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Lindsay's Mom $hopping

Post-Rehab Interview

10/16/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's sainted mother Dina is shopping around an interview for after she visits Lindsay in rehab this weekend ... and the asking price is in the five figures.

We're told Dina is trying to set up a deal that would include allowing cameras to film her as she went to the Betty Ford Center this weekend. Some reports have suggested that Dina is pitching a reality show based on the ordeal, but we're told that's not true.

Our sources say Dina is asking "in the high five figures" for the interview. We're told none of the proceeds will go to charity.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ, “There is absolutely no truth to this.”


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The sentence in July was so F--ked up
It should have either been jail or rehab for which there was no admissable evidence not both.
Someone that has been put through h-ll isn't going to resist self medicating or be remorseful/change when they were unfairly made an example of.
The prosecution didn't even want the formal probation because Lindsay is a non violent misdemeanor offender that hadn't reoffended and passed all the drug tests.
There is more dangerous people to monitor other than LL and she should have been out the system in July/August after she did her time

1468 days ago


@142 you are the only person on the entire globe still insisting everything is peachy ( even LL herself no longer thinks that ) and she can go back to doing what she did before this entire ordeal started ( because that's what it is for her: an ordeal ) .If you ARE a friend you should be the first to insist she completes treatment and makes sure she's no longer addicted to any substance .That's the only concern friends and family SHOULD have .Not her career,not her dad or mum, not her money, not her judicial issues but only her health and mental well being.

1468 days ago


Robert Downey Jr. tried Betty Ford Clinic. He said the only thing that worked was prison.

Anyway, as you've stated (using several pseudonyms), she's only there to please the judge for a reduced sentence, and to make money. She has no good intentions.
You Dina are teaching her criminal behavior when you moke the judical system

1468 days ago


This was meant for Spot, Nichole

Robert Downey Jr. tried Betty Ford Clinic. He said the only thing that worked was prison.

Anyway, as you've stated (using several pseudonyms), she's only there to please the judge for a reduced sentence, and to make money. She has no good intentions.
You Dina are teaching her criminal behavior when you moke the judical system

Posted at 1:26 PM on Oct 16, 2010 by cali

1468 days ago


Dina stop living off your kids and get a job, come on how the hell can you even think your a mother. Your a loser. shopping around for money to go see your kid in rehab. you need some real help

1468 days ago


@145 using several pseudonyms ??LOL I only use this name to post here ( I don't find a gossip site to be sufficiently important to make use of pseudonyms even if I'd be tempted to do so ) and I'm living in the Netherlands ( as you will find out when reading some of my other posts ) so I'm not DINAH,lol

I also have some insight- albeit obviously not entirely - in what she might be going through as am myself a former addict .

Like I said earlier: what worked for Robert Downey jr. doesn't necessarily work for LL ( in fact I'm convinced it wouldn't for the reasons I explained earlier ) so the fact he stayed at BFC is irrelevant .

1467 days ago

Moule E    

Ciggy Hag Ciggy Hag Oi Oi Oi

Looking good turtle skin

1467 days ago


Lindsey Lohan needs the money. However or whatever it takes to get it.

Betty Ford isn't cheap. Everyone knows Dina and Michael aren't going to get a job. Not as long as Lindsey can still bring in money.

1467 days ago


OMG. This woman should be SO BLACKLISTED. Why isn't she?!?!?!?!?

1467 days ago

LA Native    

"I still can't comprehend who gets jail time and formal probation for misdemeanors when they met all the requirements and there was confusion about when the classes were to be attended."

Posted at 11:55 AM on Oct 16, 2010 by Nicole

Nicole, you will never comprehend anything when you think that missing alcohol ed classes 7 TIMES given by a judge for ONCE A WEEK means she is in compliance. She even gave a reason for the once a week rule because she felt it was more effective that way and I remember hearing that. You don't go to 3 days a week, or not one week and twice the next, etc. you go ONCE a week as prescribed by the judge. We all heard it and there is no confusion here, where were you?
I'm sure you can find the sentencing online somewhere and listen to it again, it shouldn't be too hard to find. You don't make the rules as you see fit, you do exactly what the judge says and THEN, and only then, can you move on freely with no consequences. You are just so ridiculously idiotic! And, as you said also "she doesn't WANT any rehab past the 28th" is even more so. She does not get to make the court rules and this shows she still does not get it....she does not get to choose what she gets coming! You must be a Lohan too, you are all screwed up in the head and how do YOU know what she wants, hmm? Maybe you're the lil sis/coke whore in training. It doesn't really matter who you are, everyone is just laughing as you spew your screwed up thoughts here. Have you no shame at all and cannot see this???

1467 days ago


Yeah- and MICHAEL is the horrible parent who's using Lindsay for her fame, right? RIGHT?
Lindsay needs to wake the F up! Dina is JUST as bad as Michael if not worse. They are the worst parents I have ever seen.

1467 days ago

South Beach    

LL needs to move to another country, wall herself off from "the parents" and hire some great people.

Does she have it in her after all the years to stand up to these blood suckers and tell them who makes the $$ and writes the checks? Lay it down? Hope so, her life may depend on it.

1467 days ago


Wow, I am actually starting to feel bad for Lindsay. I hope the Betty Ford Center helps her with how to deal with her money grubbbing family. Otherwise this poor thing doesn't stand a chance.

1467 days ago


WOW, I am actually starting to feel bad for Lindsay.

1467 days ago


Someone needs to SLAP this woman good and won't slap any sense into her but it will sure look good on CAMERA! Oh...why doesn't some rich guy PAY for THAT instead of paying some guy to streak in front of Obama...I mean really , let's get our priorities straight around here..this woman needs a good wollop.

1467 days ago
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