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Feds: Petey Pablo KNEW His Gun Was Stolen

10/12/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The U.S. government claims Petey Pablo is a full blown liar -- stating in legal docs the rapper KNEW he had a stolen gun in his bag when he tried to board a plane on ... of all days ... Sept. 11, 2010.


Pablo -- real name Moses Barrett III -- was indicted by a grand jury last week after security at Raleigh-Durham International Airport discovered a Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol and ammunition in his bag last month. ... and now a federal judge has issued a warrant for his arrest.

The grand jury has charged Pablo with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a stolen firearm and attempting to take the gun onto an airplane.

According to the docs, the grand jury claims Pablo knew he was in possession of a "concealed dangerous weapon that was and would have been accessible to him in flight."

As we previously reported, Pablo claims it was all a mistake -- insisting that he had confiscated the gun from a friend long before he packed for the airport ...  and simply forgot he had hidden it in his travel bag.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with Pablo's rep ... who tells us the rapper was not aware of the warrant -- but now that he's been looped in, Pablo plans to surrender to authorities early tomorrow morning. 


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I guess he's trying to get his "rapper street cred" with some prison time because I never heard of this dirty sunglass-wearing punk before.

1469 days ago


Saaaay Whaaaat? Slammer Time!

1469 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I like how TMZ thinks people actually give a sh*t about these 3rd rate gun-loving rappers fools.

1469 days ago



1469 days ago


Well, nobody ever said rappers were smart people. Forgive and forget. Who hasn't had a gun in their luggage when boarding a plane on September 11th. Sheesh. Have a heart people.

1469 days ago


If this had of been paris hilton, she would be on her way home. But those of us with common sense knnow this has something to do with petey being black. Paris hilton gets caught with coke, or crack which ever one, has the nerve to claim she thought it was gum, what an idiot airhead. And as we all know we havent heard about that since. When is america going to ever get over this racial thing. Probably never which is why this country will never be able to move forward.

1469 days ago

charley hardman    

when a "government" goon "forgets" handgun in carry-on luggage, where's the uproar and sanctimonious denunciation? absent. it's a "human mistake" -- dropped faster than it happened, and the gun is returned. duplicitous parasites.

1469 days ago

RJ Hunt    

DUMB AZZ *****...

1469 days ago

Sarah Holt    

shut up #8...Petey Pablo is just another retarded rapper...WHO GETS ON A PLANE WITH A STOLEN GUN and BULLETS on SEPTEMBER 11th? It had nothing to do with RACE! He had a WEAPON trying to get on a PLANE...Paris Hilton didn't have a WEAPON, she had DRUGS...big f'ing difference and she still has a hearing "aka court date"...

As forrrrr Petey Pablo...he lives down the street from me and all the kids in the neighborhood used to brag about hanging out at his house after school and doing drugs and going to his house parties...

1469 days ago


Petey Pablo...Who?

Hold on, wait a second. Make up a stupid name, ware sun-glasses and you are now a hip-hop rapper. Still can't figure out how that works.

Moses Barrett III. facing prison for what?

1469 days ago


Another street thug turned "rapper" (and no, rap isn't music) that hasn't got the brains god gave gravel. I think I'll make up some ridiculous nickname for myself and proclaim myself a "rapper". All the chicken-neck black chicks and malt liquor I can take. Great life. No wonder it's the dream of every black child in America. And such great role models these guys are, too!

1469 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I believe Mr. Pablo, I once forgot I had 10 pounds of herion taped to my legs just before boarding an airplane. Of course they didn't believe me either!

1469 days ago


For those who think this is a racial thing (Steven #8) give your head a shake. Doesn't matter if this dude is green with blue polka dots, a stolen concealed gun on the way onto a plane? Complete idiot!

1469 days ago


All these STOOPID Rappin' wannabe thugs have such need to be in jail - since they think that lifestyle is so cool, we should accommodate them by making their lifestyle illegal as well as that CRAP they call music.

1469 days ago


BTW, TMZ you have the wrong do***ents attached to Mr. Rappa Man.

1469 days ago
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