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Man Sues MTV -- Rob Dyrdek Called Me 'Smelly'

10/20/2010 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV is being sued by a man who claims he's been suffering from shame and embarrassment ever since he was mocked on "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" as a "smelly, old man."


The lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, stems from an episode that ran back in August -- in which Rob and his friend try to locate the source of an unpleasant odor ... and then point to an old guy limping down the street.

Now the guy is firing back at the network -- claiming he never gave permission for MTV to use his image on TV ... and demanding they pay up for all of the humiliation he's been forced to endure.

In fact, the man claims that ever since the show aired "friends and relatives began teasing or mocking [him], buying him air freshener." With friends like those ...
But the man is particularly pissed by the way Rob and Co.
allegedly mocked his "gait" -- since he claims he's affected
by a medical condition called "spinal stenosis."

The man wants more than $25,000 for his trouble. A rep from
MTV tells us the network does not comment on pending litigation.


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MTV should know better..on top of that if his friends and family are like that they should be beat up..but i will say its not like he is going after millions or anything just a little over 25 k seems reasonable to me after all they didn't get his permission to use him.

1428 days ago


Agreed #1: The PunkAzzBeeatches got it coming this time.

1428 days ago


I never comment on here..but the episode this isn't even what happened! It's clear this guy is just trying to get money. In the episode Rob said "Do you smell that?" and his manager goes, "What, it's cologne." Then Rob says "No, its old man." He didn't even imply the old guy smelled bad and there was no comment on his walk at all. Dude needs to get a life, he should be happy he got his 15 seconds of fame.

1428 days ago


Pretty straightforward case. If MTV has a signed release they are in the clear, if not they are in trouble. The show "Cops" is the best example. Every face they show has signed a release form (yes, the criminals sign them too and seem to love the exposure). You'll notice every once in a while a face is blurred because they didn't sign.

1428 days ago


That would be humiliating. It is bullying and the target group is the elderly. Uncalled for.

1428 days ago


To signal anyone out for public ridicule or humiliation is a form of BULLYING. Programs like MTV do it all the time and everyone points and laughs. Not a good example on how to treat others for our kids, is it?

1428 days ago


Ohhhhhhhhh plezzzzzzzzz go AWAY ole man!!!!!! Go take a bath and learn how to walk!!!!!!!!! Hoooooray 4 Meaty & Beefy!!

1428 days ago


I think they should give him more than that. For tv shows to make fun of these random people at their expense and air it on tv is just plain wrong and mean and bad. Not that he really suffered $25,000 worth of embarrassment, but just for the sake of principal make them pay a million.

1428 days ago


People simply must stop being mean to each other. There was no reason to make an ugly comment at all. Keep in mind that we all get old - if we are lucky enough to live that long. Jerks.

1428 days ago


Only morons watch MTV.
That explains their programming.

1428 days ago


lol he looks smelly...robby d is the man.

1428 days ago


what about that atomic bomb snooki calling people grenades they are forever known as the grenade. I can just picture the guy like hey look these girls are checking me out and then his friend has to remind them that they are just scoping out the grenade. O and snooki whatever you are..your not italian so stop calling other people wannabe ur the biggest one. mtv is garbage what happen to the ****in music..ehh music sucks anyways nowadays.

1428 days ago


Thats how sk8ters are, especially the Pro's.

1428 days ago


That's the 'sue-happy' society we live in. S**t! Step on someone's toe nowadays, and your guna get sued! WTF!!??!!

1428 days ago


Anyone that watches his show knows he doesn't make rude or ugly comments. Dyrdek is best known for building safe-spot skate parks for kids and donating his time and personal items to the homeless. In one of his more recent episodes he hung out at a senior center to get an idea of what they like to wear, took those ideas and created a hip, modern day but retro clothing line for the elderly. I'm willing to put my money on careless editing as being the culprit, not Rob Dyrdek.

1428 days ago
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