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Michael Lohan Bails on Betty Ford Mission

10/19/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is giving up on his hell-bent attempt to see Lindsay inside the Betty Ford Center -- and he claims Dina Lohan is the reason why he abruptly skipped town.


Michael says Dina showed up in Palm Springs yesterday armed with the protective order she has against Michael. The document states Michael must stay 100 yards away from Dina at all times. 

Michael says he didn't want to cause a problem for Lindsay during Dina's visit -- it's Family Week at Betty Ford -- so Daddy Dearest hightailed it back to L.A.



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1463 days ago


Really, who cares....this whole Family needs help not just Druggie Lindsay.

1463 days ago

youdrink toomuch    

...seriously, f*ck these idiots...

1463 days ago


I have one word for Michael Lohan... Douchebag.

1463 days ago



Michael and Dina Lohan clash over Lindsay rehab visit

Posted: 10:58 PM, October 18, 2010

Dina and Michael Lohan are heading for another showdown over Lindsay's rehab. Sources say the Betty Ford Center has upped security to keep dad Michael out at Lindsay's request during family visit time at the Palm Springs facility. Dina had her own drama trying to get to LA Sunday night when her plane was stuck at JFK because of mechanical problems. Mean while, Michael continues to blame Lindsay's problems on Dina, branding her "enabling, lying white trash," in an e-mail to Page Six. Dina couldn't be reached last night but recently said she was "taking the high road" by refusing to argue.

1463 days ago


You did the right thing, Michael. Dina and her paperwork will win everytime and continues to drive a wedge into the treatment of her daughter. Family therapy is a very important aspect of substance abuse treatment. Dina's paperwork will be the death of her daughter's life and career if she doesn't quit it and get with it.

My gracious, how long are you Lohans going to keep this up?

1463 days ago


Well of course he did ..... Is all about drama with him,taking advantage of Lindsay and talking trash about her ex wife !!! And that's how he wants to be a father and mend the relation he has with her !!! Laughable, such a loser !!

1463 days ago


Lindsay's friend John Allen shows up and Michael Lohan hits the road...big surprise! There is no way in hell Michael will get anywhere near her as long as her friend is watching over her! Hopefully Lindsay gets back on her feet and starts making great movies again. Why are there so many haters not wanting to see people succeed in life?? Why is everyone so negative these days?

1463 days ago


he didn't let dina's protective order stop him from going to court. he left because he was told he didn't stand a chance in hell of ever getting in to see her.

1463 days ago


TMZ, Michael, Dina and Lindsey,


Here is how its all going to play out:

Dina and Michael will continue fighting for the rest of their lives (After Lindsey is gone, it will be about the other creature they spawned)

Lindsey will be dead in 5 years OR will be doing porn and dead in 5 years (depends how lucky we are about it, I will buy Lindsey porn!).

Your other kids, if they got one ounce of brain will distance themselves from you guys.

Anyway, life is not going to get any better for you two... so you might want to just go a head and put a bullet through your head. Dont worry, TMZ will be there to report and give us pictures.

I talked to Satan and he is saving three special VIP seats for you guys in HELL (although by the looks of it, life on earth is hell for you guys too...ha ha ha).

What really bakes my noodle is this: HOW DO THE LOHANS PAY THEIR BILLS? I mean I understand Dina whores Lindsey to the media to pay the bills but what does Michael do for a living?

1463 days ago


He didn't want to cause a problem for Lindsay?? WTF??? That's all he has been doing for over 2 years.

1463 days ago


Dina needs to be the one eliminated from Lindsay's life. She's the one supposedly "raising" her, managing her "career" and denying her substance abuse.
Doesn't seem much more productive than Michael.

1463 days ago


Both Dina and Michael have caused more damage to their daughter than anyone. Both need to accept responsibilty. It is not just Michael and it is not just Dina. It is both of them... and it is so strange they can not get themselves on the same page and work out their differences. Other families do when it comes to the well being of their children.

Pointing fingers and throwing mud does zero. Nothing but more damage and proves to the rest of us just what knuckleheads these two really are.

No one cares anymore about who did what and when. We have figured it out.. you both are screwballs who should be restricted from getting anywhere near your daughter, Cokehan.

1463 days ago


Yeah no kidding, Michael is a joke of a "father". Unless of course trying to take control of your daughter's bank accounts after being in jail her whole life = father. He's trying to compare this to Brittany? Not even close! This guy will stop at nothing. I feel sorry for her with a father like that. At least her sister, mom, and friends stick by her.

1463 days ago


@RachMca - boy do you have it ass backwards. What good has Dina Lohan done for her daughter in the last few years but enable her? Please name one.

1463 days ago
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