Dog Chapman Hospitalized in Los Angeles

10/3/2010 12:00 PM PDT

Dog "The Bounty Hunter" Hospitalized in Los Angeles

Duane "Dog" Chapman was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles last night after he was injured while on a bounty hunt, this according to his wife Beth.

Dog was taken to UCLA Medical Center where he was treated for internal bleeding. His wife posted a statement on Dog's official website, saying, "He was admitted for tests for a possible blood clot following an injury he suffered on a bounty hunt. Duane is in very capable hands and and we thank everyone for their prayers."

He was released and is expected to make a scheduled appearance at at the Cathedral of Faith Church in San Jose, CA.

UPDATE: This morning, Beth tweeted: "Yes dog is injured it is an occupational hazard that we deal with he is very strong and in excellent condition he will 4 sure survive."