problem in schools. Seven kids have committed suicide in the last month. People like this stepping up helps. But laws need to be changed making the penalties for bullying greater and liability for school administators who don't intervene and stop bullying.

1452 days ago


They real problem is people like no. 28 and other homosexuals who through bullying - calling people who don't agree with them bigots, haters and homophobes and then crying like a sissy when they get bullied. They dish out but can't take it. When did you ever see Ellen crying over a straight person? Gays bully all the time, look at the names they call Christian people and anyone who thinks allowing penises to penetrate their rectums is a bad idea. They should be telling kids the truth - the gay lifestyle leads to low self-esteem, sickness and eventually death.

1452 days ago
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