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'Sound of Music' Actor: They Left Me Out Of Reunion

10/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Truhitte -- who played the young Nazi soldier Rolfe in "The Sound of Music" -- is screaming from the hilltops ... devastated he wasn't invited to the "Music" reunion special on "Oprah."


Daniel's lederhosen are in a wad over the "Oprah" special that aired on Thursday -- which was billed as the first time in 45 years that the "entire cast" has been in the same place. O featured all eight members of the Von Trapp family, plus Julie Andrews.

But Daniel -- who played the love interest of Liesl Von Trapp and famously sang "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" -- tells TMZ he doesn't understand why he was left out, saying "I was the male juvenile lead, a main part of the story ... it's beyond me." 

Daniel groused, "How can you not include Rolfe?"

A rep for the show tells TMZ, "Our show was a reunion of the von Trapp 'family.' Mr. Truhitte's character was not part of that group."


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Get over yourself!

1452 days ago


Eleanor Parker's chola eyebrows were so far ahead of their time:

1452 days ago


Don't feel bad, Rolfe... they didn't invite the Baroness, either, and she's still alive!

1452 days ago


Cos O is a two-faced lying bitch, thats why!

1452 days ago


I don't know which is sadder TMZ for posting this on their web site or me for reading and commenting on it.

1452 days ago


Let's not forget that Julie Andrews was only the STEP MOTHER of the "family" and only in the final reel at that. What say Okra invites Rolfe and Liesel back for an encore and leave the step mother at home to gargle her throat. If her pipes were plumbing pipes they'd be condemned by now.

1452 days ago


TMZ spell check: ROLF does not have an e is not spelled "Rolfe"

1452 days ago

My New Name    

It doesn't matter if they billed it as "the entire cast" of The Sound of Music. It was clear in the previews that not every single actor with a speaking role was being included, but that what they meant when they billed it as such was the entire cast of the Von Trapp family. If you watched the preview, that was NEVER in question.

This guy needs to take his sour grapes somewhere else. You didn't hear all of the other actors from the movie crying and whining that they didn't get included. Clearly, THOSE actors have some measure of dignity and common sense remaining.

1452 days ago


He wasnt part of the family!!!! Who does he think he is?!?!?!?!?! I dont get it!

1452 days ago


Where is the grey area here? Since when does the word "entire" mean "just" as in "partial"? They cancel each other out! I understand what "entire" means, and that includes Daniel Truhitte's co-starring role of Rolf! Come on Oprah! A role that featured an immortalized song/dance scene and a love story, and whose role made the whole happy ending possible noi worthy of being on your "entire cast reunion" show? It was eerie how not one word was mentioned in regards to Rolf, as if Mr. Truhitte's meaningful role never existed! A terible oversight, and one that deprived SoM fans worldwide of something that would have made her show truly special. Mr. Truhitte, you have my vote!

1452 days ago


Eleanor Parker was missing too

1452 days ago

billy cema    

I kept hoping that "Rolf" would appear. Rolf played a key part in the movie. He wasn't that evil, or the Von Trapps would never have escaped. He allowed just enough indecision to make it happen.

Loved the testimonies of the young people who experienced life changes because of the power of the film. Very moving, as was noted on the faces of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

#39. Did Julie Andrews make a statement such as you suggested? You mean, at this stage in her life, she would lower herself that way? Or, is it just one of your fantasies.

And to the people who found it boring. Is it because you were not part of this phenomenon? Do you not know that everything becomes dated at some time or another? Example: Titanic! Citizen Kane, Gigi, etc! etc!


1452 days ago


OMG!! Rolfe, get off the net and quit posting as your fans! Get over yourself, you Nazi!

1452 days ago


Dan has a legitimate complaint. His character's young romance with Liesl almost led to the family's destruction. Their "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" duet became a huge international hit. His naive young man turned Nazi is at the very least informative, given the party's recruitment techniques. And in real life, Dan joined the US Marines after making the movie. Oprah or someone on her staff needs to make amends quickly because the entire cast was advertised and only the family appeared.

1452 days ago

Shannon Thibert    

This is TMZ! I know Dan and it was not he who said this, it was his manger inquiring about the reunion. He was fine and totally understood.

1451 days ago
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