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Lindsay Lohan -- 'Disgusted' with Michael's Antics

10/16/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan "can't stand the thought" of her father trying to sneak his way into her rehab facility -- and wants him simply to "stay away" ... this according to sources extremely close to the actress.


We're told Lindsay is well aware of the "stunts" Michael Lohan has threatened to pull off in an attempt to get close to his daughter -- including his plan to act drunk on the doorsteps of the Betty Ford clinic.

One source tells us, "It disgusts her what he does with the media. She wants him to stay away from her. She can’t stand the thought of him ... and she can’t stand hearing him talk about her."


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Stay strong Lindsay and get better, You are a good actress and i believe in you, may god give you strength and support to overcome your inner demon that dragged you on the wrong path.

"3" Lindsay

1476 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Stay strong Lindsay. Its unfortunate your Dad continues to embarrass himself at your expense.

1476 days ago


Nobody saw that coming. Of course now she hates him far more than she did before, it's all about him using her name for some sort of "fame" it you can call being hated by 99% of the people fame. He's a dirtbag idiot.

1476 days ago


I wish someone would take all three of these idiots and put them away, This bitch cannot act and she is nothing but a drug snorting, alcohol drinking ****.

1476 days ago


Lindsay lost her childhood due to Michael exploitations and he still doing it.

He will do anything to receive 15 minutes of fame and money.
He reminded me of Joe Jackson a bit.

1476 days ago


Hang in there Lindsay! Don't let this ******* drag you down with him!

1476 days ago

Bob Freeman    

I love the fact that a grown man can honestly think to himself (and then say to the press): "My daughter, who hates my guts, would be better off if I got sh*tfaced drunk and ambushed her during her stay in rehab."

1476 days ago


he is lunatic who need to be slaped over his face with big fat wet sock

1476 days ago

Pretty LL    

This story with these two is so old already. He always pulls this crap and she always responds with the same crap. Why is TMZ even bothering reporting this?

1476 days ago


What really gets me is the press keeps putting Michael in the news. No one wants to hear, see, or even know Michael Lohan. Cut his a$$ off and give Lindsay a break, give us a break. Better yet, cut off Dina too...these two deserve each other. I'd be in rehab and disgusted if they were my parents. Goes to show, you can't pick your family. Hang in there Lindsay, hopefully they'll both die soon. Sorry, but your parents are rated lower than a dirty used up condem. You, we still love :)

1476 days ago


Cant she get some sort of gag order or a restraining order? This guy is a stalker. I don't care if it's her father, she's an a adult and she said stay away. I can't help but feel bad for her.

1476 days ago


I don't know policy of BFC in cases like this ,but I can imagine the clinic might have grounds to call the cops if he tries to enter the facility. Obviously it would be better if a restraining order was issued ( in my opinion both parents shouldn't be pestering Lindsay at this time ,it would be best if mum also stayed away from Lindsay for some time ) .

1476 days ago


Michael needs to realize that younger people (especially teenagers) are often embarrassed to have their parents around them in public. It makes them feel "uncool" when they are around their friends and their parents come up and talk with them, yell at them, order them around, etc.

Since the paparazzi basically reports every episode of Lindsay's life these days, it probably embarrasses Lindsay every time her father goes on TV and talks about her personal problems. Somehow, Michael needs to help Lindsay stay sober and get her career back on track WITHOUT EMBARRASSING HER by going on TV and radio ALL the time.

It makes Michael look like one of those obsessive, OVER protective "helicopter parents" instead of a responsible parent who's learned what the ideal parenting skills for today's kids are. Michael has his other kids to help raise, so he better get busy learning what parenting skills work. Better late than never.

1476 days ago


she's tired of her DAD's antics? pity, she hasn't the sense to be tired of her MOTHER's antics! Michael may have been a lousy husband and father, and a famewhore, but the reason she has so many mug shots is her mother's enabling and famewhoring.

1476 days ago


And you say Li Lo,s MOM is a saint, Lindsay is a jack ass and the world knows it why do you few feed her? Just listen to what comes out of the Li Lo camp 5 figure pay day for a interview you all are sicker than she is.

1476 days ago
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