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'View' Stars Fight with Bill O'Reilly ... Storm Off Set

10/14/2010 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a fit of rage, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar angrily charged off the set of "The View" this morning in the middle of a screaming match with Bill O'Reilly over the mosque near Ground Zero ... and moments later Barbara Walters railed on the women for being unprofessional.

Tempers flared on both sides as O'Reilly argued that the mosque has no place near the World Trade Center site because "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

Just as the women stormed off stage -- a rattled Walters proclaimed, "You have just seen what should not happen ... we should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking off stage."

Walters continued, "I love my colleagues, but that should not have happened."

Whoopi and Joy eventually returned to the set ... though Joy did not return to her usual seat, located right next to Bill ... instead sitting on the end of the couch.

BTW -- we think both shows should announce the results of this poll.


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Why do all the terrorist supporters try to compare the 9/11 bombers to Timothy McVeigh and what he did?

That argument is as weak minded as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

All 19 of the 9/11 terrorists were muslim and they were doing it in the name of islam. Nothing you try to compare it to is similar.

1447 days ago


I completely agree with Bill.

1447 days ago


that's what you get with Liberals. If they don't like what they are hearing, they either do the personal attack thing or they run away. Run away, little libs, run away!

1447 days ago

Christi Smith    

Muslims DID kill us on 9/11. That is a FACT. PERIOD!!

1447 days ago


The Kardashian Klan is a domestic terrorist group - just ask the inmate who is suing them.

1447 days ago


If those two hideously ugly, fat-assed, post-menopausal, foaming at the mouth, pieces of sh#t still have a job after that behavior, than I'd say ANYONE who watches The View deserves what he/she gets. Like someone else asked, why is Josephine (Joy) on television? Why is Karen (Whoopi) on television? What do those two completely uneducated fools bring to the table? BOYCOTT ABC AND CNN (Josephine apparently has a show on Headline News at 9 pm).

1447 days ago


What gets me with these people like Whoopi and Joy is that they will go to the ends of the earth to 'defend' the rights and the propriety of Islam and they forget that the states which condone stoning women (and men) to death, do not allow women even to drive, hang homosexuals as a matter of course...the states that do this are Islamic states. Sure, they may have the Right to build the mosque at Ground Zero...but for the sake of propriety and what is Correct...they shouldn't build it.

1447 days ago


America just continues to get more and more conservative and ignorant. EXTREMISTS killed us on 9/11. Extremists come in many faiths. I'm not saying the issue of the mosque at that site is cut and dry, but the fact that people are still righteously condemning all Muslims and anything associated with the Muslim faith is astoundingly ignorant.

I can't stand The View; however, this bigoted, sexist a**hole was up there disrespecting these women, treating them as if they were stupid. If it were my show, you better believe he would never have even had that spot to sit in. The fact that Barbara is upset about Whoopi & Joy leaving is also BS. The last time Kathy Griffin was on the show, Elizabeth acted like an absolute CHILD. She made a scene on camera - she stretched out her arms in view of the camera and let out a big, loud yawn...I mean, it was absurd. If I ran that show, Elizabeth would've been fired. Yet, Barbara never said a word to her. Yet today, barbara finds whoopi and joy at fault?

There's too much wrong with the world. I honestly can't stand it.

1447 days ago

Joe Strohl    

It's sad to see two people who claim to be professionals...act like spoiled brats. The fact of the matter is that O'Reilly is not afraid of telling it like it is, "we" (the american poeple)do NOT want the mosque built there. I wonder if Whoopi and Joy would have a different opinion if they lost a loved one that day? Just one time it would be nice to see Whoopi and Joy stick up for the american know - the one's who pay their salary.

1447 days ago


Why is that show even on the air? Joy and Whoopi are entertainers, what do they know??? Those two should stop
pretending they know ANYTHING and stick to movies and comedy.

1447 days ago


Bill's a racist jerk, who thrives on inspiring hate.

1447 days ago


no mosque near Ground Zero, Huh. Disrepctful. What about the japanese bombing Pearl Harbor and now they have an auto plant in just about every state. Is that disrectful? He said that they tried to kill us all. It was an extreme group that tried to kill us, that could have been any religion in this world. So if the terrorist were Jewish, i hope you would say that a Synagogue should not be allowed their also. O'Reilly is a joke just like the rest of these racist people in Americe, who can not stand it that we have an African American President. Where were all of these shows and people coming out of the woodwork when Bush started a war on false pretenses. Obama is trying to make this country a better place and all he has had is greif and disrespect. Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and the followers alike are representatives of how this country feels about blacks and their superiority and when it is threatened you see their true colors, and that is why these people have been so outspoken and against President Obama, since he took office. The white House WAS the one job that they thought we could never get as black people. Now it seems like the only job we will not be able to get is the President of Augusta Country Club. What a joke.

1447 days ago


if it were Christians who did the abominable action of 911, those Christians would have been inprisioned and most likely executed by now.

1447 days ago

Kim S.    

Although I can understand the feelings of those who are protesting the building of the COMMUNITY CENTER, not ON, but TWO BLOCKS away from the former grounds of the WTC, I cannot accept the fact that folks are STILL being ignorant to the fact that neither MUSLIMS or ISLAM took down the WTC that fateful day. On that day, you had EXTREMIST/TERRIOST, who happened to practice a form of ISLAM that condoned what they did.

Are we CALLING for the banning of building anything religiously focused near any of the abortion clinics that were bombed by EXTERMIST Christians? As has been mentioned previously, will we rail against the machine if a Christian congregation were to decide to build a CHURCH near the site that Timothy McVeigh (a professed Christian) bombed?

America is SUPPOSED to be a country of RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE and FREEDOM, continuing to lump ALL Muslims into the category of "THEM" continues to show the world that we're not as TOLERANT as we want everyone else to believe.

Oh, BTW, I am a Christian....

1447 days ago


I believe in religious freedom. I believe it is my right to ask this mosques to move out of respect to those families that lost a family member. It doesn't matter what the faith of those who died. The men that flew those planes were muslim...yes extremist I agree. I see this as being disrespectful, hurtful, sad and no class to push to have it there.
I think Bill is out spoken but he was right on. Joy needs to know she is NOT the only american in this country. I would be in that 70%. Whoopi and Joy do not represent American woman. For that audience to applaud their childish behavior was embarrassing. I never liked this show because those woman make all of us look so ignorant.

1447 days ago
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