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Lindsay Lohan Did Not Leave Rehab Last Night

10/22/2010 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out Lindsay Lohan did not leave the Betty Ford Center last night ... TMZ has learned.

We've now learned Lindsay left Betty Ford at around 4:00 AM today, accompanied by medical professionals from Betty Ford ... and Dina.  Sources tell us the B.F. reps are prepared to testify that Lindsay is doing well and would be best served going back to the Center ... rather than jail.

We're told Lindsay did not leave yesterday because she wanted to show the judge how serious she is about taking the program. 


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Well I believe she is committed, people just don't want to believe that Lindsay really has changed because they just LOVE making fun of her exploits, I hope Judge Fox does the right thing and sentences her to rehab.

Posted at 7:07 AM on Oct 22, 2010 by darkrage6

I disagree with some of your post. I get no thrill making fun of her exploits. I've dealt with drug addiction with two sons, both are clean and sober now and I would NEVER, EVER wish this on another human being. I wish I could hook her up with my son as he now sponsors and runs recovery houses. I would love to finally see Lindsay see the light and clean herself up. Everyone deserves the chance and unfortunately with drug addiction you have to relapse many times before finally realizing you WANT and NEED help. Lindsay's problem is she hasn't gotten to that stage, all her rehab stints was to get herself out of trouble, not to get truly clean. My son sees this everyday day with multiple people.

1431 days ago


DUH! She's an addict. She behaved like an addict.

There's more of a chance that rehab rather than jail can make her stop the behavior you're all so disgusted with, and hate her for.

If you want her off the streets in a drugged up dangerous state for longer than a 30 day jail sentence, let the rehab take it's course and don't set the process back by removing her from it right now.

1431 days ago


If I could say something to Lindsey...I would say...suck it up, your an adult...act like one...stop being such a skutch!

She needs to go to jail! She is a HoRRIBLE peer for our young women....send her to jail, like anyone else that would do the things she has done....

1431 days ago


Lindsay imo isn't the least bit serious. I think the ONLY reason she even checked into BF was to try to fool the judge and get out of going to jail. And I frankly don't care WHAT the Betty Ford people say. Like someone else said the judge SHOULD keep in mind the reports she got from the people at UCLA. So that doesn't mean a single thing to me.

1431 days ago



1431 days ago


Lindsey should go to jail. They should put Dina next to her!!!! She's a convicted 'nut job'!

1431 days ago


Hate??? Just because someone disagrees with you they are 'hating' on Lindsay? I beg to differ children. I think Lindsay is very smart, very talented and very beautiful. And yet I don't buy that she's changed just because she says so. She is going to have to show me she changed through her actions. If you truly care about her and her future you will do the same.

1431 days ago


I think that Lindsay should stay in rehab until she's done with her treatment.... then her ass should be hauled off to jail for breaking the damn LAW!!!! If I was caught with cocain and then failed drug tests, the courts would not go easy on me , so why should they for her?? Cause she's a movie star?? When the last time she made a good movie?? The Parent Trap!!! Someone needs to teach her a lesson!!!

1431 days ago


Unless she has gained super powers with the ability to fly or is taking a helicopter to court the chances that she will make it to Bev Hills by 8:30am leaving Rancho at 4:00am is slim next to none. I live here in So Cal and now the frwy she will be taking & the chances of her being there on time even leaving at 4am is not impossible but not going to be easy!

If she is late, you bet she will use the distance and traffic card - wait and see!

1431 days ago


Agreed #30/Cali... UCLA looks like fools now..she suckered em' - Hey Lindsay - let's party..My friend can hook you up with the best stuff..let's go 80's style and coke it up all night long and have some wild sex...

(Disclosure - simply joking)

1431 days ago


Then WHY didn't she go to the program BEFORE she fell off the wagon??? Seems like it was ONLY after she got busted with the dirty UA, that she high tailed it to rehab! IF this was anyone else, they would have remained in jail, and be sent back this time too. Ahhhh. . . . .celebrity justice! What a joke!

1431 days ago


What ever happens, it should be by the book, what would they do to a black rapper in the "exact situation" is what they should do.

1431 days ago


It should be EXACTLY the same for anyone in the EXACT situtation-no matter what their skin color is!!!!!!!!!!!! Being a celebrity, or coming from money, etc. should have no bearing on the situation/sentencing at all.

1431 days ago


wonder if the judge will hold it against her for escaping out of the place for coke(soda,well thats what she said).

1431 days ago

i thought Lindsey Overdosed already? well maybe things to come...make room in this world for someone that appreciates life

1431 days ago
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