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Kim K and John Mayer

They've Got a Thing Goin' On

10/21/2010 9:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and John Mayer have "gone out" together a few times since they were seen hanging out in NYC recently ... and sources tell TMZ they've totally "hit it off."


We're told the story in Page 6 -- that the two hung out with a bunch of people in NYC to see if there was any chemistry -- is totally true ... and after that John and Kim spent a couple of nights hitting the town by themselves.

One source close to Kim tells us it's "nothing serious" ... yet -- but she thinks John is a "really cool guy."


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She can't be alone for a minute without a man... There are "issues" w/h... She is all "plastic"...

1423 days ago


Just keep this in mind Kim K. John will kiss and tell all!
Don't trust that dude!

1422 days ago


God I've never seen so many haters before in my life. Kardashian is ridiculously hot and Mayer is a monster on the guitar. HI HATERS

1422 days ago


IS HE BLACK ??????

1422 days ago


He is such an effing loser.. no one cares, just stop.

1421 days ago


She is so stupid and dirty and she is a sl*t. She had ass implant breat cheek lips eyes botox: ohh yeah now u can say she's so natural!!!

1421 days ago


"#45.False Story.... Kim doesn't date white guys... and white guys don't like ass's that big."

#45 What? scared your painfully tiny penis might get lost?

1421 days ago


NEWSFLASH!!!!!!! To all the Racist ****s out there
You may have noticed there's been a sharp increase in interracial dating and marriages, and pretty soon there will be no such thing as 100% white. So for those of you who are soooo scared of other races, you might want to hold on to your partner a little tighter because chances are they just might jump ship and dump your stupid ass for a black person.

Get used to it, the days of white superiority no longer exists, just look at your freaking PRESIDENT.

1421 days ago


Oh yeah White people are so much better than blacks, just look at some of the role models out there (they are probably have at least one form of STD):

Paris Hilton
Lindsay Lohan
Courtney Love
Gavin Rosdale (slept with a man for 5yrs, now married with a kid failed to mention it to his wife)
Charlie Sheen
Andy ****
John Mayer
Gene Simmons (slept with 5,000 women)
Jeffrey Dhamer (killed, raped and ate people)
Gaëtan Dugas (flight attendant who slept around with different men in different parts of the world and brought AIDS into the U.S)

The list goes on, and on,and on........oh yeah white people are soo much better. Give me a break!

1421 days ago


I'm a black male I like all woman, the ass isn't the sale point for me. **** I live in China now and Asian woman have no ass,I will take a pretty face over asssss any day.

1421 days ago


I don't think this twosome would last very long. He's trying to lay low..and she's totally the opposite.

1418 days ago


Mayer's packing a pole if he's hittin that.

1417 days ago

Dead Head    

I think Kim and John Mayer are both disgusting... nevertheless, the reason I am posting is to point out that racists are IGNORANT, small-minded, mean-spirited people. As a white person, I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that a lot more white people are racist in private than they let on in public, and not just against blacks, but against Asians, East Indians, Mexicans, and many other races. It's shameful.

Hopefully, someday we'll all get past this, and my hope is that racism is first extinguished in the Good Ol' USA. As more people of different races go to school with other races and see that people are people no matter what their color (and with the rise in interracial marriages) it will someday, hopefully, become obvious that the color of someone's skin has NOTHING to do with what kind of a person they are. Get over it already!

Unfortunately, racism is often passed from one generation to the next, so it might take a while, but there is always hope. Furthermore, racism is not confined to white people, either, so let's have EVERYONE work toward a common shared humanity based on values instead of the mistakes of the past, no matter what color we are. The past is over, and the future is yet to be decided, so let's do all we can to try to create a better future today. My philosophy is that if someone is cool to me, they are cool, no matter what their race, creed, color, religious or sexual preference is. It's called maturity, acceptance of the right of people to be free to make their own choices, and to be tolerant of others (as long as they are not harming anyone else). It's time for our society to move forward, and accept the fact that people are different, and that's okay, even if I do not necessarily share their beliefs, I respect their right to have differing views, and I'd hope that they'd have the same respect and consideration for me, likewise.

1413 days ago


she wants him because he's got a big pen*s...!make the best of it KIM he's amazing!

1368 days ago


u an ur plastic ass stay away from my man

1313 days ago
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