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Josh Cribbs Hugs It Out with James Harrison's Mom

10/21/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison delivered a devastating helmet-to-helmet blow to Cleveland Browns star Josh Cribbs last week -- Cribbs hugged it out with Harrison's mom.


This photo was taken at the stadium -- roughly 30 minutes after the game -- and we're told Mama Harrison told Cribbs, "I hope you're OK."

Cribbs -- who played on the same team with Harrison at Kent State -- explained that he wasn't upset with Harrison, because it's all part of the game.

The NFL has since fined Harrison $75,000 for a different K.O. shot to the head he delivered to another Browns WR in that game.

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That was not an illegal hit. Get your stories straight, TMZ!

1431 days ago


He was not fined for the hit on cribbs. It was the hit on Mohamed Massaquoi that Harrison was fined for.

1431 days ago


Comeon TMZ, the $75,000 fine was for a illigal hit that Harrison did on Massaquoi of the Browns, not Cribbs. Get it straight.

1431 days ago

City Girl    

Comment # 1 is absolutely correct- Why do you think there is so much controversy over this play ?

1431 days ago


The hit WAS NOT illegal, get your facts right. How bout you also give credit to the fact that James Harrison is standing right there as well making sure Josh is okay. STOP making it seem like everyone is a bad person TMZ, you are starting to be pathetic.

1431 days ago

Tailee Raine    

Dear TMZ, please do as #1 said. lately I have found little things in your stories that just aren't accurate! For the past few months TMZ has been losing creditability with me and a lot of others I talk to..Stop worrying about being the first to report things. Take your time and get the little tid bits right!

1431 days ago


As others have said, get your story straight. This was NOT an illegal hit - there were no flags thrown on the field because the hit was well within NFL rules at the time of the hit. Roger Goodell is going back now and saying such hits should be illegal and retroactively fining Harrison MORE for a much less severe hit (and a hit that wasn't even helmet to helmet) than the one put on Todd Heap by Brandon Meriweather.

I'll bet you haven't even watched clips of either hit. If you had, you'd see that Harrison was clearly not intending to hurt the other players. Just because a player moves his body at the last minute and puts his OWN head in harms way doesn't accurately reflect the intent of the defenseman. Even if they DID hit helmet to helmet, it's not Harrison's fault if he's going for the shoulder and the other player puts his head in the way!

Quit spreading lies!

1431 days ago


He didn't play on the same team at Kent State. Harrison is some 5-6 years older than Cribbs.

1431 days ago


Since you obviously no nothing about sports, don't report on it. It was Massaquoi not Cribbs who got drilled. Go chase Betty White.

1431 days ago


#4 - You too - the hit was not illegal. There were no flags thrown on the field. Goodell decided AFTER THE FACT that he didn't like the way the play went down, changed the rule and fined Harrison for a hit that was perfectly legal at the time of the game. Completely unfair.

1431 days ago


It was not illegal.....If you want to be considered any type of journalist. Learn to get facts straight.....idiot.

1431 days ago

Jomica Man    

That hit, in my opinion, from both playing, and then watching football for over 42 years, is just part of the game. The speed from two players coming in contact is so fast that any slight body adjustment will cause the intended body part target to be off at times. I feel that Harrison was going for the shoulder to mid section when Cribbs moved to a lower position. This happens all the time, and no human being could move and adjust their original target that fast. The Baltimore hit was in my opinion a clear shot to the head, but certainly not Harrison's.

1431 days ago


#10, get YOUR facts straight, they indeed played together @ Kent.

1431 days ago


He wasn't fined for the clean and legal hit on Cribbs. He was fined for the clean and legal hit on Massequoi that made Roger Goodell's panties twist up in a bunch.

1431 days ago


The hit on Cribbs was not the hit Harrison was fined for.

1431 days ago
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