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Going to Court,

Begging for Rehab

10/19/2010 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will obey the judge's order -- no small feat -- to be in court this Friday ... and TMZ has learned Sheriff's deputies are ready to take Lindsay back to jail, if necessary.

Lindsay Lohan rehab.
Law enforcement sources tell us LiLo will indeed leave the Betty Ford Center -- where she's been in treatment since September 27 -- to attend her probation violation hearing for a failed drug test. Judge Elden Fox had ordered Lindsay to be in court, but we know how that's gone in the past.

A source says Lindsay's legal team won't dispute the violation of probation ... but they're hopeful Judge Fox will send Lindsay back to rehab and not to jail because any interruption would severely disrupt her treatment, and she "has come a long way" during her time at Betty Ford. We're told Lindsay is ready and willing to stay in rehab for as long as Judge Fox wishes.

Just in case though -- the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has a plan in place to take her to jail. We're told deputies, both undercover and in uniform, will be in the courthouse with a vehicle warmed up and ready to take Linds to Lynwood Correctional Facility ... where she could be sentenced to a minimum of 30 days.


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youdrink toomuch    


1434 days ago


Hello, she violated probation, she deserves to go to jail like any other citizen who violates their probation. It is now obvious that she is just using this rehab stint as an excuse not to go to jail.

1434 days ago


We're told Lindsay is ready and willing to stay in rehab for as long as Judge Fox wishes.

WTF ? Why?

Unless a set period of time gets Lindsay off probation then she should just refuse and take the 30 day jail sentence or refuse probation and do a max of 6 weeks to get off probation.

1434 days ago

go home!    

Judge, PLEASE send Lindsay to jail and order that she not be released in an hour, she must do all 30 days. She is not different than any of us and deserves punishment. She will never learn and the rehab stint was an obvious cover for her to avoid jail. Lock her up for 30 days and if she goes back to rehab by her own choice after that, then we know she is serious about getting clean. Anything other than that is just a ploy to avoid jail time.

Don't let us down Judge.

1434 days ago


Let her finish rehab then throw her worthless a$$ in jail. That is where she would go if she were poor or black. And no I am not black I just see happen time after time.

1434 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Let her spend the time in rehab then send her to jail for 30 days. Easy enough. Maybe I should be a judge.

1434 days ago


Didn't she say recently she didn't need rehab? Ya' know, two weeks before she was busted... AGAIN!

1434 days ago


Throw this B!TCH in jail for the 30 days that she deserves for breaking her probation. Rehab `` smehab!! bye bye B!TCH!!

1434 days ago


Send her to jail. Anybody that paints "f- you" on her fingernails as her message to a judge deserves to be given jail. She gets out of everything and thinks she can still take cocaine or anything else she wants. She is a pathological liar who can twist addiction doctors to swear she isn't an addict and within days, knowing she will be drug tested, she takes cocaine and other drugs. Now that she has to be held accountable for that, she is twisting her way out of that. That was a bigger "f- you" to the judge than she could ever communicate in any other way.

1434 days ago


If she goes to jail the Judge can only impose the sentence but has no control over when the Sheriff orders her early release as she is a non violent misdmeanor offender because of overcrowding and good behavior etc.

If the Judge revokes her probation or Lindsay refuses it if she gets jail and rehab and more formal she would serve an absolute MAXIMUM of 6 WEEKS which is 42 DAYS in Lynwood and then she would be out the sysytem and off probation.

1434 days ago


A thirty day sentence would result in about 8 days at most! A 90 day sentence would get her about 18 days if that. Alexix Neiers only did 30 days of her six month sentence and she was jailed for a felony!

She would be crazy to accept any further probation. I think public opinion would crucify the judge if he took someone out of rehab and put them in jail. If she is jailed after rehab that would be fair but really cruel and mean.

1434 days ago


She should have been in jail a long time ago. She has made an @ss out of the judge and legal system (in L.A) so at this point after she's been in rehad this long...might as well leave her there.

1434 days ago


Yeah, sure, I believe rehab is working this time. For sure. However, I say let her finish rehab then do her 30 days in jail. That should be enough time to give her a fresh start and we will see if rehab really worked.

1434 days ago


the judge cannot force actual time served upon Lindsay. you people do realize that, don't you? judges don't run jails. the sheriff runs the jail. that's his job. and the sheriff has bigger problems and worse criminals on his hands than lindsay lohan. lindsay is nothing more than a drug addict and the sheriff's jail is filled with people who have committed far worse crimes than drug addiction.

1434 days ago


nicole said If she goes to jail the Judge can only impose the sentence but has no control over when the Sheriff orders her early release ------
isnt issuing 'flat-time' a way a judge gets around early release?

1434 days ago
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