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Lindsay Lohan --

Escape Story Is BS

10/14/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer says the story that Lindsay somehow tried to "escape" rehab to get a soda is "absurd and untrue."

Lindsay Lohan escapes jail.
Shawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, she spoke with Lindsay's counselors yesterday and there was absolutely no mention made of any attempt by Lindsay to cross the line.

Holley adds, "The counselor gave Lindsay an unqualified glowing report on her progress."

TMZ first reported ... Lindsay is at the Betty Ford Clinic.  We've independently confirmed ... there's a soda machine in Lindsay's ward, allowing her to walk a matter of feet in order to satisfy a caffeine fix.



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Anybody else so so so TIRED of hearing of drama supposedly associated with Lindsay Lohan?????? Come on, she's already famous, you'd think someone would be trying to BUILD UP her rep, than continuing to make her look like an immature, drug addict that can't get her stuff together...I bet if she had some type of structure to go with her fame, she could find a way to blossom into the talented actress we all saw in her when she did "The Parent Trap!!"

1472 days ago


Rumor probably started by her dad.

1472 days ago


TMZ dose a better job than the MSM but TMZ might as well be the MSM these days,even KTLA uses them as a source. All the other sites are just funny, kinda sorta not really

1472 days ago

for now    

Another made up story that the losers want to believe because their lives are so empty
and meaningless that they get their kicks from hating wealthy,successful people.
These haters claim that they are tired of beautiful supermodel Ali and superstar Lindsay
but they keep reading and writing about the lovely Lohan sisters everyday.

1472 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Shawn is well know for LYING for Lindsay

Great progress report LMFAO did Rights on program say the same thing till the DA ripped that apart
Didnt UCLA say she didnt have a drug problem,than a week later she shows up dirty for coke
I dont believe she is all clean and sober

Shawn wanting her probation to end is another effin joke,they only want it for two reasons

1)They know she cant be trusted to stay out of trouble for another year

2)They know she isnt giving up her drugs

Lindsay will NEVER change and all these idiots who enabler her,have her blood on there hands when she OD's
So sad they ONLY care about making money off of her THATS ALL

1472 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Shawn always lies to protect Lindsay AND she always says that her progress is very good,
Well we all saw how Rights on Program said the same thing till the DA proved that WRONG

UCLA said she didnt even have a problem with drugs and than within a week she comes up dirty on a drug test.

Im sure next week the report will read the same, and Lindsay will make Betty Ford Center look stupid as well

Shawn is ONLY doing this because her court date is right around the cornor

The enabler are the ones that will lead her to her grave

The early release of probation only means TWO things

1)Lindsay cant be trusted to stay clean and out of trouble for the next till 11/11

2)They know she will NEVER get clean

1472 days ago

Richard D'Loss    

I'm a private Investigator and this whole Lindsay Lohan is issue is out of control I never believe what I read in the media anyway
Its to bad reporters never get their facts straight

1472 days ago


but is there a hand rail that she can hold on to, in order to make it there safely? i'm just know, just concerned that she's ok.

1472 days ago


@Delmar I totally agree although I'm not in sure about your last point. I don't know if changing locations will really help until, as you said she deals with the root of the problem and those problems are going to be there whether she's in LA, New York or Idaho It's learning the skills and using them regularly to cope with some of those issues in the futures. No matter where she goes, she's going to have to unfortunately, deal with an obsessive father who will never stop talking about her. if she continues in show business, she is going to have to unfortunately, deal with stories written about her and her family.

1472 days ago


@30 newsflash: that is a false twitter account ( if you don't realize that by now,you never will ) . As for the comments blaming HER. She didn't try to escape Rehab - which in itself is BS,escaping from a place at which you're staying voluntary - and the story was made up. So you can hardly blame her for some media now making up stories about her,even when nothing at all she's actually doing warrants such a story. I immediately classified this "news " story as bogus ,same as I did with the suddenly and miraculously appearing heroine-shooting photos.

1472 days ago


I knew this story sounded WAAAYYYYY TOO ridiculous to be true, you can't "escape" from rehab, staying there is voluntary. people are just desperate to make money off Lindsay's name with whatever crazy sounding stories they can come up with, those people have FAR too much time on they're hands.

1472 days ago


Everybody's lying. If you believe Betty Ford, Lindsay, or Ms Holly, I've got prime real estate for sale in southern florida.

1472 days ago


If she's still at Betty Ford, she hasn't done anything too awful.... Maybe a little rule-breaking, with expected consequences. But maybe not even that -- people are bored without the Lindsay Story of the Hour every hour on the hour and are reduced to making things up. Betty Ford deals with celebrity types so often, they must be locked up tighter than a drum and tmz must be having trouble getting "leaks". That would be part of their appeal, I would imagine.

I think Lindsay deserves a nice long moratorium on tmz stories. Now if we could just convince her dad to shut up for a while. :) Gosh, at least my dad was a private jerk! My sympathies, Lindsay. We all have our burdens to bear etc.

1472 days ago


i dont think we are talking about the same soda here..

1472 days ago


"TMZ first reported ... Lindsay is at the Betty Ford Clinic. We've independently confirmed ... there's a soda machine in Lindsay's ward, allowing her to walk a matter of feet in order to satisfy a caffeine fix."

Probably should know the SOP at rehab facilities. Everyone I know of refuses ALL stimulants. This obviously includes Caffeine. Many no longer allow nicotine as well. While I do not know of anyone who has hopped the wall fore a DEW, many have been smuggled into the wards, along with lots of instant coffee.
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt

1472 days ago
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