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'Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Who'd You Rather?

10/12/2010 4:33 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

All the members of the middle-aged Barbie doll convention known as "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Camille, Adrienne, Kyle, Kim, Lisa, Taylor) put their best faces forward at the premiere of their reality show in West Hollywood on Monday.

The question is...



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Kim, number 4... My hot dog, her bun....

1470 days ago


Are there any branches left on the ugly tree?

1470 days ago


I'm curious as to how many hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures are represented in that group picture?

1470 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

# 1. Camille Grammer: This mess is OBVIOUSLY BULIEMIC OR ANOREXIC. She’s a skeleton with balloon breasts and a tired haggard face to boot. She’s 41??? She looks 51 due to the malnutrition thing she has going on. She looks seriously unhealthy and needs help before she has a heart attack.

# 2. Adrienne Maloof: OMG YUCK. She looks like a Lebanese feline monster. Her nose job is so obvious. You can tell by the rest of her features that that porno face of hers once sported a HUGE SCHNOZZ. Her husband is a crappy plastic surgeon if he did that feline porn thing to her. She’s gross and looks like a blow up doll.

# 3. Kyle Richards, albeit the most normal looking in the face is short and fat compared to the others. She’s quite wide for her height. That said she really looks a lot like more like Paris (with dark hair) than Paris’ own mother Kathy Hilton (probably cuz Kathy’s had so, much surgery she doesn’t look like herself anymore or any of her own children and Kyle and Paris have had very little so there’s still some family resemblance). Kyle used to eat at Doug Arango's restaurant in LA alot. I saw her there a few times and she's actually decent looking in person and has a graveley Demi Moore voice.

# 4. Kim Richards is disgusting. She’s a fried chicken, a red-faced grotesque mess and bag of bones. EWE

# 5. Lisa (Vanderpump) Looks the most normal. Has had the usual amount of surgery (well by LA standards anyway) but at least doesn’t look like a fish or a whore like Adrienne and Camille.

# 6. Taylor. A not as good version of Susan Anton. This one also needs to eat something, but I’ll bet she’s reading this and taking that as a compliment.

1470 days ago

Quincing Snuff    



1470 days ago


Well, I will say this, the producers sure know how to pick 'em.

This group of misfortunate ladies, who tanned wayyyyyy tooooo much in their lives is picked on purpose.

Why? Because I'm so sure when the had their "audition" they all talked very well of themsleves and all their beauty, all their brains, all their money, so thus, they know we will all eat this sh-itt-y up!

I never watch this lame crap, I can't sit thru an episode without puking for some reason, go figure, but, hey, if they think they got it, I'm reasonably sure this photo is going to horrify most of them.

Yikes, that is a line up some pretty ugly gals. Cougars anyone?

My husband would say they make him want to spit.

1470 days ago


Literally you can just go to Toys r us and buy a plastic doll and its the same thing!!!

1470 days ago


Kim Richards was the best looking actress in Hollywood during her heyday in the mid-70's. Unfortunately her heyday was a long long time ago. Hard to believe this creature used to be the cute little girl in "Nanny and the Professor". I say bring back Juliet Mills!!!

1470 days ago

big nuts    

6 Tranny whores in a row.

1470 days ago


I agree start putting a none of the above button on these polls.

1470 days ago


I watched them on TV today and they all looked much better than this photo. They ain't 20 but for all of them being over 40 they look damn good. I look around at the 40 plus women and 95% in America are 20-30 pounds overweight and let themselves go. These women for 40 plus look great compared to what walks this earth. Every time Bravo rolls these shows out I read the same type of comments yet every time these show are a major success. By the looks of it Bravo stuck gold with the series again. Bravo Bravo.

1470 days ago


Children, this is plastic surgery gone very, very wrong. Any questions?

1470 days ago


This picture does not do these women justice. I live in Los Angeles (Bel Air) and know casually two of these women. They were all on the Today Show today and looked much better and very good shape for their ages. Should be interesting! I say this is ratings gold!

1470 days ago


7) None of the above.

1470 days ago


None of the above for sure! These are some scary looking broads. The funniest looking one is the 4th from the left. What kind of GD smile is that? Looks like she's taking a dump. All of them...just horrid!!! I guess looking like a beat down drag queen is a prerequisite to be on one of these housewives show. Oh and having NO shame.

1470 days ago
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