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Lindsay's Mom $hopping

Post-Rehab Interview

10/16/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's sainted mother Dina is shopping around an interview for after she visits Lindsay in rehab this weekend ... and the asking price is in the five figures.

We're told Dina is trying to set up a deal that would include allowing cameras to film her as she went to the Betty Ford Center this weekend. Some reports have suggested that Dina is pitching a reality show based on the ordeal, but we're told that's not true.

Our sources say Dina is asking "in the high five figures" for the interview. We're told none of the proceeds will go to charity.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ, “There is absolutely no truth to this.”


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“I’m just scared that when she comes out she’ll have to deal with this crazy person.” Among the claims Michael has made is that Dina has tried to get conservatorship over Lindsay. Dina’s response? “It’s an absolute 1,000 percent lie! To get conservatorship, you have to be mentally insane. My child is not insane. He’s the one who was saying he wants conservatorship. He’s projecting. He doesn’t stop, He’s relentless. I’m a good mom, and my kids work hard.”

Dina also laughed off a report—which she believes was planted by her ex—that she’s shopping around a reality show about Lindsay’s rehab stint: “I am not doing a reality show about her rehab. He can’t handle that he can’t visit her, so he’s saying this stuff. He’s the one who wanted to do a reality show. Everything’s a projection with him. He needs to stop. He wants to destroy Lindsay’s career and make me broke. He’s already threatened [Lindsay’s lawyers] Shawn Chapman Holley and Stephanie Ovadia, and [manager] Lou Taylor. He’s dangerous. He’s crazy. He wants my attention. He’s planting stories and saying these things so that the judge will see them in the tabloids and make judgments. It’s a smear campaign, and we need help. He’s calculating.”

As for involving Michael in Lindsay’s treatment, she says he continually disappoints. “It’s always like here we go, Michael Lohan is starting in again, because he’s not allowed to visit her. We gave him a chance before, but then he sold those tapes [of phone conversations with Dina]. We just can’t let this guy in there.”

1465 days ago

David Long    

This bitch needs to be in rehab with here daughter also a bitch.

1465 days ago


Remember Dina thought Lindsay could get $1 mil for her post jail interview, but apparently the first person Lindsay called when she got out was her coke dealer.

Dina was paid $30,000 for her interview

1465 days ago

Illinois person    

Finally, I really don't know why Lindsay doesn't have an order of protection against BOTH parents? I mean any judge would have to be wise enough that Lindsay can't even be in peace to help herself while these two varments duke it out. What do these two want since you can't take zero from zero? They can't even sit back and wait for their daughter to heal. NO, there they are - ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, SHE SAID, HE SAID, SHE SAID, HE SAID - BLAH, BLAH, BLAH & STILL MORE BLAH. Too bad none of this can at all help their own daughter. It's sinful and shocking and these two are really living, walking & talking devils. Mom's a she-devil and dad's a soap opera villain at it's worst.

1465 days ago


Lindsay needs to cut off both these leaches and focus on being happy. Sometimes in order to be happy we need to cut out the cancer that is our "parents".

1465 days ago


Both her parents don't give a rats tushie about what happens to LiLo; they just want to get money from her in whatever way they can. LiLi would be far better off if her parents would shut up and leave her alone.

1465 days ago


Lindsay IS a criminal. She pleaded guilty to CRIMINAL CHARGES and actually pleaded down from felony charges. Blaming the fact that Lindsay is in trouble because of the long probation is absurd. If Lindsay had not violated her probation several times it would not have been extended. The initial requirements of her probation were not onerous.

Secondly, the judge can sentence Lindsay to a year in jail. After a probation violation a judge has the discretion to send the criminal back to jail for any amount of time up to the maximum for that particular crime as prescribed by law. In Lindsay's case, that would be one year. Yes, she would get out earlier that because of the overcrowding as well as credit for time served but the time would be measured in months not days or hours.

1465 days ago


@67 easier said than done.It's not like you can "fire your parents" .You're basically stuck with them .

1465 days ago


I will say this. Lindsay's family situation is so dsyfunctional and toxic and the media scrutiny placed upon her life is so high that how can anyone be surprised that she has cracked? She's a human being, not cyborg. She's not a robot. She's flesh and blood, like everyone else and there is only so much that any one person can take.

Again, there is no way that this happens though. You will absolutely NOT see Dina with cameras inside of Betty Ford. TMZ has "sources" for all of their stories, granted, but whatever sources are floating this particular story are full of crapola. Somebody has sold TMZ beach-front property in the desert with this one, and for some reason TMZ has decided to buy it.

1465 days ago


Re the injunction theory. Talking crap is protected part of Freedom of Speech. As her parents are not likely to change their behavior after all this time, Lindsay needs to learn the one thing that she does have control over--her reactions to their shena****ns.

1465 days ago


@69 she cannot be sentenced to year jail time ( the maximum punishment is 90 days ) because she isn't up for the original offense (DUI) but for a probation violation,namely failing a drug test . Besides that : do you want to go tell the judge to release a hardened criminal so you can see LL in jail instead?? I think not. Americans need to stop thinking throwing folks in jail for all kinds of stuff solves anything. Chances of repeating the offense after having been in jail - you can get drugs in jail and even become addicted even though you weren't when you went into the facility - are far greater than when you treat someone for their addiction.

What she needs is to get rid of the addiction /dependency on the substances which led to the original offense . That is the ONLY way to avoid her repeating those offenses and it is also the ONLY way for her to function normally again and work on getting her career back on track. Jail doesn't solve anything and doesn't make the world a safer place in a case such as this.

1465 days ago


Of course it's true! That woman is the biggest money whore on the planet and if you remove the word "money", she's the biggest one of those too! What a shameful excuse for a mother. Greedy, money hungry bitch.

1465 days ago


As far as @69 goes, Lindsay is classified as a non-violent misemeanor drug offender. At the end of the day, it is what it is and that is her criminal classification. There is no going back after the fact and somehow changing that. So the things you are talking about are never going to happen.

But you would hope that there are only so many times in which you can get slapped on the wrist before you get tired of going through this process over and over again.

Lindsay must sober up in order to escape her probation and I'm certain that she realizes this by now. The drug testing, the court-ordered outpatient programming, the SCRAM monitor, the travel restrictions and thus work restrictions, ceaseless trips down to the probation office, threats of more jail and more stressful court hearings, and increased legal fees. I'm sure Lindsay is sick and tired of this crap. She's been through this ringer over and over and over again for the last 6 months. At some point, I have to believe you would decide that you were just over it.

There is only one way to dig herself out of this hole and she knows it. Stop the substance abuse. Which is why she went to rehab. I believe that. She wants to get out of this mess and get her life back. This isn't about just one single hearing. Her rehab trip won't change the outcome of that hearing. But she wants to get rid of the whole damn thing and get off of probation for good.

Also, her career is over if she cannot establish some record of long-term sobriety. She understands that as well. I do believe that she is serious about recovery now, but the external factors here are not good. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

1465 days ago


what's the coke skank going to have to say that we don't already know???????????

1465 days ago


My concern is having her on the road.
Revoke her license permenenlty.

Lindsay seems to have the same thought process as Vince Neal.
Dina dosent understand Lindsay is a murderous weapon on the road.
She had hijacked victims in that car when she went on a drunken high speed chase

1465 days ago
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