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Snoop Dogg

Yes We Cannabis!

10/27/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How do you think Snoop Dogg feels about the upcoming vote to legalize weed in California??
Do we really have to answer that ...

Snoop was out in L.A. earlier this week -- and even though the election isn't until next week -- Snoop told us he already cast his vote.

Who says potheads lack motivation?


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why cant maryland legalize pot...californians always get to do the good stuff


1456 days ago

todd lee    

reason #432 on why pot SHOULDN'T be legalized, potheads like snoop dogg that use it to simply get high and weasel around the system with their fake-ass "medical marijuana card"

1456 days ago


Todd your therapist probably smokes pot...........idiot!

1456 days ago


Pothead? Maybe so, but look what this man has accomplished! He does alot for the youth in his community, one a few that actually give back. Whats wrong with him burnin'? People need to lighten up already. Too bad people don't put their efforts towards tweekers, heroin addicts, crackheads, chickenheads or drunk driver's. Sex offenders are in n out of prison reoffending and in our neighborhoods. Worry about that and leave the burnin alone. What's the worst that can happen besides getting the munchies & scarfing down at In & Out!

1456 days ago


All the Pot heads in Cali are gonna wake up Wed. and realize that they forgot to vote

1456 days ago


way to go 5!!!

1456 days ago


Spark it up #5 i'm with you 100%...I suffer from insomnia and would ttally rather smoke a joint than take Ambien that some drug company made up just to find out years later it can cause cancer!!!

1456 days ago

big al    

california, here i come!!!!!

1456 days ago


An addict is an addict. If you try to stop smoking pot and you can't.....then you're an addict too. Sure, marijuana is mild in comparison to other drugs but that doesn't mean it's harmless.

1456 days ago


While pot certainly has it's negative side - sometimes causing amotivational behavior, excessive eating, laughing at silly stuff, driving slow ..... why don't we talk about the two legal drugs - nicotine and alcohol and how many people are killed and lives ruined because of the addition to these drugs .... and ya want to make a case out of smoking marijuana .... give me a great big break. I'd rather my child smoke pot than swill down mass quantities of booze or suck in smoke that has 5,000 carcinogenic additives in it ....

1456 days ago

Justin Bieber Fan    

Pot is for losers who don't know how to enjoy life without getting high.

1456 days ago


Yes, if alcohol and nicotine are legal, then there's no reason why pot shouldn't be. Given a choice, I'd probably pick the pot since the other two are WAY MORE deadly.

1456 days ago


#13 You are so right!

1456 days ago


I agree with # 12! Drinking & getting behind the wheel is much more dangerous & more likely to kill someone, rather than someone who smokes a joint & gets behind the wheel! Alcohol is legal but def affects your ability to do many things....way more than smoking weed does. Who cares about people who burn up? It's not hurting all you complainers! Most people who have bad judgments about weed/pot, are people who have never even tried it, therefore they think it is just as bad as any other drug. lol! It pisses me off about all the commercials & negative things people say about weed, when in reality there are much harsher drugs that cause more health issues & craziness such as Heroin or Crack Cocaine! But no.....pot is sooooo bad! I've been smoking pot since I was 15 & I've held down the same job for the last 10 and a half years. Also, have never had a car accident or harmed anyone under the influence of smoking. Pot should def be legal in my opinion, just for the simple fact that alcohol is legal but is way more lethal on your ability to function!!!

1456 days ago


#13 your a justin bieber fan, so no one can take you serious. plus he smokes pot, he is from canada after all

1456 days ago
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