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MJ -- Controversy Over Elementary School Exposure

10/14/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's name is taking center stage in a controversial cover-up ... one involving kids, an elementary school -- and a group of MJ fans looking to literally clear his name.

It's all over a building once called the Michael Jackson Auditorium located at Gardner Elementary School in Los Angeles -- where MJ attended classes back in 1970.

Michael's name was proudly displayed on the building from 1989 until 2003 ... when in the wake of the molestation allegations, school officials used plywood to cover up the words Michael and Jackson.

But an MJ support group claims it's an unfair punishment since MJ was never convicted of any wrongdoing ... and after he died, they launched a campaign to uncover MJ's name on the building.

And the campaign appears to be working -- so far, they've obtained more than 2000 signatures -- and got a meeting to plead their case in front of the school board next week.

The Board of Education confirmed the meeting -- but had no further comment. 


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Get the plywood down!
Where do I sign? :)

1470 days ago


lol, but they didn't care when he was alive?? They weren't saying anything before he died. ahaha! Just trying to make it right after he died, huh?

1470 days ago


he paid money to cover up his rape of children. he admitted himself to taking a shower with his maid's boy. look it up, true story. he liked little boys, he will always be a wacko and sicko to me. HE DID IT!! if you beilieve he didn't rape little boys you must believe OJ didn't kill anyone!!! moon bats!

1470 days ago

severine gelig    

Another place without no name...too bad sad

1470 days ago

severine gelig    


1470 days ago


This is a matter of standing up for Civil Rights. Michael Jackson was tried & convicted in the media prior to any trial. He was not afforded his right of "Innocent until Proven Guilty" and even though found innocent because he is innocent and accusors have all recanted their stories - Michael Jackson's name is still treated as if he had done something wrong. In America - we citizen should be outraged and stand up for eachother and Michael - his right to restore his GOOD NAME!

1470 days ago


This school should be honored that he allowed his name to be attached to their school. Michael Jackson humanitarian works throughout the world, his devotion to healing the world and helping the sick & needy children throughout the world are reason enough to be proud to have his name on their auditorium. Not to mention his Universal status as the world greatest entertainer - I pray this school district will choose to proudly display his name forever on their building.

1470 days ago


hey severine gelig: good thing we are in the good ol' USA and we have freedom of speech here, now shut up and go eat eat some frog legs. we bailed the french out too many times b/c they folded and gave in like little girls. no spine, no fight, no balls. you love france??? then go there and shut the f up on what we post here in the greatest counrty on the face of this earth, yes USA buddy. get it???

1470 days ago


It's fantastic to see that this issue is finally getting the exposure it deserves! And it's about d**ned time that Michael Jackson's good name is uncovered once and for all.

Go fans! x x x x

1470 days ago

get it right    

2003, TMZ? Really? They covered his name 2 yrs BEFORE the trial?? lol


Me? If I had been MJ? I'd say "Since I've been proven innocent as I AM innocent of ALL allegations... and, you want to COVER my name? NOW?... after PROVEN innocent?! I'll give you EXACTLY 24 HRS to get my name completely REMOVED from your building in it's entirety!... OR, E-L-S-E.

1470 days ago


Oh brother......
Why is there a controversy?? Michael was declared INNOCENT of these charges YEARS ago so why have they not taken these boards off?
I'm so glad these Fans were sharp enough to catch this crap!
Hey guys, if you're reading this, all you have to ask the board is this:
Are they trying to communicate to the students that our JUSTICE SYSTEM IS WRONG?
TYPICAL....more IDIOTS believing everything they read.....
On a lighter note, Michael looks TOO HOT in that pic! TMZ you did it AGAIN!!
-#10: Ozark, Willzark, Okie or whatever, what mountains did you crawl out of? Your name alone speaks VOLUMES without you opening your mouth to confirm it...
FYI--OJ was found Not Guilty! I don't know if he did it or not, but you and your kind need to get over yourselves and accept it...
And for the record, his case was AGES ago, and has NOTHING to do with MICHAEL!!!
And just because they condone creepy behavior like inbreeding and pedolphilia in YOUR neck of the woods, is no reason to ASSume it's normal for the rest of the country......
Michael was the GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD and the BEST ARTIST this country ever had....why am I wasting my time....
Bottom line, this country could be the great if it wasn't for likes of you......DISMISSED!!

1470 days ago


Get the plywood down!
Where do I sign? :)

Posted at 12:43 AM on Oct 14, 2010 by Kaprifol

Me Too!!

They should put a credible petition online and TMZ can give us the link, maybe?!

1470 days ago


another innocent?..LONG LIVE OJ!!!

1470 days ago


@zzkinnardzz WE DID even before his death.
of course u did not know, because u r an ******** that can read only tabloids, and MORE THINGS.

1470 days ago


Willzard you're an idiot. Jackson never stated that he had showers with boys. Which edition of National Enquirer did you read that in? LOL.
He didn't pay his way out of jail, he was found "not guilty" on all counts by a judge and jury. FACT.
In the first accusation, his insurance company suggested a settlement and they paid the accuser's family, not Jackson. FACT. The family in that case did not even contact police and refused to cooperate, even before the settlement was made. FACT. The police started their case after seeing it in the news. The prosecutor took it to two grand juries and neither would allow the case to go further due to lack of evidence. FACT.

As for OJ, I have no idead what really went on there, just like you don't about Jacko. The difference between us is I'm not so ignorant as to rant about something I have no knowledge on!

1470 days ago
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