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Charlie Sheen

Where's My Watch!!?!!

10/28/2010 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just said he didn't know the whereabouts of his expensive watch which triggered the blowout at The Plaza Hotel ... and that he'd be wearing it if he knew.

TMZ broke the story ... Charlie went ballistic after his incredibly expensive watch went missing and accused Capri Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, of taking it.

As we already reported, Charlie still hasn't found the timepiece.  And that's what he said when he left the movie set today, where he filmed a cameo.


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That's what happens when you go out and get ****face.

He might have given it away, lost it in a bet he made and don't remember doing it or the girls might have taken it.

That's one of the many drawbacks when you go out and get ****face you have no memory what you did the night before. You could wind up in your drawers on the street and wouldn't have a clue how you got there and where your clothes or wallet are.
Charlie needs to the see The Hangover. lol.

1394 days ago


You know, he went coo-coo crazy on that trip, while he was supposed to be on vacation with his daughters and ex-wife. And all he's worried about is his watch? Doesn't he give a flip about his kids (and those by his ex-wife)? They WILL be deeply impacted by his drinking and drugging. He needs to get his head out of his arse and be a dad to his kids, not a violent drunk.

1394 days ago


Pornstar steals your watch after a drunken cocain session. Just sounds like another Friday night for Charlie Sheen

1394 days ago

Paul's Fan    

More Paul Simonon!!!! He is awesome!!!

1394 days ago


Hey dude, you're living the life everyone wants, everyone is jealous. Unless I'm way out of the loop you are unattached, What is the problem? Things got a little nuts when someone ripped you off, wtf.

1394 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a boss and a girlsman, nuff said

1394 days ago


Believe me I would have more than trashed the room to find that watch.

I don't care what anyone says still love Charlie.

1394 days ago


I bet you she took it! you can tell she is a fame whore. did u see how she posed in the picture she took with him. he wasnt even posing and shes next to him smiling like "look at me im with charlie sheen" and then takes a picture with denise?! yea ok. i bet she stole the watch to try and sell it but had no idea he would get so mad to try and find it so she locked herserlf in the bathroom bc she had the watch and waited until police came so charlie wouldnt try and search her. please! and I bet she is making all the crap up only so she can get away with the watch and weve all lost something while drunk and yes u go crazy looking for it!

1394 days ago


He is playing an "Alan", he "forgot" his wallet...

1394 days ago


Ok some young porn star with probably the intellect of a lima bean knew that the watch he was wearing was worth thousands so she snatched it off of him in the middle of the night and stayed in the room with him knowing that he would notice it missing?He then woke up high thinking my watch is missing,really in his state of mind he noticed a watch?He tore up that room. He makes millions, and he's going crazy over a watch?

What really happened is this man went off probably was hanging off the chandeliers high and naked and this is just another attempt to save face,we all know this man has a drug/alcohol problem he needs to go to Betty Ford but keep him away from Lindsay.

1394 days ago

Big Daddy    

Charlie, leave your expensive toys home when your out partying. Keep Friends close, as wittnesses. This whore could have drug a body into the room, and said you killed them. Get my drift. Body guard, or friends close. Tell Denise quit fooling around, and give your watch back. LMBO j/k

1394 days ago


I really don't care what he's done. Charlie Sheen still gets my heart beating fast! Maybe it's the "bad-boy" thing, or maybe it's the fact that he's so flippin' charismatic. I don't care. Yeah, he crosses the line where his character Charlie Harper stops and Charlie Sheen begins. Yeah, he does need to figure that thin line out and try not to cross it - OR just not get caught...

1394 days ago


Some people REALLY have too much money. Is it time to storm the rick folks' castles with our pitchforks yet?

1394 days ago


Come on Capri is a Las Vegas type of "working girl" that gets with rich men, and gets them so drunk that when they wake up in their hotel room all of their money, watches and valuable items are ALL GONE and they don't have a clue of what happened the night before.

They are experts and prey on intoxicated and vulnerable stupid men that pay for these services. I don't feel sorry for him at all.. he made his bed now he has to lay in it!

1394 days ago


She has it!!!

1394 days ago
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