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Charlie Sheen's 'Date' Mugs with Denise Richards

10/28/2010 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Under the category ... be careful who you pose for pictures with ... TMZ has obtained a now-awkward photo of Denise Richards mugging with Capri Anderson just hours before The Plaza Hotel incident.

Charlie Sheen Denise Richards

The photo was taken at Daniel restaurant in NYC Monday night.  Capri, aka Christina Walsh, was there with 4 other women, Charlie Sheen and 3 other men.  We're told when Denise walked in, Capri made a beeline for her, saying she was a big fan and wanted a pic with her.  If only Denise knew what would happen ...

We're told Denise was shocked when she saw who was at the table and felt so uncomfortable she left before finishing her appetizer.  Denise went back to the Plaza and stayed with her kids for the rest of the evening, only to be awakened by loud noise in Charlie's separate suite on the same floor at around 2 AM. 

Sources close to Anderson tell us the 22-year-old was "extremely afraid" of Sheen during the hotel incident. Anderson is telling friends she decided to call hotel security because she felt "threatened" by the sitcom star.

And there's more... We've also learned Capri has lawyered up and plans to ask the D.A. in Aspen to violate Charlie's probation in his domestic violence case, on grounds he allegedly threatened her in the hotel room.  BTW, we're told Capri never told NYC cops she was threatened.

As for what set Charlie off in the hotel room, sources tell us the actor noticed that a $100,000 watch had gone missing and he believed Capri took it.  We're told the watch has not been found.


Klum's New Halloween Costume!

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Penelope Cruz Goes Bump in the Night

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What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

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The Goonies -- 25 Years Later!

"The Goonies" celebrated its 25th anniversary last night in Burbank -- where the cast of the beloved kid's flick gathered for a mini-reunion!

Chunk, Mouth, Data, Rosalita and the Fratelli Brothers were all on hand for the event ... and, wow, have they changed over the years!

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The 25th Anniversary Edition of "The Goonies" comes out on Blu-ray next week.

If They Were Pregnant...

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No Avatar


Charlie Sheen is a disgusting pig. What else is new? The only mystery is why CBS didn't cancel his show years ago. I guess there is nothing he can do that would matter more than the money the show makes the network. Pathetically sad commentary on the state of our society and how far it has declined and continues to do so.

1402 days ago


21/2 men is a great show. Lets quit comeing down on every one that may may make a mistake while off the set. Seems as if everyone wants to find the bad in everything. Let live & let live.

1402 days ago


If this were normal people doing the same thing it qould not be on the news or internet, and those girls are out for one thing the MONEY and they should never steal form their customer, and ifI found something missing in my house I would be pissed to not that I have anything that cost that much. People dont need to steal from anybody it is just wrong.

1402 days ago


I love Charlie & truly do enjoy him on two & a half men, always will.

1402 days ago


how about its none of anyone's business---like she went up to charlies room to do what play checkers? mike tyson all over again, please people-these women are just asking for it,and trying to cash in at the same time----this woman is no good and was doing this from the beginning-

1402 days ago


Carlie Sheens, a bad boy lol most woman like that, I wont judge Charlie.

1402 days ago

Jeff Fleming    

Forget about Denise Richards for a minute!
Charlie Sheen has to be a complete low life s*** bag! To pull this off with his kids next door is unthinkable! He should be DENIED visiting rights FOREVER! He has no desire to rehab & correct his unlawful ways! He should have gotten his butt trashed while he was in jail rather than the star treatment that he did receive!
As for Denise Richards - What was she thinking? This wasn't her 1st episode with Charlie! Get real Denise - he's a jerk!
Personally - I no longer watch the show because of him - I feel sorry for his fellow cast members , the show's crew & everyone connected with the show! Maybe they can kick his butt!
Maybe IF the sponsors received some feedback on this incident they could react & drop their sponsorship - including reruns!

1402 days ago


Charlie, when you pick up "ho's" wear the timex, leave the rolex at home.

1402 days ago


Charley you do want you want! When you want! and where ever the heck you want! Everyone of the haters on here are whiny women all of whom would jump at the chance too hang with you, and you know it's true you lieing A$$ women!! Charley your my hero and if I had what you have I would be doing the same thing and so would all the other guy's out there. The one's who say they wouldn't are LIARS!! Plane and simple. Just don't wind up dead Charley, that would really bumb me out!! Love the show!!

1402 days ago


ToMike Post #15 You think this is a media thing! Well it's someone with an extremely VIOLENT temper. I mean when the hooker is calling the cops, it's really bad! Rich & famous men get away with this crap & violence all the time. Sheen should have been arrested. He has been violent with both his ex-wives, as police reports show! Why isn't this creep charged with a crime. This is NOT a minor thing. When somebody gets killed or really hurt, then everybody says there were warning signs.... Well, here are the warning signs people.

1402 days ago


I think Charlie and Denise are just after publicity. She was on Joy's show last night saying how great Charlie is and how well they get along, she has a new show premiering this week and he has a popular show, and who are we talking about? She actually took him to hospital. I would be pissed off too if a ho stole my $100,000 watch, I don't have to worry about that because I would never pick up ho's and I can't afford a watch like that. Not into bling or ho's.

1402 days ago


Big deal he put his money back in the economy....On what booze and whores......He'll be the next to go.......

1402 days ago


I see there is no need for a trial since you have it all figured out. Why not wait until there is a court decision? I know as well as everyone else about Charlie's past, but this woman knew exactly what she was getting herself into. NOW, she wants Lots of MONEY! That is what this is all about, IMO. Had she been scared, as someone named Anderson claims, she should have gone home and not with him. Sometimes women are the reason for things like this, so be safe and do not get into a situation as Capri is telling, because she was as drunk as he was.

1402 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I think Charlie Sheen is worse than TIGER Woods if the truth be know!!! He is a DECADENT, FILTHY HUMAN piece of human WASTE!!

1402 days ago


Sheen is a sleeze..I only watched the show a few times and can not understand why it is still on. Denise, keep your distance from him. She should have learned that a long time ago. He's TROUBLE.

1402 days ago
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