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Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce

He Pulled the Trigger

10/27/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus made the first move in his divorce from Tish -- filing divorce papers yesterday in a Tennessee court.

Billy Ray Cyrus divorce.
According to the divorce papers, obtained by TMZ, Billy Ray is asking for "shared" custody of the couple's 3 minor children. 

He's also asking the court to "approve a parenting plan" to be signed by both Billy Ray and Tish ... and to make an "equitable distribution of the marital estate."

As we previously reported, Billy Ray chalked up the split to irreconcilable differences.


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Looks like Billy Ray divorcing Tish so he can marry Miley when she turns 18 next month. It a shame he has gone hollywood and throwing away a 17 year marriage over nothing. More money more problems. Long as he was broke and a has-been he was happily married.

1398 days ago


Billy Ray will be singing the song he wrote back in 1993:

1398 days ago


this freaking sucks, i was actually thinking bout how they look like a couple that would last forever when i heard 3. now i'm sad.

1398 days ago


Shame on people making such a foul accusation against a father for absolutely no reason. If it is the photo shot she did with Billy Ray with her looking sexy, it's because she is underage that they put her father with her. She is getting older and they don't want her stuck as Hannah Montana. My cousin is a 14 yr old model. They dress them to look like they are in their 20's and some of her photos are with her dad. The difference is Billy Ray is famous and everyone knows he is her father, so it does look kind of weird, but it's cruel to say such things.

1398 days ago


It is really sad how people judges other people,and calls them
dirty names,not really knowing the whole story an who started what.How would you feel if people judged you an your family not knowing the whole story.Guess it is different since they are movies stars.

1398 days ago


Her mom is so ugly just like her daughter. Monkey looking faces

1397 days ago

Harold Williams    

Why don't you opiniated jerks get a life yourself. Or better yet get a job. You don't know what this family has gone thru. Until you know the truth no one wants to hear your crap.

1397 days ago


I don't know how the comment that said she looks like her mother developed because Tish is not Mileys biological mother,her biological mother died when Miley was a toddler.
Divorce is sad, I feel for both partners.

1397 days ago


You people need to get a dam life, and stop you jealousy. Yea, I said jealousy. You put him and her down for sing and working to get their dream, but what have any of you done, other than cut others down. You are a sad, sorry, bunch of nothing, who will end up with nothing and no where.

1394 days ago


hahaha @ all you people thinking it was billy rays fauly, when in reality it is the mom being the wh@re screwing Brett Michaels...YUCK!!!!!

1394 days ago


I agree with Johnny G, Miley Cyrus is going to end up like britney spears and the reason she dressing in sexy clothes is because of her mother. and i dont tish is a mother if she wants miley to dress sexy.

1394 days ago


The truth will come out soon. In the meantime it would be nice to respect everyone involved. To say the cruel things about the people involved is really low class and insensitve. I dont know Billy Ray real well but have met him a couple of times and I do know that he is a very spiritual real person. He is not perfect but he always had his family in his plan. He took His step children in like they were his very own and helped them in the music industry. The step son was on tour with him learning the ropes and now has a sucessful band himself. On another note if you look at the Achey Breaky heart video you will see his soon to be ex wife dancing in the front row in the video....I dont know her and Im sure she will have her version of what went down, but it seems this family and people involved have done very well and will continue to do so. Lets pray for them and hope that everyone survives this situation.

1393 days ago


This is really sad news. I always thought Tish and Billy Ray had such a strong marriage. I guess we will never know what really happened. I just really hate to see this. I hope "people" will give this family some peace, and let them deal with it on their own. They are trying to do this with some dignity, and I hope everyone gives them their space. Good luck to Billy, Tish and their family. So sad...and people stop with the stupid comments, it just makes you look ignorant.

1392 days ago


Are you people really that inconsiderate? Her parents are getting a divorce after 17 years, does that mean nothing to you people? Why do we always have to compare celeberties who went down hill with newer celeberties? Sure she may go to a few clubs here and there. But you can't say that none of you have ever snuck out of the house to do something similar, am I right? I feel bad for her because she has no privacy. Everything she does is within view of the media and is blown way out of porportion. Everyone needs to stop comparing her to other people and let her live her life. Leave it alone and worry about your own lives.

1391 days ago


Haven't we learned how dangerous drinking and partying in foreign countries is! How many lessons do we need to stop our young daughters from doing this? Miley is not exempt from this danger.

1391 days ago
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