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Danny in 'The Shining': Memba Him?!

10/21/2010 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danny Lloyd is best known for playing Jack Nicholson's son Danny in the 1980 film "The Shining." Guess what he looks like now!


Beyonce Out as Baby Rumors Swirl

If Beyonce is pregnant, she sure ain't showing yet!

Amid rumors she and Jay-Z are expecting, Beyonce stepped out in Miami last night -- wearing a tight dress that showed no sign of a baby bump.

Despite reports, her mom Tina Knowles says her daughter isn't actually pregnant -- telling Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing today "No, no it’s not true.  Not right now."

Bounty Hunter -- Glowing after Hospital Release

Dog the Bounty Hunter was back out on the town following his brief hospitalization earlier this month for internal bleeding -- and we gotta say, he couldn't look more ... er ... radiant.

Dog -- whom bad guys can see coming from a mile away ... at night ... in a fog ... without their contacts in -- lit up Boa Steakhouse in L.A. last night.

Get your shine on.

Guess Whose Sexy Stems!

Can you guess which Hollywood hottie was spotted wearing kitten heels and showing off these gorgeous gams in Beverley Hills yesterday?


Celebrity Pumpkin Carving Stencils -- Cut IT Out!

If you are feeling extra creative this Halloween season, download one of our free celebrity pumpkin carving stencils and give it a stab!

**Click through the gallery and download a PDF file of your favorite stencil -- trace the black parts of the stencil onto your pumpkin -- carefully cut out the black portions to reveal your perfect celeb carving!**

What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Grab your glasses and clean out your contacts 'cause these sneaky pictures have some seriously hidden differences... can you spot 'em?

**HINT -- There are THREE differenes in the above photo!**

Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess which Hollywood hottie got a nasty celebrity scramblin'?!



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Susan Sarandon, in the picture scramble!

1431 days ago


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as an afro american male i resent all movies that have only white people in them.this has been going on much to have your own miss american pagent and many many channels on the tv...all white!i resent a black man in this country i have been watching all of the white boys get everything.a black man in this country should stand up and be counted and let the white boys know how you sports especially basket ball the white boys are there. not that many black men...they want us to feel like there are alot of black men in basketball..devils!!!baseball also....and yes football mostly white.this must stop.....we know that you are racist since our man obama did not make it to the white house. peace...

1430 days ago

Jim Petersen    

For #3. I beg to differ with you in your accusations. I think you should find yourself a good eye doctor and then take another review as to all the WHITE people in everything. You sound more racist than anyone I've seen on the net in the last couple of months. And what is this crap about our own WHITE MISS AMERICA? We've had a black Miss America or two over the years. It's just too bad that one of them didn't behave like the rules require for both BLACK AND WHITE. Iis it concievable that you may be totally color blind? Sure there are a lot of WHITE GUYS on professional ball teams, but certainly the number is not out of proportion to anything else. Next time you write, provide some proven statistics and stop making yourself sound like the ignorant jerk that you've made yourself sound like today.

1430 days ago

Nelda Williams    

Here where I live they have Ebony pageant's that white girls can't enter. They have grambling colledge and all black school,and as far as football goes most of the players are black,We(white people)feel blacks have taken over sports especially Boxing. We do not dislike Obama because he is black, we dislike him because he does not have sense enough to run our country. Obama is taking us down day by day, and white and black people are letting him.

1430 days ago


#4 jim.. see that exactly what i am talking mean that you dont see that you have a miss america pagent.and you cant see all the white boys in basketball.and football?you a racist.i dont need no glasses...and all of the movies have white boys and not black going to talk to some people and try and get a law passed that all white woman can only be with a black man and not a white boy.peace

1430 days ago


Please try to promote proper English. Most kids don't know right from wrong and if they did, they don't "memba" what they learned. You are journalists to some degree, afterall.

1430 days ago

tawnya coomer    

I would just like to add to this whole racism thing(I mean really? There are still people out there with this attitude?) You guys have the AANCP(whatever the acranym) If you paid more attention you would see that there is always a token minoritiy. I hate to say that but it is true. By the way, are you not a Denzel Washington fan? Obama didn't make it to the White HOuse? Are you mad man? Where age are you living in? In today's society the "white man" does not dominate the way they use to. Hello, the whole civil rights movement? You ever heard of it? And who dictated what race played what sport? You sir really do need some help. Btter yet, since you act like we are living in the dark ages, best you find a cave somewhere. PEACE!

1430 days ago


ahhh na, na, na, hode up tawnya...why you got to come down on a brother like aint right. you know that they have a miss america pagent all to themselves..we aint got no pagents for us!!that all im saying...then these white people come all up in here and try to make it seem like im the racist.thats what im talken about...peace

1430 days ago

Jim Petersen    

Re: #3 and 4 Just a quick note to state that after you tried to clarify certain things, I took the time to look up the disparity between Black and White. Surprise surprise, now I can even say that the Whites are losing ground, but it's not to the blacks and it's not necessarily to discrimination. We have a slew of hispanics and other foreign entities involved in sports.
Boxing was very heavy in African American Sporting and Football was much heavier a few years back. Things change, but one thing that was brought out, was that Discrimination Can Not be ruled out altogether, but the number of blacks vs. other is or was relatively close to the percentile of the population in this country. With that in mind, I think you should try and back off just a bit. I won't say you were wrong, but I would say that you get just a bit carried away with the comparisons in numbers.
I've got nothing against blacks or any other foreign nation sending good athletes to play on our teams. If one qualifies, let him go for it. Some of our best football players and boxers were black men. No doubt about it. But it really should be based on a number of who vs who. It should be let the best athletes play and may the best team win???

Enjoy your night.

1430 days ago


Worked in a prison for over 30 years. #3 is some sick white a hole trying to act like he's black. His jibberish is not in line even with the blacks I've dealt with through the years. All of those who jumped at this fool on the hill should know better or you haven't been around that many black people. This far left idiot is trying to stir up race issues. My suggestion would be to ignor this pumpkin head and he'll talk to himself.

1430 days ago


The US has the most advanced weaponry, the EMP Pulse weapon. It can fry any and all electronics anywhere, i only hope we can use it first because other countries could be working on the same technology.
I do not know who the stretch face is or even care...
Online money making gimmicks just don't work, too many have fallen for this crap. We all must have an entrepreneurial sprit to start things on our own rether than rely on the status quo of working for someone else.
For the black guy here, I do disagree. Blacks have so many opportunity's open to them and they control many aspects of our society today and it is getting better. But like anything else a few bad apples can spoil the whole basket. The Jails are far more crowded with blacks than any other, many turn to drugs and try to get a free ride. Whites and hispanics although less proportionate do much of the same. The key here is an education, and the desire to help their fellow man to attain new goals originally thought to be totally out of reach. The opportunities are there, but one must motivate himself to be the best he can be...

1430 days ago

Michael S. Terrell    

Jim peterson:...that's pretty petty of you to remark..blacks aren't in everything let's check history...
White Dracula....Black Vampire..>>>..Blackula
White Bride of Dracula......Black Queen of vampires
White "Honey West".........Black "Get Christy Love"
White John Wayne...........Jim Brown ...Rio Concho,Black Gunn,Slaughter (Hero modes)

..etc etc ...for every white hero or villian the
blacks have a copycats ...
a lot of black movies don't have whites in them.....blacks don't have to be in EVERYTHING.....your not "special" so get off the pot and grow up
I am white and I DON'T have any black heros...and for sure there are no blacks who have a white what's your problem??

1430 days ago

Jim Petersen    

Geez Mike T, did I say that??? I thought I said they were not in the majority of everything, but were close in percentage to the population or something to that effect. And where did I intimate that I was something special? Sorry if I busted your little bubble, it wasn't on purpose. Sorry that you don't like blacks though because you could be missing out on having some good friends. Or did you say you are a racist??

1430 days ago

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