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Michael Lohan Bails on Betty Ford Mission

10/19/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is giving up on his hell-bent attempt to see Lindsay inside the Betty Ford Center -- and he claims Dina Lohan is the reason why he abruptly skipped town.


Michael says Dina showed up in Palm Springs yesterday armed with the protective order she has against Michael. The document states Michael must stay 100 yards away from Dina at all times. 

Michael says he didn't want to cause a problem for Lindsay during Dina's visit -- it's Family Week at Betty Ford -- so Daddy Dearest hightailed it back to L.A.



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@ilovegossip Vanity Fair interview Oct 2010. Michael himself said he beat up Dina's brother for smoking crack at his son's event. Lindsay's video Confessions of a Broken Heart shows him through actors physically assaulting Dina. That's 3 off the top of my head. Try Michael Lohan NY Daily news from a few years back, I think 2005 or so for more insights on just how violent this man is.

1434 days ago


These people are such white trash losers! Stop giving them press and they'll hopefully go away!

1434 days ago



her own twitter page. she has said dina felt guilty for staying with michael so long but that lindsay asked to her because he threaten to kill dina.

she also tweeted how he threaten to kill her and mike jr in front of her friend.

1434 days ago


Delmar, Where is the direct quote in the Vanity Fair article? Maybe I'm missing something.

1434 days ago

for now    

The haters claim they're tired of the Lohan family but read about them every day.
They say they're not jealous of the Lohans' wealth and talent and fame.
They think they know more than the doctors and attorneys and other professionals.
These losers just can't help hating people who accomplish things.

1434 days ago


Yep, this is so typical! Not that Dina is any prize at all, but my daughter's father is soooo much like Michael - and in this case, when he knew he wouldn't win, or God forbid, might have to take some responsibility for this mess, he just bails and blames the problems on everyone else!!!! Must always keep himself in the "victim" role - PS - my daughter is 19 and wants nothing to do with her father either - not a big fan of Lindsay, but in this case I feel for her, because I have lived thru this for 19 years myself with my daughter....

1434 days ago


Poor Lindsay having to be told her insane father was causing all sorts of problems outside, it's just going to make her resolved not to see him even stronger. God what a creepy loser to have as a father.

1434 days ago



1434 days ago



Threatening someone is different than actual abuse. Not saying it's good...just saying there is a difference.

I would like to see a quote where Lindsay states she witnessed physical abuse. I have yet to find one.

1434 days ago


#71 Jill,

Once again, that is what the divorce papers stated...nothing from Lindsay herself. In fact, any article that I read states that Lindsay only references what is in the divorce papers.

I just want to make sure this isn't a form of alienation. Where Lindsay has never witnessed this first hand...but only quotes allegations that her Mother had made since she was a child.

As a matter of fact, I can't find any quotes from any of their children regarding witnessing physical abuse.

1434 days ago



Lindsay mentioned her father's violent and abusive ways in the 2006 Vanity Fair also

Vanity Fair October 2010 Article excerpt

"Her parents 2005 divorce proceedings also seemed to have been a major contributing to LIndsay's downfall. THe 19- year marraige was never a bed of roses with Michael Lohan's legal problems and his sometimes violent, erratic behavior. He was jailed once for attempting to assualt his brother-in-law. Dina's divorce papers accused him of having thrown her down a flight of stairs.
"Michael Lohan 100 percent denies that he has ever commited violence on any woman or child" said his lawyer Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred.
"He's put myself and my mother and my mom's parents through so much h*ll" Lindsay told me "from the death threats to throwing shoes at my grandfather's head and giving him a concussion to threatening to kill my mother in front of my little brother Dakota" Bloom said Lohan "denies all these allegations"

1434 days ago


@ darkrage6 - and you got your information of the worth of Michael Lohan from where? He inherited millions... and made big money and still does through Wall Street. He does not need interview money to live on.

If a media outlet wants to interview and offers to pay him ... then that is their problem.

They certainly make huge profits off their advertisers now don't they? You don't think they do anything for free do you? How could they exist if they didn't pay some people for interesting interviews. Michael should not be condemed for receiving money... AGAIN .... he was accomplishing using the media also for bringing attention to get his darling party daughter into rehab... while his ex-wife Princess Dina did zero. Now with her daughter in rehab she still wants to control what happens? This woman is truly does not know what in the world she is doing and should check into a rehab herself.

1434 days ago



the others are not going to mention it publicly. it's a family issue. it's the same as dina not talking about lindsay's addiction issues publicly. it's not that she was in denial but as she once said, it's a private family issue that will be dealt with privately within the family.

lindsay has always hinted at abuse issues even years ago. when you have a man that has been arrested for assault, assaulted his brother in law at his own son's first communion party, had 2 women bring charges against him claiming abuse, making death threats to his family. If he's capable of all that what makes you think that behavior wasn't happening at home and in front of the kids?

1434 days ago


@Jill .... you really can't get past blaming everything on dear old Dad can you?

Where is LL's responsiblity in all of this? Did her father force her to drink booze? sort coke? almost run someone down? fail drug tests? not show up for meetings? write f/u on her fingernail?

I mean ... come on. Blaming daddyo only gets you so far in life. Almost every American family has dysfuction running rampant through them.

Michael Lohan is a saint compared to some stories ....

Who was the only one dealing with LL's addictions? Who? Dina? Michael? The man in the moon?

1434 days ago


Well Ernie I KNOW your Michael Lohan now, because no sane perosn would ever use the word Saint in a sentence with him unless the phrase was "as far removed form a saint as humanely possible"

1434 days ago
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