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Michael Lohan Bails on Betty Ford Mission

10/19/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is giving up on his hell-bent attempt to see Lindsay inside the Betty Ford Center -- and he claims Dina Lohan is the reason why he abruptly skipped town.


Michael says Dina showed up in Palm Springs yesterday armed with the protective order she has against Michael. The document states Michael must stay 100 yards away from Dina at all times. 

Michael says he didn't want to cause a problem for Lindsay during Dina's visit -- it's Family Week at Betty Ford -- so Daddy Dearest hightailed it back to L.A.



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Excellent insights here by all the experts. Keep up the great work. If you look up Michael on Wikipedia you will find he inherited his father's business which was worth millions.

Remember, Dina was a countergirl at Bloomingdales when she first met moneybags Lohan. She has not held down another job since .... so the real question here is..... where does Dina get her money??? Michael was always wealthy.

However, what is the big difference? Lohans have a problem bigger than both Michael and Dina. A team effort would benefit their daughter.

I think it was good that Michael released person info on Lindsay. No one else would listen that she had a drug problem. Especially dear old Dina .... the enabling mother...nor the rest of his family.

GOOD.... it forced the issue and now Lindsay is in a better place. ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD.

1436 days ago


The best this guy can do for Lindsay is to "FUT THE SHUCK UP" !!!!!

1436 days ago


dina is a ****'.....period...leaching of her daughter for years, now she needs her back out doing PORN to be able to keep up her lifestlye...which is one of a PIG.....

1436 days ago


OK Ernie is definitely Michael Lohan.

For anyone to say it was right to release personal info. That's just Michael logic.

1436 days ago


Good!!! This is probably the best news that Lindsay has had all year . . .

1436 days ago


@Nicole if that latter part is true the entire process of voluntary checking into rehab in the 1s place will be a farce. You cannot solve issues like the ones leading to her problems in 30 days ( also not in 45 or 90 days) . If she calls it quits after 30 days you can be 100% certain she will relapse and will end up back in a courtroom within months ,if not weeks. If Dina doesn't realize that and doesn't insist her daughter really stays in rehab until these problems are dealt with she IS indeed not a particularly good parent .

You can't solve your addiction if you don't deal with the variables leading to that addiction in the 1st place.It's an utter waste of time then.

1436 days ago


I get amused with Hollywood hijinx. This family is beyond pathetic. I would bet good money that a lot of Lindsey's issues aren't so much due to her rich lifestyle as the way she was raised by these fame obsessed whore parents she has been raised by. I feel for the other kids.

1436 days ago


Whether Michael is or is not an issue in Lindsey's life - whether good or bad, shouldn't he be included in the therapy. Perhaps he and Dina need it more than Lindsey. I don't agree Lindsey will get better as long as this feud between the parents lasts. Let them all sit down and hash it out or resolve it or kill each other but at least something will happen.

1436 days ago



Nicole is wrong. Dina never said Lindsay didn't want to do longer that 30 days. What she said was that Lindsay was going to do the full 30 days and then a possible outpatient program with BF.

Of course this all depends on what her doctors report says and what they recommend and what the judge decided.

but she never said Lindsay didn't want to do more than 30 days.

1436 days ago


If you don't want to cause Lindsay any more problems why don't you just move to Antartica? Or do the whole world a favor and throw your @ss off a cliff.

1436 days ago


I think it's time for Lindsay to part ways with her mother as far as her career goes. Dina needs to get a job that is totally independent from Lindsay so that she can just be "Mom". Same thing with everyone else in Lindsay's family.

"The insider told “Lindsay feels the financial burden of taking care of her entire family. It's enormous pressure for any person in their twenties, let alone someone that is battling with addiction. LINDSAY AND DINA DON'T HAVE A NORMAL MOTHER-AND-DAUGHTER DYNAMIC BECAUSE OF THE LENGTH OF TIME THAT DINA HAS WORKED FOR LINDSAY.”

I can't imagine being the employer of my own Mother. That is totally backwards. Weird. It is only going to mess up Lindsay's relationship with her mother in the long run ... especially if Lindsay's career doesn't improve in the next few years. Lindsay needs to have PROFESSIONAL managers and PROFESSIONAL agents handling her career.

She needs managers and agents who have other clients and don't NEED Lindsay all that much. That way, they would give Lindsay THE TRUTH about her career and EXCELLENT ADVICE about what she should do to get it back on track based on their years of experience with other clients, etc.

Lindsay has too many "yes men" and "yes women" surrounding her. That's NOT good for Lindsay's career and her life in general. People that simply go along with whatever Lindsay wants will just say "yes Lindsay, you are right, do whatever you want", collect their paychecks and secretly laugh as Lindsay's career goes down the tube.

1436 days ago


Ernie/Michael, take the f'n hint already. You don't get to pick who your parents are, you are stuck with them- UNTIL you turn 18. At that point you are legally an adult and YOU GET TO CHOOSE who you want in your life.

LL is done with you. Stop stalking her.

1436 days ago


Sorry i should have clarified i meant only 30 days inpatient.
It seems like wherever Lindsay does outpatient it will be until next year at least.

If Lindsay only wants to do 30 days inpatient then that should be it if she doesn't want to be there.
If the court is like you are doing at least another 30 days inpatient then.... she will be forced to be there and may just go back to her old habits after an enforced stay.

She says that Lindsay plans to remain at Betty Ford and finish the 30-day program. “She’s completing the program. She’ll be out around Oct. 28. She also may continue with their outpatient services, since Betty Ford has the best outcare facility.”

Dina says she’s afraid that Michael’s outlandish behavior won’t bode well for Lindsay’s recovery when she leaves Betty Ford. “I’m just scared that when she comes out she’ll have to deal with this crazy person.” Among the claims Michael has made is that Dina has tried to get conservatorship over Lindsay. Dina’s response? “It’s an absolute 1,000 percent lie! To get conservatorship, you have to be mentally insane. My child is not insane. He’s the one who was saying he wants conservatorship. He’s projecting. He doesn’t stop, He’s relentless. I’m a good mom, and my kids work hard.”

1436 days ago

vin dizzle     

this gurls parents have totally mind ****ed her . they must of given her a jeffrey cuz its like they trying to hold on to her for theirselves. what they fail to realize is that their daughter is sick and she needs parents who can put their own issues aside for once and act like parents. this gurl needs to truly find someone that has her best interest in mind to get her career back in line . and dump the parents cuz while they may love her the kids games they're are playing is only going to mind**** her more.

1436 days ago


I think Lindsay should agree to meet with her father Michael IF he agrees to do certain things in return that have been bothering her. Lindsay should at least give him a chance to redeem himself. Who knows, if Lindsay gets a civil relationship with her father going maybe he'll stop doing interviews with the paparazzi and embarrassing her, etc.

I think at some level, Michael really does just want Lindsay to get healthy, drug free and happy again and get her career back on track. He just keeps bumbling around and doesn't know HOW to repair his relationships with his family. Let's face it, he also likes the attention he gets from the press WAY too much though. Other parents wouldn't be doing the stuff that Michael has on TV for the whole world to see.

Michael and Dina both should be therapy working on their own individual "issues" and learning more about effective parenting skills. They should have done that 10-15 years ago. They have 2-3 more kids to raise besides Lindsay, so they better get busy.

1436 days ago
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