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Katherine Heigl's Neighborhood War -- Cops Called

10/12/2010 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops were called to the home of Katherine Heigl last night after a little neighborhood war erupted over noise in a hot tub ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

  Katherine Heigl hot tub.

We're told Katherine and hubby Josh Kelley were enjoying time in their hot tub Monday night when a neighbor started screaming obscenities at them from over the fence, complaining of noise. The couple's security guy called the cops, who came to investigate just after 10 PM.

Cops came inside the Los Angeles home and spoke with the couple, who told officers the neighbor had noise issues with many other property owners as well.

We're told cops determined no crime was committed and they left.


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Security he has to clean the floaties from the hot tub!

1474 days ago


I'm glad my neighbors are cool.

Bad neighbors truly suck but this broad can afford to move though so I don't feel all that bad for her.

1474 days ago


She fat , look at her stomach

1474 days ago


I don't know where you live, but in my neighborhood you can make all the noise you want until 11pm. After that there are certain decibel levels that must be maintained. Just because you are making noise it doesn't mean you are disturbing the peace. People have the right to make reasonable amounts of noise as well as the right to a reasonable amount of quiet. The law will be different in every community. It is not up to your neighbor to decide. The cops were just enforcing the local law. If the neighbors want quiet (and it sounds like they are bothered by every one) perhaps they should buy a house in the country and surround themselves with peace and quiet. If they live in Heigl's neighborhood they can afford it.

1474 days ago


So, they answer the front door in their bathing suits?!? The guy I can understand, but she should have some modesty. She looks like crap without makeup and a pushup bra.

1474 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Survey SAYS, BZZZZZ! Wrong yet again. No such law as a "reasonable amount of quiet". Never heard of the law coming to your house because of quiet complaints. When you're making that kind of noise, or loud music, or a loud party, or using moronic sub-woofers, etc., you ARE disturbing the peace & you WILL be cited for it. If you haven't, you only have luck to thank, it's only a matter of time. I haven't hesitated in the past to call the cops, & the offenders had to pipe down, so yeah, I DO, as a citizen, get to decide. The idea that the complainers should move to the country is idiotic at best. The noisemakers are the idiots for stuffing themselves into a community with hoomes that are that close together, yet they can afford to live in an area with plenty of space with which they can get as loud as they want. Money obviously doesn't buy intelligence, either.

1474 days ago


#25: The answer is Nouveau riche. And I only say that because it's a funny answer to a pig of a question, you slime bucket effer.

1474 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Thanks R: I already took a shower & didn't want to have to take another one after answering that.

1474 days ago


Obviously these two were getting a little too loud and freaky in the ole hot tub, causing the neighbors to call the cops...probably had to get the bathing suits back on quickly before the po-po came...

1474 days ago


lol, 'noise in a hottub...' either someone has some defective jets. or some really bad gas....

1474 days ago


face it. the cops probably left cuz after all the explaining, they were like: '...huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..???!'

1474 days ago


If im not mistaken, this isn't the first time their neighbors have complained about them. They must have been screaming for the neighbors to hear, because my house is pretty close to my neighbor's and they have parties all the time and I can hardly hear them.

Her neighbors complain about the paparazzi constantly and calls the cops all the time. Some people just need to stfu.

1474 days ago


Nice boob

1474 days ago


Poster NO. 8-Reta:

Laws very in every municipality. What you are stating might be applicable to your city but it's not what ours are in Los Angeles. You certainly live in a tiny world if you think all that surrounds YOU, applies to everywhere in the USA lol.

1474 days ago


Make that laws VARY NOT VERY in every municipality.

1474 days ago
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