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Oksana: I'm Not A Criminal

10/21/2010 9:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva had a powerful statement to make outside of court today, telling our camera -- "I am not an extortionist."


Moments after the judge denied her motion to limit the L.A. County Sheriff's Department's search into her personal computer, a clearly upset Oksana told TMZ, "My life is inside that computer ... it's something I don't particularly want anybody to have."

Oksana continued, "Pictures, videos, pictures of Mel's family ... it's all there ... the last 6 years. It's my entire life, what right do they have?"

She concluded, "I'm not an extortionist, there was never an attempt at extortion ... I never even asked for money."


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They have the same right that you have in thinking you deserve 20,000 dollars a month GOLD DIGGER! LEAVE MEL ALONE JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE

1464 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

Haha, no one can do comedy like this one - and her ability to keep a straight face....!!!! Someone from The Laugh Factory should book her asap!

1464 days ago


Yes, yes you are a criminal. A gold-digging deceitful, coniving criminal.

1464 days ago


Someone give the biotch a quarter so she can call someone who cares....

1464 days ago


Well, Oksana no one really has any sympathy for someone who had a once in a lifetime chance to settle this very generously and instead chose to take this very public scorched earth avenue.

It is time you took responsibility for once in your life...this has all been your choice. Getting pregnant outside of the bonds of matrimony was your choice and so has everything that has followed.

1464 days ago


Oksana, no one gives a crap about your compositions, songs, or your poo-etry period! but that is not what the sheriffs are investigating! stop trying to hamper the investigation with your megalomaniac fantasies. you keep digging deeper and deeper, and your attorney is just providing you a bigger shovel

1464 days ago


@ # 20 Shell...

Dude, this b!tch needs at least 10k to make the same phone call that cost the rest of us 50 cents.

1464 days ago


"oh my life is in there" boohoohoo

Oh do I pity her! NOT!

Get a taste of your own poison you despicable woman. YOU expose private information like crazy about MG's life and now come complain about YOUR life being exposed? LOL!

"You deserved it" doesn't even start to express it.

1464 days ago


She should wave her hands in the air and say, I AM NOT A CROOK, like Nixon.

1464 days ago


Wow TMZ...... Get OVER the Oksana/Mel thang! That's ALL that's ever out here anymore!!!!

1464 days ago


What right do they have? ROFL!!

They are the law and they have every right. What it is about that she doesn't get? You act and do as a criminal, you will be charged as such. Too late for you, boo hoo!!

1464 days ago


Whorewits should never turn profile.

1464 days ago


"Oksana continued, "Pictures, videos, pictures of Mel's family ... it's all there ... the last 6 years. It's my entire life, what right do they have?"

Probably placed thousands of do***ents on the HD knowing the police would access it. Maybe she has 2 computers. Maybe she used one for her career as a performer and one she used to keep track of her media relations. maybe she has three computers, one for her lawyer one for her children and one for her piano songs. Maybe she had four.

She's very good at falsifying evidence, she's even better at creating audio clips. She was in the recording industry for a quite some time I am sure at some point she learned how to fake it.

1464 days ago


She may be on her 100th lawyer but she sure is getting bad advice from all of them. Every time she opens her mouth, she digs herself in deeper and deeper. She should have taken the $15 million and run. Find another aging actor and reproduce with him so you can try to get millions more out of him.

1464 days ago


Mirror-Mirror on the wall who is the biggest extortionist
of them all - and the Mirror sayes - YOU ARE B_I_T_C_H!!!!!!

1464 days ago
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