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Worst Parent Ever -- Michael or Dina Lohan?

10/15/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TMZ newsroom was on fire .... arguing over who's worse Michael Lohan or Dina.  On a related subject, Hitler edged out Mussolini.

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Dad isn't very stable but Mom has been with Lindsay for years.
So I think they are equally poor on the parenting skills. But as an adult, if you want to be thought of as an adult, it's time to stop blaming others and each other...everyone take responsibility
for their own actions and then recovery can begin. Until that
mom, dad and Lindsay are just squabbling, hateful children.

1436 days ago


Dina is hands-down THE worst parent. Yes, they both had a hand in her being so f*cked up, but Dina has continued to condone the drinking and drugging, insisting she doesn't have a problem. Both parents need more help than the best shrink in the world can give.

1436 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    


The idea of there being a best shrink in the world makes me laugh...

The Lohans tie for second runner up. The worst? Well, that'll be more obvious as time goes by...

1436 days ago


dina probably made tons of mistakes but you're as insane as michael to compare her to a man that 3 women have said he physically attacked them, that has threatened to kill his own children, that has been arrest twice for assaulting people and has been in and out of jail for how many years and wants to fake being drunk to get into his daughters rehab center.

sorry but no comparison.

1436 days ago


Michael Lohan is, and has been, out of the picture for quite some time and Lindsay has gone from bad to worse to on her way to dead anyway. And the reason for that? None other than Dina's enabling. Remember "I know my child. She doesn't have a drug problem?" It should be easy enough to remember - Dina said it often enough just a couple of weeks before Lindsay checked into rehab for drug addiction. If Dina had been what a parent is supposed to be, it's very likely that whatever ill effects Michael had on Lindsay could've been nipped in the bud. The part in all this that is really sad is that for all of his peculiarities, right now Michael Lohan makes more sense than Dina - and that's spooky thing.

1436 days ago


If Michael Lohan gets his hands a hold of his daughter and kills her, like most obessed stalkers will do if they are given the chance to, this will no longer be a debate. Not that it should be much of one anyway. Michael Lohan abused Dina and Lindsay when Lindsay was a child. Lindsay is permanately scared because of this. The childhood trauma he inflicted upon her is the main cause of her addiction issues now. He's paranoid, delusional, possibly schizophrenic. He's lost his mind. He's already a convicted felon who spent time in prison for assault, amongst other things. Three serperate women have accused him of beating them up. Dina has had an order of protection in place against him for 10 years. He's a master manipulator and a chronic liar. He shows all three signs of the dark triad. Narcassism, Machevallianism and psychopathy. How can this even be a debate

1436 days ago


Dina has 4 children. Only 1 of them is "messed up." Lindsay just happens to be the oldest of the 4, therefore her childhood memories of their father are stronger then with the others. Cody and Ali probably barely remember their father at all. Ali has had no significant issues. Nor Michael Jr. Lindsay is messed up because ber father royally mind-effed her and the other 3 children are normal because he abandoned the family before he had a chance to ruin them like he ruined her. People have to realize that addiction is the result of childhood trauma, almost every time. Lindsay isn't an addict because of anything that Dina did while Lindsay was a teenager after her father left. It's whatever Michael Lohan did to his daughter back when she was extremely young that created this mess.

1436 days ago


Both paents are idiots and ought to be banned from having ANY contact with their daughter. They've made her what she is arrfogant, spoiled, drug & alcohol- addicted bitch. She bears some responsibility, but they're the ones who set the stage for her disasterous life. All 3 are addicted to the press, and the press fuels their eccentricity. I guess they fit right in with the rest of the LA "entertainment" crowd.

1436 days ago


Put parenting skills aside, because they don't matter now. Lindsay is an adult. What matters is who is a more serious threat to Lindsay right now?

The answer, plain and simple, is Michael Lohan. I'm not going for the parental debate - that's long over. Who she chooses to keep in her life is her choice. But neither Dina or Michael have an impact on her choices. The can only impact their own behavior today.

So Dina made an ass of herself on the Today show. Michael is clearly exhibiting obsessive/stalker behavior. Which is worse? Someone that made an ass of themselves or someone who threatens the freedom and livelihood of another(to grow, find peace or maybe just **** up on their own)....that's Michael.

This lack of control over the situation is bringing out his most relevant characteristics - controlling, threatening, blackmailing, lying, get the idea.

The question should be, when will Lindsay just back up her bags and head out of the country with a huge security detail? I guess she can't if her probation keeps getting extended and she screws it up by trying to escape (with drugs/alcohol) the reality of her father that is constantly trying to force his way into her life. Can he just let her breathe? Honestly, he should be arrested for her asphyxiation by now.

I can't believe this **** is allowed to continue.

1436 days ago


It's a tie.

1436 days ago


Can TMZ make their website more user friendly? I dont visit here as often because you have to wait so long for everything to download be4 you can start reading. And to leave a comment is a hassle because you have to check your email. Oh and my vote in Dina...she enables.

1436 days ago


Can TMZ make their website more user friendly? I dont visit here as often because you have to wait so long for everything to download be4 you can start reading. And to leave a comment is a hassle because you have to check your email. Oh and my vote in Dina...she enables.

1436 days ago


I think they are both pieces of ****, they are living off their daughters 15 mins. ( that is now over ). Go away people, your girl is more money for you.

1436 days ago


Mike is just ahead of Hitler with Dina a close third.

1436 days ago


Clearly a tie...they both the big one!

1436 days ago
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