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63 Similarities Between Jaclyn Smith & Hillary Clinton

10/26/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Former "Charlie's Angels" star Jaclyn Smith and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were both allegedly born on October 26, 1947.

The 63-year-old beauties have reason to celebrate today.


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Christina G.    

Don't pick on our girl, Hillary. She's real people. Love Jackie too.

1425 days ago


Women, as they age, have two choices:

- Keep an extra 10+ lbs. on to fill the face out to look younger, yet the body looks puffy...or...
- Lose that weight so the body looks better and the face sinks in, looking older.

1425 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Does Hillary ALWAYS look psychotic? Maybe it's just the photo selection...or being married to Slick Willie.

1425 days ago


Hillary is a skank. Who the hell is writing this Garbage? Even if she was semi-attractive, her morals and stupid political agendas make her very ugly.

1425 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Hottie and the Nottie!

1425 days ago


They both look great, although Jaclyn has obviously had some work done.

1425 days ago


Hillary is quite nice looking for her age and I do wish she would have MORE done, especially to her smile.

Jaclyn Smith, on the other hand, is still beautiful although in a too slender, overdone way. I'd like to see both she and Goldie Hawn give their 1970s era hairstyles a rest and rock something more age-appropriate.

1425 days ago

youdrink toomuch    

You do realize that someone must spend every waking hour trying to keep that beast of a b*tch hillLarry looking that "good"? least Ms. Smith earned her money the honest, old fashioned way (that means she worked for it, kids), rather than those scamming cheapskates the Clintons.

1425 days ago


I am sick of the media comparing people who pay 100,000's to have surgery, personal trainers, etc. to people who age naturally. It's ridiculous. I agree that Jaclyn Smith is gorgeous and was as a young woman. But intead of 'you look so beautiful', at 64 years old, shouldn't you be saying, 'you have a marvelous surgeon'?

1425 days ago


Jaclyn hasn't had any work done . If you would look into it first you would realize thats her normal look at 63 , she still is a beauty .

1425 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I don't care if there are 563 similarities. Jaclyn is a more beautiful human being inside AND out than overly-ambitious, emasculating, corrupt HELLary could ever even DREAM to be. And TMZ, what did I tell you about closeups of people with absurd facial features?!?

1425 days ago


I want the number of Smith's plastic surgeon. That man is a genius!

1425 days ago

Mario Gomez    

Oct. 26, 1966 The aircraft carrier USS Oriskany catches on fire, 44 men died.

Oct. 26, 1967 John McCain is shot down after taking off from the USS Oriskany.

Oct. 26, 1881 Gun fight at the OK Corral.

1425 days ago


Excuse me but Hillary has had a face lift too...anyways you can't compare apples with peaches...

1425 days ago


Jaclyn Smith was born in 1945. Jaclyn and Hillary do share the same birtday, however, were born 2 years apart.

1425 days ago
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