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Worst Parent Ever -- Michael or Dina Lohan?

10/15/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TMZ newsroom was on fire .... arguing over who's worse Michael Lohan or Dina.  On a related subject, Hitler edged out Mussolini.

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1467 days ago


Michael is a world-class deranged bad parent. And Dina is even beyond his level of mega-badness. They are both evil, but she is definitely at a higher level of evil due to the fact that she has proven her ability to continue to hold LL in a state of manipulated hell in recent years. Michael on the other hand is less skillful and LL sees through him. Also, I get the feeling that as long as Michael would still get a 'cut' of some sort, he actually would be fine if LL got better and had a career. Whereas Dina I think actually does not want LL to get better and have a career. She seems to prefer her in this diseased state.

1467 days ago

Oval Beach    

I refuse to give an answer unless I can say "both" are the worst parents ever.

1467 days ago


The Hitler vs. Mussolini comment hit the nail on the head.

I think Michael is worse because he's downright insane, whereas Dina is self absorbed and completely lacking in parental skills. Anyway, putting those two together was an obvious recipe for getting kids that turn out like Lindsay.

1467 days ago

Dina is a enabler, at least the dad has been to rehab and recognizes he has a problem. He's no angel and has made mistakes. I think Dina is using her kids for fame and money and doesn't care about the condition of her children. She needs to put their welfare above her own, thats what mothers do. She has turned her children against the father, like it or not kids need their father. I think she turns her head to the problems that exist in her family. Hopefully her eyes will be open and do what she's supposed to do and be a parent, stop acting like her children to please them. Step up to the plate Dina.

1467 days ago


He is not a father ! he is a fame whore ,dragging and crawling and scratching his 5 mins of fame at his daughters expence and health.
He is an oxygene theif !!!!!

1466 days ago


I don't know them personally but reading all these and more, I really think it's TIE. But for mothers, Dina could have done amjor move when LiLo was 17. The whole not-calling-back-the-cops thing is unreasonable for so-called concerned mom.

1466 days ago


Both....Lindsay should go away - very far away from them.

1466 days ago


They are both idiots. Used and abused Lohan and she rebelled into whoever her messed up idol was.

1466 days ago


What's really sad is that I can bet both parents read these forums and they both HAVE to know how the public feels about them, but they both continue their psychotic antics in the press. What does that say about BOTH of them?

1465 days ago


Both are equally at fault and are equally bad parents. Just in different ways. Dina has been an enabler whether she knows it or not. Dad then creates the ongoing conflict of which parent she should be with. It is clear Dina Lohan has told Lindsay many things about Michael, a lot of which is either true or not - doesn't matter really, I am sure its all to put him in a bad light and keep her from going near him.

What do they want? Money, money, money. They are typical, but especially bold and greedy showbiz parents. neither has a true interest in their daughter's well being, living a quality life with good friends and family support. She is going to have to cut ties with both of them to survive, if its not too late.


1463 days ago



(Mengele was pretty bad too...)

1462 days ago


Neither parent is up to the job of raising this out of control person. They didn't do a good job, but she is old enough to be responsible for her own actions and seems unable to do that. The media should just let this drunk, druggie quietly go to rehab and then get a job somewhere else, not in the limelight. That just seems to feed her addiction and her parents also.

1461 days ago


I think the entire Lohan family needs to just go away. They are all just ignorant, spoiled, "me first" kind of people that I can't stand reading about anymore. They are not news.

1461 days ago


As a child of dysfunctional parents!! Sometime the best thing as an adult, I needed to take time for healing & understanding myself. So I had to take myself away from both of my parents for that to happen. Now I have the kind of relationship I should have with them. By learning coping skills and understanding "We are the product of our parents unresovled issues". Prayers & Good Health, Lindsey!!

1460 days ago
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