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'Housewives' Table-Flipper -- Under the Gun

10/19/2010 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Teresa Giudice is on the verge of losing her spot on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" -- TMZ has learned the reality star's money demands are holding up contract negotiations ... and Bravo is losing patience.

Sources close to Giudice tell TMZ, the table-flipping housewife feels like Bravo's giving her the short end of the stick ... because she's under the impression that the other women in the cast are earning significantly more money than she is. As we previously reported, Teresa wants double her salary from last season.

We're told Teresa -- who's famously dealt with money issues in the past -- is ready to walk if Bravo doesn't cough up the cash. Bravo insiders wouldn't comment on the current state of negotiations, but did say the network is looking at possible replacements.

We're told Teresa -- who's financial issues have been a major plot point on the show -- is the most adamant about the contract situation ... asking for a cut of the DVD and merchandise sales ... freedom to make more paid appearances ... and her salary DOUBLED.

A source extremely close to Teresa tells us, “She would like to be paid more equivalent to what the 'Jersey Shore' kids are getting" .... adding, "If she’s not treated better by Bravo, she’s ready to walk away.”

FYI -- the "Jersey Shore" kids are reportedly pulling in around $30k per episode.

A rep for Bravo tells us they don't comment on contract negotiations.

As for the other girls -- we're told they're all a safe bet for next season ... minus Danielle, of course.


Brad & Angelina Lock Lips on Set!

Brad Pitt
stopped by Angelina Jolie's set in Budapest again over the weekend -- where they shared a romantic kiss for the cameras!

As we previously reported, the Jolie-Pitt clan has relocated to Hungary while Angelina directs her first film in the area -- and the couple's kids will even be going to school there while she does.

Check out the cuddly pics!

Uma Thurman -- Powder Your Nose

Uma Thurman showed up to an event in NYC last night ... in white face.


Forget Bill, kill makeup artist.

Guess Whose Sexy Stems!

Can you guess which Hollywood hottie was spotted wearing kitten heels and showing off these gorgeous gams in Beverley Hills yesterday?


Celebrity Pumpkin Carving Stencils -- Cut IT Out!

If you are feeling extra creative this Halloween season, download one of our free celebrity pumpkin carving stencils and give it a stab!

**Click through the gallery and download a PDF file of your favorite stencil -- trace the black parts of the stencil onto your pumpkin -- carefully cut out the black portions to reveal your perfect celeb carving!**

Junior Seau Drives SUV Off a Cliff, Survives

Junior Seau drove his SUV off a cliff in Carlsbad, CA this morning -- and survived -- this according to law enforcement.

Junior Seau car accident.
We're told the retired NFL superstar sustained injuries in the wreck -- cops are on scene. TMZ obtained these photos of Seau's Cadillac Escalade which landed at the bottom of a cliff several feet from the beach.

Seau has been transported to a local hospital. The accident happened just south of Oceanside, CA  ... where the former San Diego Charger had just been released from jail hours earlier.

 As TMZ first reported, Junior Seau was arrested early this morning for domestic violence.

What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Grab your glasses and clean out your contacts 'cause these sneaky pictures have some seriously hidden differences... can you spot 'em?

**HINT -- There are THREE differenes in the above photo!**

Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess which Hollywood hottie got a nasty celebrity scramblin'?!



No Avatar


BRAVO give her the freaking money already will ya!!! Lets move on here...she did make the episodes more interesting to watch and you know it! She may be a loud mouth, short tempered, combative and annoying but hey, that just gives us more to talk about...Hell, I hear quotes from Teresa used in the show everywhere I go..."Happy Wife, Happy Life"..."Boobies"...etc.

1435 days ago


Teresa needs to just lift up the skirt and see that she's not really worth much more than what she's getting now

1435 days ago


Theresa has to be the most annoying Housewife of all the shows. She is such a stage mom and is just looking for someone else to foot her outragious spending habits. She needs to go! She has abused the system to excape her debt, just to spend more. There are people losing their jobs, families are being torn apart and businesses are struggling accross the country. Most of those people can not file for bankruptsy to have a clean slate of debt. Bravo needs to grow some balls and put someone decent on the show.

1435 days ago


I think Theresa does make the show but she is not the only housewife in NJ. Her fianancial problems are her own making. she want's to recover money and is using Bravo to do it

1435 days ago


let her leave. she should get a real job and learn how to control her spending and her awful mouth. she should also make her children mind. when showed them in a restaurant those children were out of control and ruining everyone else's dinner. who does she think she is. just because she had a tantrum and turned a table over does that make her special or just ignorant. i think she is a spoiled loudmouth and needs to learn some manners and find some common sense.

1435 days ago

Deb Colacci    

Teresa, you're NOT "too pretty to work." If you need money, get a real job. Money cannot buy class, which is painfully obvious in this case. She's not funny, just dumb. I'm tired of watching all of the other NJ housewives (minus Danielle), kissing her B*** and acting like she's just so funny, so pretty and her kids are just too cute. PLEASE - if that's what they really think, then they need to get out more.

1435 days ago


Their are plenty of women out there that can replace that spoiled brat! Just look around their all over.
You wont have to go far to find one.

1435 days ago

Libby Garcia    

Theresa is a skank and Bravo should cut ties with such a witch. Plus her kids are talentless. Everyone is better off without Theresa. Yeah baby.

1435 days ago


Are you all sure she is female under all that makeup?

1435 days ago


Bravo! Please let her go, don't give into her demands, she stays I'm not watching>

1435 days ago


Let Teresa go !! Give her ONE OUTFIT to wear and $20...drop her off on SKID ROW in Los Angeles for 3 days...let's see how she can handle going 'WITHOUT' many people are forced to do. This chick is spoiled, selfsh, self-centered...and she has the nerve to call DANIELLE a "LOW LIFE"...OMG, she DEFINES the word. DANIELLE was the only REAL gal on the show !! They all ganged up on they're BETTER....NOT !! They need to take a REAL LOOK AT THEMSELVES ! Let lound-mouthed Teresa go...let her WORK for a lving. I'm rooting for Danielle !!

1435 days ago


This whole reality housewives thing is crap and shame on the network for dumbing down to its viewers. They should feel ashamed of their selves.

1435 days ago


Re: Teresa

Bravo should get rid of the neuvo riche whore, and Caroline the
Mafia Matriarch.

1435 days ago


Teresa is such a dramaqueen,I dont like her or her husband..I do like her three little divas, they should have there own show.

1435 days ago


wow seeing her that close ( in that pic) she is one UGlY WOMAN the power of make -up

1435 days ago
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