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Kanye West's

'Runaway' Video

30 Minutes of WTF?

10/24/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So Kanye West put out a 30+ minute preview music video for his upcoming album -- and in it he seems to fall in love with this bird woman who fell from the sky, but people judge her, so she flies back to wherever she came from. And in the middle there's a dinner party.

But the music is awesome. Seriously.


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This guy can't sing. Seriously - his voice is awful. As much as I dislike autotune, I don't think anyone would object with its use here.

1457 days ago

O.G. Dave B.    

OPPS ! I liked it. Can't wait for the cd. "DAMM,MY BAD" LOL !!!!

1457 days ago


Nice to see ballet dancers in something. There must be some point behind all of Edward Sissorhands.

1457 days ago


A lot of people are not smart enough to get Kayne hes on a different level through history geniuses have been misunderstood and hes a genius of our time 10 years from now when your look back you will finally get him Plus this video is a video for all is songs on his new cd in just one video just watch and learn

1457 days ago

Flying Blind    

i figured as much just from reading the comments. He sucked so bad on SNL, I wouln't waste 30 minutes of time on Kanye.

This must be his "Thriller" album ............ ha

1457 days ago


An immature, egomaniac that is a legend in his own mind.

1457 days ago


i will not look back ten years from now and say he was a genius

there is nothing genius about what he is doing

just re-hashed ideas all wrapped into a 30 minute mini movie

standards are so low nowadays smh

1457 days ago


I'm not a fan of Kanye and definitely don't listen to his music but his actions, IMO, are those of a person who is out of their mind(SERIOUSLY). A lot of people say he does it for attention, but I think the dude is crazy for real.

1457 days ago


Even I'm not a big fan of Kanye BUT Wow! I watched the entire video, and even i thought it was pretty freakin amazing. It's kinda like a play, so no you're not going to see the best graphic with the costumes. And the music was really awesome. People who say "omg lik i culdnt watch it it suks fo sho!" You're an idiot! Forget what happened with the whole Taylor Swift thing. The guy has major talent. He's definitely one of a kind. Nice job Kanye! You gained a new fan. As for Taylor Swift, with her "breakup" songs about 20 different boyfriends. Girl, you NEED to slow down! It's not necessary to have a boyfriend every two seconds and then be completely heart broken about each and every one. i mean come on, really? I'm sure the first couple were strictly hand holding relationships anyway, unless she slept with every single one of them then, girl needs to close her legs.

1457 days ago


Over 30 minutes of glorified nursery rhyme Karaoke, this is torture! Kanye is pure garbage overrated just like Jay Z and Lil Wayne, how come no here knows who Mike Patton is? Mike Patton has more talent than all 3 combined!

1457 days ago


I really liked Kanye when he came onto the scene. The the whole Talor Swift thing really turned me off to him and I couldn't listen to his music for a while.

But there is no denying it, he is a true Artist and I am sorry for being so judgemental!

1457 days ago


Kind of reminded me of a differentk kind of Pink Floyd's, 'The Wall'

1457 days ago


What i don't get people always say that Kayne sucks can rap is evil But his albums are always #1 on the Billboard charts black people come from King And Queens open your mind Look and Listen you might learn something

1457 days ago


she was a Phoenix, not a bird...well done MR. West!!! Beautiful job!!!!!!

1457 days ago


It's unfortunate that Kanye is not a cool as he thinks he is. The music is ok, the video is self indulgent and ridiculous....which means its a perfect fit for Kanya. What a waste of money at the end of the day.

If its originality that is actually cool...maybe he should try calling Prince for some advice. Kanye is nothing more than typical...what's next??? will he start trying to look like Mr. T?

1457 days ago
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