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Worst Parent Ever -- Michael or Dina Lohan?

10/15/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TMZ newsroom was on fire .... arguing over who's worse Michael Lohan or Dina.  On a related subject, Hitler edged out Mussolini.

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Jeff Becker    

Dad is a total tool, but it has been mom, Dina who has been partying with her daughter. Dina wins as the worst parent ever!

1468 days ago


Dina is the mother of 4 children, not just Lindsay. So, what's the problem with 22-year old Michael Jr? Or 16-year old Ali? Have the two of them been arrested, is Ali pregnant or on drugs or saying the ridiculous stuff that Taylor Momsen is saying or in trouble in any way? Is Lindsay the only ex-child star that has had a rough go of it in Hollywood? Ridiculous to compare Dina to Michael. As Jill said, he violently assaulted 3 women, he is a felon. He released private conversations not only of his family but also people he has befriended such as Jon Gosselin to the press, he is way more in the press than Dina is, it's not even close. Some in the public talk about Dina as if they really know what she's like behind the scenes and as I've said repeatedly, she'll tell the public what she wants them to hear. There's been talk that she is way different and tough on Lindsay behind the scenes but in the public they support one another. It's like a sports team that keeps their problems in-house, unlike the father that blurts things out to the press that aren't even true. Michael is a sick, dangerous person and did not get custody of his kids. He wasn't invited to his son's graduation. He is not welcome in family therapy. I don't see how anyone could be objective and conclude Dina is even comparable to the sick destructive person that is Michael Lohan Sr.

1468 days ago


Michael Lohan just interviewed on our radio show this week. Listen to his side of the story and decide who you believe...

(starts around 55 minutes)

1468 days ago


Lindsay would have been better off raised by a pack of wolves.
Quite frankly I think a contributing factor to her addiction is genetic.
Dina’s side are drug addicts, and Michaels are alcoholics

1468 days ago


Dina is a gold digging enabling whore and Michael is creepy stalker felon, makes me so glad that I have normal parents.

1468 days ago


Michael, no questions asked, Dina might not have made the best decisions(sending your 17 old daughter to live in L.A. by herself? Smooth move!) but she at least seems to genuinely care about Lindsay, and she's actually sane, Michael is completely deranged and obsessed with Lindsay to an unhelathy degree and he concots idiotic plans that have no chance of ever working, he's so dumb he makes Paris Hilton look like Stephen Hawking by comparison!

1468 days ago


My thought is that, both parent's ride Lindsay coat tail, just like the Jackson family...................

All about the "MONEY"

1468 days ago


#2: Donna

Now, Dina is "Pimping-Out" a reality show invading her daughter's privacy? Dina is a POS! She needs to get off her LAZY ASS (for once in her life) and support herself and her own children!!!

Dina and Michael hopefully will DIE SOON!

1468 days ago


Can't pick your parents but both of them are horrible! I am sick of the Lohan family, they need to go away. Lindsay is an adult and should be able to make her own decisions.

1468 days ago


Dina keeps her blinders on, and everything is always someone elses fault.
Dina has no shame when it comes to money.
Bringing a camera crew to the rehab facilty where Lindsay was staying put her on the top of the worst parent list

1468 days ago


They are both horrific media whores who care about no one but themselves.

1468 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Great post Amtrak..

1468 days ago

Sad sad    

Dina had sex with him more than once. Hard call.

1468 days ago

bring back recent posts Sad sad..good one!

1468 days ago


C'mon TMZ! A little perspective, eh?

While not defending the stupid stuff he did do, it's not like Michael Lohan locked his daughter in the basement for 18 years repeatedly raping her and forcing her to bear his children or anything.

Worst father?!? No, there's a long way down from Michael yet.

1468 days ago
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