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Another Oksana Lawyer

Bites the Dust

10/28/2010 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has lost another lawyer in the family law case -- Lisa Bloom is substituting out, TMZ has learned.


We don't know exactly why Bloom left the case -- but we're told there were some conflicts between Bloom and Oksana's remaining legal team.  Specifically, we're told over the weekend, Daniel Horowitz was working with Oksana at her home.  Bloom came by and left looking pretty mad.

Bloom tells TMZ, "I still represent her and I have not quit," adding she is just temporarily out of the family law case while she is in Europe speaking at the Climate Change Convention at the House of Commons in London.

Other sources say Bloom is out of the family law case ... period.


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I think all these lawyers are just being nosey and want to see what she's done but don't really want to represent her. In Lisa Bloom's case she wanted to find out if Oksana had any dirt on her mother in her files.

1458 days ago


I bet the bottom line is The Judge isn't going to pay 49 lowers with Mels money. Also there is a perfectly good agreement in place.

1458 days ago


It will take years to get the stink of Oxana off her lowers certificate.

Lowers hate a losing case.

What did I say about disagreements with the legal team? Snicker.

Wonder if that was who Ox was talking to on the phone yesterday when she was slamming car doors.

Well, they can't blame this one on Herzog

1458 days ago


What could it be? Conflict with the other 50 attorneys? Hard to believe that 50 massive egos that aren't getting paid can't get along.

1458 days ago


wasn't she the one working for free? I wouldn't put up with that BS for free either.

1458 days ago


let's go for a world record of crazy!

Now we are starting to understand how Mel became unhinged.

Help me out with the following question;


Mel is the executive on "Icon Productions". His other other company that runs from
the same office with the same phone number is called Con Artist Productions where
he is listed as the "founder". The other person in Con Artist is
Larry Gilbert, the executive producer. When I clicked on Larry's name I found that
the only past experience in working on numerous big films as Police Security.
As 'Police Security" ?!!!! What?
First we have Mel's two companies ICON Productions and the other CON ARTIST Productions with Police Security as the partner. Hmmm?! Is this Mel playing a joke?
I couldn't find when Con Artist Productions was formed? Before or after Oksana?
Here's the link to the companies logo. Pretty cool. Is this Life Imitating Art, or
Art Imitating Life?

1458 days ago

bring back recent posts    

LMAO...wat a 2 ring circus, when and IF this is all settled, can u just picture the lawyers all fighting each other for a piece of the pie..judge should NOT force Mel to support all these freaks..

1458 days ago


Seriously, Oksana must be cursed!

1458 days ago


I think Oksana should be very very careful who she picks to represent her from now on, because now the lawyers are doing a pretty good job of making her and her case look worse!
How long can she drag this out with the changing lawyers? This is getting ridiculous. There's no way Mel will have to pay them all (I realize Lisa Bloom was pro bono). Still, whoever is causing all the rifts (I suspect Horrorwitz) should be fired!! This will be the case that never ends otherwise!

1458 days ago


LOL Lisa Bloom and Gloria must have realized there was no money to be made from this OR maybe Gloria is being investigated because of Viloet Kowal's story and it would be a conflict of interest.

1458 days ago


Of course allred is being investigated for conspiracy to extort

1458 days ago


Seriously, Oksana must be cursed!

Posted at 12:21 PM on Oct 28, 2010 by Buckaroobonzai

No. Actually she is a curse to people around her ! That's what she gets for being a witch. The other witches are abandoning her.

1458 days ago


i'll be damn, I was right. Bloom was the next one to walk. I figure it!!!

1458 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

LMAO....Maybe Oksana Lawyers didn't like Lisa's grandstanding, or false claims about Lucia....or maybe OxSanity fired her cause she didn't like Lisa hogging her camera time..

1458 days ago


Greetings All!

A generous outpouring of cheese curls to celebrate another glorious day in Miss Oksana's legal neighborhood!

Seriously, I can't stop laughing. =D

1458 days ago
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