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Oksana's New Lawyer -- Lucky Number 40

10/18/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva showed up to court this morning for a hearing in her child support case with Mel Gibson -- and wouldn't you know it ... she has a new lawyer!

The new man in Oksana's life is Mitchell Jacobs -- a family law attorney who has been a Board Certified Family Law Specialist since 1986.

We're told Jacobs was brought in because today's hearing involves a certain technicality and they reached out to Jacobs because he's a family law specialist.

Sources say it is unclear whether Jacobs will remain on full-time.

1018_grigorieva_tmz_small_vAs we first reported, Oksana has used 39 different lawyers so far in her child support case with Mel Gibson. The latest point of contention -- whether the judge's ruling that Mel has to amp up his child support payments to $20,000/month includes the housing payments Mel has been making.

As the old saying goes, 40th time is a charm.



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Just goes to show, this experienced woman can't do anything just once. The Men, The Johns, The Lawyers. She wants everything in every way.

1402 days ago



those are some sites already called this early 2009!

wow she really was famous in Hollywood...and now Global fame for her REAL talent!

1402 days ago



great articles....tides are turned and ya can't stop a Tsunami

Posted at 9:16 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by KM
ALERT! There are two ohreally's here! I have been posting for months... mine is spelled with a small o. I don't know how long the other has been posting but notice it is with a big O.
Just clarifying.....

1402 days ago


I still don't understand the child custody. Gibson has beyond proven he's never been a threat to his daughter. They both have joint custody. She need's to go through 40 lawyers to get an additional 15k per month?

Does she ever worry about being deported. When does her visa expire? She's not married, certinly not working and not going to school.

Lucia is American Ox is not.

1402 days ago


I love the picture, if you look under "Deer in Headlights" in Wikipedia his picture shows up. He's probably never had a hummer from a Russian pro with 35 years experience, heck he probably can't do anything but nod about now...

Poor guy, he'll never see it coming...

1402 days ago


"Nothing like being the 40th choice of a 45 year old Russian Call girl.

Posted at 9:17 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by Michael"

talk about sloppy seconds

1402 days ago



Were they bad articles?...I am jumping from 2 articles, Chunx had soem good ones ......

1402 days ago



It's a good old fashioned gang bang baby....

1402 days ago


LOL Dam Bitch! 40 bloody freaking lawyers suing Mel and you want Mel to pay for them all? What are you retarded, Oksana?

I find it ironic that this hussy isn't paying for any of these attornies out of her own pocket and relying on Mel Gibson dumb arse to pay for them instead. I still ask the question, was she married to Mel? As much as I think Mel is a disgusting pig, he doesn't deserve to pay lawyers to sue him or to pay for her ridiculous freeloading lifestyle.

Get a job Oksana, pay for your own darn attorney and buy your own home, get out of Mel's!

1402 days ago


I so wish Harvey was here today!

1402 days ago


He's no dummy. He wants to be able to bill the court for a couple of hundred thou like everyone else. I would too. This won't stop until the judge gets some balls!

Posted at 9:07 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by Bubba

He has a set, but they are on loan to his brottorney.
Why do you think she's cashing $20K mo checks right now, her smile?

1402 days ago


When this court business ends and Lucia is Eighteen, she can finally just walk out on mommie dearest and join her loving family who wants nothing from her, but herself. This case will be going on forever. It's a joke for many of us who sit and wonder what the judicial system really is all about.

1402 days ago


You know guys, this is becoming a ROUTINE, isn't it?

Here is Mr. Jacobs martindale page. His speciality is ONLY LISTED AS THE GENERAL "FAMILY LAW"

Here is the his CA Bar Card:

He has been practicing law since 1981. Guess the first five years he didn't concentrate in FAMILY LAW? TMZ used the date 1986.

His law school was California Western SOL; San Diego CA.

Here is his practice's website. His firm is in Agoura Hills.

In his bio two things stood out. He has worked as a MEDIATOR/ARBITRATOR and HE REGULARLY contributes to the DAILY JOURNAL.

For those who don't know what that particular publication is, it is a trade publication for ATTORNEYS. Sort of like VARIETY for the legal set. Requires a subscription -

I will keep looking a bit.

maybe shyone or one of the legal eagles can shed some light on what this "special area" pr "technicality" this article is hinting could be? I wonder if the answers can be found inside the pages of the DAILY JOURNAL?

1402 days ago


I wonder if Mel has that spot in the rose garden dug out yet for Sugar T its.

1402 days ago


Did I miss it? Did the judge at any time say she had carte blanche on how much she is allowed to spend on lawyers? What is the norm for lawyer expense in a child custody case?

1402 days ago
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