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Stanger's Ex-Employee: 'She Treats People Like Crap!'

10/18/2010 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patti Stanger's right-hand woman has flown the coop to start her own matchmaker agency -- and if you think Chelsea Autumn has nice words for Patti on her way out ... think again.



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You two are a joke. You were on-screen maybe 20-30 seconds every other episode. I didn't even know your names let along recognize your face and I catch the show every now and then. Like always the assisants think they do all the work and get none of the recognition or money and then they go out on their own to find out wait the boss did more than sit there and take credit. Yeah, they do idiots. No one knows you now and no will know you when your own services go bust and you have to pound the pavement looking for another assistant job. But now that you have publicly trashed your boss who do you think is going to hire you. Don't burn bridges because you have no idea if your going to need to cross them again. Leave with a smile and remember what Jackie O once confessed no one knew if she liked them or not, because she smiled even to those she hated.

1468 days ago


But the big question is...will Bravo capitalize on the opportunity for drama and produce another reality series for QUEEN OF HEARTS?

Chelsea seems nice, and I wish her the best, but I think matchmaking is absurd. Live your lives people-if you're meant to meet someone, you will.

1468 days ago

Tina X    

Chelsea couldn't get a date in 8 yrs and thats the first guy she unemployed Boat Captain, who wanted Patti's money and success typical story...!!LOL Match yourself Chelsea then others will pay you to match them...No one will pay you to match them with a you got there...She just tries to make money on the coattails of a brighter that the kind of guy in your data base? Please your 15 minutes is over

1468 days ago


Who cares if Patti is nice or not? Have you seen the creeps she has as clients? She is best served by being a real witch in order to deal with those clients.

1468 days ago


Chelsea lived off Patti for 8 years and doesn't have a unique thought for herself...that's her unemployed loser boyfriend...who took advantage of the situation...and the fact that Chelsea couldn't get a dat in 8 years...that's her fisrt boyfriend in 8 yrs...Wow Match yourself Chelsea...if you can't match yourself with a decent guy why would people pay you to match them....

1468 days ago



1468 days ago


...Am I supossed to know who Patti Stranger is??

1468 days ago


You go girl! I can't believe you stuck it out that long working for that horsefaced, classless, shrew!

1468 days ago


Can anyone tell me if Patti has been successful at getting anyone married??? Never saw one couple who announced their engagement. Were there any?

1468 days ago


Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen... she actually said she knows some of the Millionaire Matchamakers best clients so it sounds like she will be stealing....

1468 days ago


I met Patti many years ago (2000?) when she was just starting out - by attempting to "steal" and recruit girls at an an older L.A. woman's matchmaking party. She approached me and my girlfriends at this party and tried to convince us to go with her instead.

She was just as obnoxious and truly unpleasant back then as she comes across today. We all thought she was a pig, too.

1468 days ago

Tina X    

Chelsea is just another Fame Whore trying to capitalize on the success of another..she doesn't mention that her boyfriend is a drug dealer, she left Patti when Patti was out of town, stole files on clients from the office, stole money, and tried to solcit Patti's clients...none of whom would go with her...she's desperate...the guy is steering her like a pppet who she's knwon all of 1 year !!!!
She sold Patti out to the Nat'l Enquirer no this...Chelsea you have signed an NDA and further more you can't legally get your own spin off show...Shame on you...when you're not making any money..Wes will leave you...what goes around comes around

1468 days ago


Gee, yeah and we really need another matchmaking agency. That's like an actress playing a doctor for 8 years all of a sudden says I can be a REAL doctor now. And unfortunately, many employers treat their employees like crap!

1468 days ago


Chelsea seems like a great person and I hope she does well for herself. It's hard leaving a job to do your own thing and she is brave to do so. She is gorgeous and I wish her the best of luck as well as the guy she is standing with. They make a cute couple!

1468 days ago


Chelsea, get rid of that guy, he is totally riding your coat tails. That interveiw would have been good for you without his stupid comments...i hope you read this fool.Leave Chelsea alone. Get a life loser!

1468 days ago
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