Michael Lohan's Conservatorship Try Has Britney Ties

10/18/2010 5:30 AM PDT

Michael Lohan's Conservatorship Try Has Britney Ties

TMZ has obtained letters sent to Michael Lohan from his lawyers concerning Michael's attempt to put Lindsay Lohan under the control of a conservatorship -- and wouldn't you know it ... Britney Spears' name came up.

The letters make several mentions of trying to curb Michael's antics with the media -- including his uninvited trip to the Betty Ford Center. Lohan's headline-grabbing ways are deemed by his lawyer as being "against my express advice."

But when it comes to actually trying to get Lindsay under a conservatorship, that's when the Queen Conservatee comes up. The lawyer mentions a Dr. Stephen Marmer as having been used as an expert on Britney's case. But the lawyer concludes, "Frankly, I do not think he would agree to be retained as an Expert in this case."

It doesn't end there -- Dr. Robert Bilder, another doctor who worked on the Spears conservatorship was brought up: "He worked on the Spears Conservatorship and would be an excellent expert witness in this case."

Calls were made to both Dr. Marmer and Dr. Bilder -- we never heard back.